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The WBA which has been in charge of Waterbank and portions of the WMA for over a year, has appointed a Mayor in a closed corporate session.

“It’s time,” said WBA President Sketch Sun.

The move will once again return power to a civil administrator, though Waterbank citizens aren’t happy about it.

“Who is it?” Asked one citizen we found at ERIA Airport lounge. “Why haven’t we been able to vote on it? Why don’t we know the name?”

When Waterbank News asked the WBA about the new mayor, they had this to say. “Waterbank has always been parliamentary republic. We’ve taken that political framework and grafted on some solid business restructuring so that the leadership is properly insulated. The new Mayor will take over a Waterbank that is budget positive, very adaptive, and can co-exist inside other city-states. Think of it like Waterbank 5.0.”

“It kinda makes sense,” said a poli-sci professor at Waterbank University. “Half of the Waterbank mayors get assassinated.”


WSDFplane A recent landing of a sand filled aircraft at Honah Airfield raised questions about the sandy beaches there.

WIA has informed various departments of the WMA that the sand trade is alive and continuing, posing a threat to legal trade in a number of regions.

“The sand trade has been financing the Island Mafia, which has doubled in strength in the Blake Sea and surrounding areas. The sand trade is a threat,” said a WIA spokesperson.

ClubMilk Pictures have surfaced of the WMA Chief of Operations visiting a fetish club in Mused, causing a scandal that Waterbank residents are calling “Milkgate.”

The club, Club Milk (link), is run by the company Mused, which began as an architectural firm and has moved into “adult specialties.”

The club’s janitor defended the club’s reputation over the phone with us. “The Milk Club is really just an open venue. We have all kinds of things here from product releases, corporate meetings, and late night raves. It can be whatever you want it to be.”

The Waterbank Metropolitan Authority Chief, did not want to talk about whether he had done something some Waterbank residents might find offensive. “I just went to look, that’s all. I thought it was a place to buy chocolate milk.”

Several legal entities have banded together in a case against Waterbank News to prove that we have been “fabricating an alternate reality in a sensational manner.” The case, number 9-34822 in Waterbank Superior Court, has caused a stir in the otherwise somber halls of the courthouse.

“It’s an exciting case,” said one legal secretary who says she will take time off work to watch the trial. “Everybody reads the Waterbank News.”

The plaintiffs in the case have a gag order in effect for their identities, claiming that WN may sway the judges with print. According to our lawyer, the infamous Fugitive Lawyer, “there is no real case here, just grumpy grumpsters.”

Already people are polarized over the issue. In a recent altercation at Pippen Hot Javahouse, four people were involved in a fight that began over whether WN had been too sensational in a recent story about Dutch Harbor.

WN will keep its readers up to date as the case unfolds.


The WAA was caught using Shergood Aviation’s radar system (link), causing serious concerns from pilots that the WAA has been cutting corners.

“Aw, c’mon!” Said the WAA Director, “Shergood’s got the best transponders and GPS ever developed! We’re only using what the industry already likes!”

The WMA and Global Aviation Association have not commented on the news.


The WAA has given an A2 rating to White Star Airport (link at right) several months after the airport began full service.

“It’s typical bureaucratic foot dragging,” said WBA President Sketch Sun. “One of the inspectors was bitter over the Desdemona fallout, and the other wanted a bribe. The Waterbank Metropolitan Authority has been in shambles since the sale of Waterbank. This just proves it.”

White Star Airport, depicted in the WIA image above, is an airport that can accommodate large craft and has several transit options for travelers, including GridHound and a marina.