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The Shergood HUD and Sansara Airlines at ERIA

Today in aviation, the WAA has demanded that all Waterbank aircraft use the Shergood Aviation transponder and GPS (link), a way for pilots to see where they are, where others are (fewer crashes!), and plan their flights. The WAA has said that they will no longer use their “pin and paper” method of tracking flights and have entirely switched to the Shergood Radar System (link).

“We love – I mean really love – I mean love love love it,” said the WAA Director.

In East River, Sansara Airlines won a prize for “excellent piloting and safety,” making the airline one of only three ever awarded that prize. Waterbank Airlines remains the only airline who had to return the prize after a fiery crash at an East River gas station.

“There still are very gas stations in East River,” said the award committee.

A smuggler confessed that he too used the Shergood GPS after Waterbank Police arrested him on Munck Field trying to take off with a ton of sand. “He said that the Shergood HUD was great for night flights,” reported a WPD spokesperson.


Smuggler X’s recent opening of a “delivery and postal service” in the Archerfield area hasn’t impressed certain law enforcement agencies, who still have outstanding warrants.

“My kid still has no sand for his sandbox,” said a Waterbank Police lieutenant. “And our volleyball court has rocks.”

Agencies such as the WPD, Sheriff’s Department, ERIA PD, ERPA, and GridEx security all have outstanding warrants for the smuggler.


A Waterbank cold case has been reopened after the discovery of vehicle under water in Second Norway. The case involves the disappearance of a Waterbank senator at the height of the Undine Conflict, a crime that has long been suspected to be perpetrated by the ULF. Both the senator and his vehicle went missing several years ago, taking a major opponent to the ULF out of the advisory body to Waterbank.

“The senator was rabidly anti-ULF,” explained a Waterbank historian, “so there’s definitely motive there. There are some conspiracies about the WIA too. The police will have a lot to sort through.”

“We can’t rule anything out,” said the detective on the case. “We’re even looking at the vehicle itself. It appears to have been driven off the pier deliberately. It’s a SZYM Chancellor, which is one of the sturdiest vehicles out there. There’s no way the senator and the driver’s bodies would have had those kinds of injuries with that vehicle. There’s a reason why VIPs still use it.”

Waterbank Police have said that they will continue the investigation as long as there is a trail to follow.


The Fugitive Lawyer grabbed a Flat White at Pippen Hot, and did it on the WBA tab. The fugitive has been on the run for some time, and despite being number eight on the Waterbank’s Most Wanted, lives an envious life of comfort.

“I don’t think anyone even remembers what crimes he committed,” said a staffer at the WBA. “And he always gives us free legal advice. A coffee is cheap for that.”

“I remember everything that scum did,” said a grizzled and scarred ex-Waterbank Police sergeant. “And if I was on the force still, I’d run him in for sure.”

Asked why he didn’t make a citizen’s arrest, the sergeant replied “a man’s got a right to a croissant, no matter who he is.”


News has come in that the Zombism outbreak at ERIA has been contained and cleanup operations are underway. The weeks long contagion tested the resolve of emergency responders and in a state of emergency, Regional Governor Chia called on the public to help.

hitcorperia HitCorp Inc.’s office at ERIA was boarded up and charred from fire containment practices.


Photographs of a Project 53 vehicle with emergency vehicles in the background greatly alarmed Waterbank citizens who recalled when Waterbank was conducting dangerous programs at Grace Canal. The trucks appeared near the end of the contagion, and there has been no official comment.

“It’s safe to say,” said one ERIA PD officer, “that Waterbank was no help at all during this whole thing.”

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BeaverMW This luxurious home might be where Wallaby is hiding in Beaverdale, according to the WPD.

Waterbank Police believe that one of Waterbank’s Most Wanted may be hiding out in Beaverdale, and hiding out in style. Known to Waterbank as Captain Wallaby, the former SOCL explorer turned rogue who last effected an escape by slipping away from police in a crowd of female fans.

“He’s a charming sob, that’s for sure,” said an officer at the WPD. “We’d love to put him in Grunion Correctional, but there’s no extradition arrangement with Beaverdale. As long as he’s there we can’t touch him.”

The WPD has uncovered recent evidence that the former Amazon explorer (link to previous stories) was seen driving a truck like the one in the picture and may have commissioned a statue of horses.

“Oh, he’s such a man of passion,” said the press secretary for Wallaby’s Wenches, a local fan group for the explorer. “He loves long walks on the beaches, salt water taffy, and horses. I hope they never catch him!”