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A Sheriff Department plane made an emergency landing after a draft of hot air affected its low altitude pass over a highway.

“We were already really low looking for speeders and as slow as we could go, so the air just dropped us too close to keep up.” The Sheriff Deputy told us. “It was a rural road and didn’t affect traffic. Thanks to our trusty ZSK Tomahawk we were back in the sky in minutes.”


The Archerfield Waterbank News Office (link under Big 7 at right) is reporting that ZSK is actively working on a project which has been dubbed “Snubbie.”

“Actually,” said an anonymous source that was in the Archerfield Maintenance Department told us, “Snubbie is my name for it. It’s the P-47, that monster of a classic fighter.”

Rumors are circulating that the fighter in construction is capable of bombs and ‘on the rail’ missiles as well as a fierce rate of climb.

“If you know ZSK planes,” WBA President Sketch Sun told us, “then you know that this won’t just be a classic warbird. This will be a deadly piece of art.”

ZSK planes are some of the highest rated planes in the world, and regularly win awards. The stock price on the WSE (link) rose sharply after the news.

A meeting of the Seaplane Enthusiasts Association at the Linden Chalet has brought together some unusual enthusiasts together.

“I looked up,” said the receptionist Bill, “and there was this bearded wild man with a Claw patch and a bear hat. I was at a loss so I just said ‘name?’ Then he said ‘Cooper, from Claw.”

Other guests, which included ZoraSlade Karu (link) and Joe Sparrow of Astral-Tek were amazed at the man.

“We had wine and cheese, and talked about the Fairey seaplane (link),” said Astral Tek’s Adrian Faulkwing. “It was a bit surreal. He kept on and on about how more seaplanes needed torpedos like the Fairey.”

Archerfield Airfield’s fire response is “top notch” according to one flight crew who came in with their engines hot.

“Let’s not candy-coat it,” said the pilot of the jet, “we were on fire. They saved our bacon. Literally.”

The ZSK jet was ferrying bacon from Jadu Airport when something flew into one engine, then the other, causing a fire.

“If they hadn’t been there we’d be toast. Toast with bacon.”

Airport Monthly has awarded Archerfield Airfield with another award, this time the “Airport of the Month” award for January 2018.

“There are soooooooo many airports,” said a AM staffer, “so getting to the top means your airport has something special.”

Asked whether the airfield was getting special treatment because of the Archerfield Free Post being based there the staffer denied it.

“No, it’s because it has two great fields, a shooting range, kangaroos, a Waterbank News office, a shopping center, a dock, and…” the staffer took a deep breath, “an aviation school, a dock, ZSK, and a possible royal connection to the Duke of Archer.”

Photos have emerged of a Claw lear jet at ERIA, and according to night maintenance crews, the Claw has been flying in and out for weeks.

“Yeah, theyz comez in all the timez,” said one frostbitten ground crew. “They givez us-s-s coffee. It’s a beauti-f-ful jet-t. Very warm inside.”

Ground crews have said that the Claw crew is “well mannered,” and is thrilled with ZSK. “It’s the first time they kept the manufacturers paint,” they explained in the Unity Airlines lounge. “Really, a Claw approved paint. ZSK thinks of every customer.”

The ZSK lear can be found at the Marketplace or Archerfield in Tulagi (link).

Aeronauticos from all over the world are expected to attend the release party of the newest ZSK aircraft in the Greater Tulagi area. The highly anticipated aircraft has gone through rigorous testing to meet the high standard of ZoraSlade Koru, ZSK’s jefe.

“I don’t know if the rumors about an engineer being fired for untrimmed nose hair are true,” said one worker at Archerfield, “but we take Quality Control very – VERY – seriously. Pilots know we aim to please.”

Check out the plane with a demo at Archerfield (link)

From the official PR materials:
“Join us on Friday 12th at 7pm PST as we launch the high anticipated LJ-45XR.

We will have Music from DJ Tom Box, Demo Aircraft to try, and the official launch at 7pm.

Before 7pm, The Demo rezzers will be turned off to allow guests to gather on the Tarmac. The ZSK Owner will then activate the vendors for the product launch.
Read more about this product here: link()