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The new Astral Tek Fairey Swordfish in a Blake Sea Camo by FI Paints (link)

The team at Astral Tek has created another brilliant recreation, this time the iconic biplane of the second world war, the Fairey Swordfish. With three versions of craft included in the price (VICE, LANCE, and mod), this plane has already been seeing use in the first hours of its release.

“I absolutely love it,” said one pilot who landed at Archerfield Airfield. “You’ve got torpedos, bombs, and depth charges to work with, and I’ve already taken down three freighters!”

The aircraft is the latest to take advantage of the LANCE Combat System, a combat system that allows ships, subs, and aircraft to conduct combat operations in the massive Tulagi Area. In addition to the many participants in the area, “automated” freighters and aircraft act as targets.

“It’s the best combat area for an immersive experience,” said Anomaly Travels. “The LANCE System is huge, and if you like, there’s VICE too.”

The Astral Tek Fairey Swordfish can be found online (link) or at vendors in Tulagi, and FI Industries has already produced a paint set that includes Claw, Coastal Patrol, Archerfield Free Post, Blake Sea Camo, Civil Defense, and retired WSDF paints (link).

A vintage WSDF F-16 was taken out for a rare mission after the Acting Mayor authorized it. “Operation K-K-K-Kraken” sent the pilot out over the Blake Sea to see if reports from WFC trawlers were true, that a Kraken was out there.

“It felt good to fly again,” said the pilot, “these days the WSDF has been putting on weight.”

The Mayor’s Office did not confirm whether there was a Kraken.


An amateur diver has discovered the wreck of the Pelican’s Revenge, a vintage seaplane thought to have aided in the escape of one of Waterbank’s most notorious criminals, Slight of Hand Steve.

The Pelican’s Revenge (link to site) disappeared sixty years ago after a last minute boarding by Slight of Hand Steve. Steve was said to have been carrying a “heavy satchel” by an airline employee, who was unaware that seventy members of the Waterbank Self Defense Force and police were chasing him.

“Everyone thought he was the one that stole the Waterbank Diamond,” said a Waterbank University professor, “but no one can place him at the museum.”

The Pelican’s Revenge was also said to have been carrying a chest belonging to SOCL at the time.

The Coastal Patrol has organized a squadron to fight the Claw called Echo Squadron. The squadron will bear the markings of the CP but will actually be volunteers sworn into service.

“It’s a motley group for sure,” said the Acting Admiral of Coastal Patrol. “But since when was any of the Waterbank Self Defense Forces anything but motley?”

Echo Squadron has already signed on a few pilots who will fly ZSK P-40Es from strategic airports.

“They’re cheaper to keep than jets” the Admiral explained, “and do the job well. All of Echo Squadron uses bio fuels too.”

Dani Airplanes, the aircraft manufacturer that has been long accused of theft and inappropriate business practices has lost its case in Waterbank Court. Case DAN-00045L brought the charges of Gross Corporate Misconduct, Grand Theft, and breaches of the Waterbank Intellectual Property Code against the manufacturer. In the case argued by a team of high powered defense lawyers, the prosecution prevailed, proving that key designs of aircraft were in fact from other sources. Testimony from tens of independent experts, manufacturers, and game companies were, according to one reporter “damning.”

The case was appealed soon after the verdict, which delays the full prosecution of the company. “Waterbank has already seized company assets inside Waterbank and is holding it as evidence,” said the Waterbank District Attorney. “The WSDF is waiting for the verdict to pass before using the assets as target practice, but we’re all hopeful.”

ClawComm A Claw pilot stands in front of the captured plane with his face blacked out.

In a further demonstration of power, the Claw has shown a captured WIA reconnaissance plane, forced to land in the Blake Sea.

The Waterbank Intelligence Agency gave a short press conference after the pictures hit the news. “We believe our pilot was forced to land by Claw jet fighters, and possibly captured. It is a risk that our pilots accept and we are doing everything we can to rescue him. At this time I can tell you that the plane was an unarmed Commander 112 (link) conducting a routine search for smugglers. WIA is coordinating with military units in the area for rescue.”

