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Windhill City (link at right) has added more roads and is the recent winner of a driving award, the coveted “Oh Yeah Groove Music Drivey Slide Award.”

The Oh Yeah Groove Music Drivey Slide Award is an annual award, though the awarders of the prized trophy, a small record store in Glenbrook, have said that there are two this year.

“We totally are givin’ up two,” they told us. “We already gave one to the Prototype Tri-State {Prototype, Northbridge, and Glenbrook}, and now we’re givin’ it up to Windhill!”

“It’s a really fun urban environment,” said one traveler speaking of Windhill. “I also drive the backroads of Glenbrook, but if you like drifting, Windhill has some spots!”


Key figures behind Windhill City have expanded in a big way to new sims, though the sheets have yet to be pulled off the masterpiece. Dubbed Mopire City, Eripom Moonwall and Catty Hammerer have been working overtime to create an entirely new district with the same immaculate attention to detail that makes Windhill so impressive.

Visitors can sneak in to the cafe (above –> link) to grab a cuppa before investigating, and we are sure that the minds behind SSOC (Marketplace link) will impress you.

For those who are not familiar, Windhill City is one of the best urban combat destinations around, but has been under construction with a number of new improvements.

More on CME, the group that is working on Mopire:
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Recent sightings of a notorious smuggler, first at an AI Warehouse in Windhill City (link), and then at Honah Airfield flying a Coastal Patrol craft have raised questions about smuggling operations.

“We really have to wonder how far reaching the smuggling goes,” said the diminutive new spokeswoman for the WIA. “And how a smuggler is doing reconnaissance flights in a CP helicopter.”