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The unlucky WIA agent that was outed at the Yankee Diner has been unlucky again, this time shopping in Sunny Fields (link).

What interested other shoppers in the sighting was that everyone expected the outed spy to look at the high tech troop carrier at LSI, but instead he went for a circa 1960s camper.

“I guess everyone loves a road trip,” one observer said.


A Sheriff’s Department mounted patrol looks over the Mowry communication substation.

A WIA threat assessment that came out yesterday has police and fire departments in the East River area concerned, and several have increased their presence.

“It says that there are several targets that are completely vulnerable,” East River Police told us, “and so we’ve had to pull extra people in.”

The Waterbank Intelligence Agency released a satellite photo of a Claw aircraft today, sending the Blake Sea area into a defensive scramble.

“Several islands scrambled fighter jets,” said an air traffic controller at WAA. “Others had Coastal Patrol vessels sent out, and I heard that Half Hitch sent out it’s fishing fleet armed with shotguns.”

“If you ask me,” said a source at WIA, “the Half Hitch navy armed with six packs and shotguns is the most dangerous thing out there.”

Waterbank Airlines has hit the news again after a whistleblower from the airline came forward and said that the Waterbank Airlines has been a taxi service for the Waterbank Intelligence Agency for several years now.

“The Waterbank News guy asked if anyone wanted to come forward with some dirt to print,” said the WA employee, “and I said ‘sure, I got time to kill. I ain’t had nothin’ to do all day but blow this stupid whistle.”