Commin-flight A photo of the Commander 112 in flight, a month before the incident.

The Mayor of Waterbank refused to comment on the story, yet Waterbank citizens already know that WIA’s options are limited. “WIA is really the last stop for international policy in Waterbank. The military has been bankrupted and sold off, so the only real option WIA has is to use their teams or outsource to another group.”

Waterbank watchers have criticized the Mayor for policies that have led to the dismantling of the WSDF and several civic functions, and rumors have been spread about a possible civil action suit against the Mayor.

“It’s not really her fault,” defended a Waterbank University professor that teaches international business. “The budget problems started with Barnaby, and Forgier blew it all to hell when he started the space program.”

One of reporters – name omitted for their safety – met with a member of WIA, the Waterbank Intelligence Agency, to discuss a black project that might shed light on recent news stories.


Below is an edited transcript of the interaction between the reporter and the WIA source:

“Project 53 was an anti-zombie program wasn’t it?”
“Yeah. You have to remember that back then Waterbank and the Mayor were worried about it. The disease was completely unknown and there had been two city closures because of outbreaks. Sunnydale was classified as a radioactive leak, but if you could see the pictures, you’d know why Project 53 started.”

“So what was it?”
“Back when Project 53 was in its heyday, there was a lot of funding put behind countermeasures. Everything got funding, from anti-aging medicines to super weapons. They called one of the projects ‘population replacement,’ and that’s where Sketch Sun came from.” The aging man coughed for a long time, then took some coffee to change the taste.

“Sketch Sun? You mean the President of the WBA?”
The man laughed a bit, then continues. “Him too. Who knows how many of them are out there. We lost hundreds just in Undine-”

“They’re all called Sketch Sun? Same person?” (The reporter is clearly shocked.)
The man laughed heartily. “Clones. Population replacement. The only way you can tell the good ones from the bad ones is if they start shooting at you.”

“There are bad ones?”
More coughing. “Yes. I don’t know how many, but when we were counting there was a rate of ten percent that went bad. Ended up in criminal groups like the 55s, or even the Claw.”

“The Claw?!”
“Takes all kinds -“ He laughs at the pun, “-and once we let that genie out of the bottle, Waterbank was a different kind of operation.”

“How much of Waterbank is ‘populated’ by Sketch Sun?”
The man shook his head, dodging the question. “Let’s just say that the pumps are still running.”

“How do you know so much?” Our reporter asked.
The man got up to leave. “Because I’m one of them.”

Readers have noticed for years that there were similarities in photos of various players on the Waterbank scene, but until this reporter met with their source in WIA, there was little to corroborate conflicting accounts of Sketch Sun. The knowledge that there may be hundreds of clones has given Waterbank residents pause, and more than a few are wondering if the Sun family is larger than reported. Waterbank Intelligence Agency and the Mayor’s Office refused comment for this story.

Nimitz1 USS Nimitz CVN-68, JAS Blake Sea, is the home to a self-sufficient battle group, ready to deal with pirates. The S & W patrol craft in the picture regularly conduct patrols for area safety.

After a harrowing incident of air piracy, Waterbank Airlines made a formal request to the Nimitz Battle Group for assistance in the event of another attack.

“We used to go to the WSDF, but these days they’re underfunded and understaffed. Nimitz has everything,” said the Waterbank Airlines President.

The USS Nimitz indeed has everything, including state of the art jet fighters and a highly trained commando unit that could be trained for high altitude interventions.

NimitzUnder Below decks at the Nimitz, where a squadron sits battle ready.

A source close to the Battle Group’s command commented on the new threat. “They’re aware of the Claw, and like everyone else, not sure where they’re based. If a ship or plane can contact the group in time, they’ll be able to deal with it.”

F15-2 F-15 Pilot Joan Moleno practices carrier landings at the USS Nimitz. Fighters from JAS Blake Sea have been running patrols since the incident.