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The WBA has been discretely meeting with staff at Feral Marine on Feral Marine’s pleasure cruiser, and speculation about the topic has all the customers at Pippen Hot coffee talking.

“It’s gotta be a conspiracy to take over Pippen,” said one over-caffeinated patron.

“I heard,” whispered another, “that the WBA is really just the WIA and that it’s all part of the Illuminotti.”

The barista tisked. “The Illuminotti is our special biscotti made of candied nuts.”

“I think you’re all nuts,” said the Waterbank News intern. “Just walk over there and ask them what they’re doing.”

Dutch Harbor has topped the WBA destinations list for the third week running after recent renovations has made the already popular destination irresistible.

“There’s a new bistro overlooking the bay, nightclubs, and smoky jazz spots,” said Sketch Sun, “and a romantic promenade overlooking some of the finest boats in the world. It’s a sailor’s dream come true. There’s so much to see and do, there ought to be a hotel for people.”

Other people polled at Dutch Harbor felt the same way. “It’s like Disneyland if Jacque Cousteau designed it,” said one person admiring the sleek new Bandit 55.

Dutch Harbor is accessible by sea, link at right, or all finer travel agencies.

Grizedale ER Rapid station (link to station) has won an award from the WBA as “Best Transit Hub 2018,” an award that was delayed due to a contending ER Rapid Station.

“The word ‘hub’ was argued over,” said a WBA rep, “because that covers airports and ports too. So for 2018 we awarded three awards for hubs.”

Grizedale is a growing community in the East River territory, and the new home to East River administration.

Northbridge, one of the areas of the Prototype Tri-State, has been closed off for a massive construction effort. NTBI has said nothing of the massive project, though WBA President Sketch Sun offered this insight.

“Northbridge is SZYM and NTBI, and those are mega-corporations run by visionaries. They don’t just repaint the walls. They remove the forest, lay down miles of road, and build towers in the sky. Whatever is happening in Northbridge will be big and game changing.”

A recent white paper from the Waterbank Business Association has made an argument for manufacturers to release vehicle prototypes earlier, sparking concern from several safety groups.

“If manufacturers only look at the numbers they lose out on something we at the WBA call ‘owner psychology,'” explained WBA President Sketch Sun. “The production cycle in many products is so long that customers that are excited about a product actually can lose interest in the product before its release. Couple that with competition and the manufacturer may see lower sales. Early releases pay less, but ensure that interest is kept and a positive cash flow is established. It is difficult to quantify hard numbers for this kind of situation, but we have some examples. The very successful Motor Lux, for example, was a desirable boat long before release, and never saw the sales it might have if it had been put out for early release. Today companies like Feral Marine have half a dozen ships in dry dock that might fit this kind of profile – very interesting, useful, and in early testing.”

Safety groups like FAD (Fathers Against Dilapidation) say that early releases put unsafe vehicles into the public, and have lambasted the WBA white paper as ‘humbug.’

Shergood Aviation, the highly acclaimed rotor craft manufacturer has won another award, this time from the WBA. The “Best Commercial Aircraft 2018” has gone to the company for its CH-47 (link), a highly capable heavy lift helicopter that is used throughout the world.

“SA does an amazing job with their craft, and have earned this award,” said WBA President Sketch Sun. “This award has nothing to do with the fact that an EC-135 medical lift saved my life the other day.”

In a move that may have shocked Flo of the Prototype Rodex the most, SZYM Motors is selling off the famous (and at times infamous) Rodex Diner for franchisers. Prospective owners of the Rodex franchise can purchase the building plans (link), and then build the diner wherever they like.

“I can’t believe it,” said Flo. “Will Szymborska told me about it last week and it really surprised me. He told me that even though it was open for franchising, that I can make decisions about the peach cobbler. I suppose franchise owners can ask me about it. I’m still in shock.”

SZYM Motors (link) is one of the major components of the NTBI Group, and has not officially commented on the move.

“SZYM isn’t just excellent cars,” WBA President Sketch Sun told us. “They have a long history of building buildings, infrastructure, and supporting the other NTBI projects.”

The Yankee Diner (link) made news again after it’s short order cook, Bobby Dandy, drew a drawing that really appealed to table 2.

“I was just doodling between orders,” said Dandy, “and one of the guys at table 2 came over and started going crazy.”

“I went nuts,” said an Advertising Executive from the WBA eating at table 2. “We had been stuck for weeks on what to do about a WBA ad, and then this guy had the idea. He’s a genius.”

“They paid me a lot,” said Dandy, “but I ain’t quittin’. I love the Yankee.”

The Archerfield Waterbank News Office (link under Big 7 at right) is reporting that ZSK is actively working on a project which has been dubbed “Snubbie.”

“Actually,” said an anonymous source that was in the Archerfield Maintenance Department told us, “Snubbie is my name for it. It’s the P-47, that monster of a classic fighter.”

Rumors are circulating that the fighter in construction is capable of bombs and ‘on the rail’ missiles as well as a fierce rate of climb.

“If you know ZSK planes,” WBA President Sketch Sun told us, “then you know that this won’t just be a classic warbird. This will be a deadly piece of art.”

ZSK planes are some of the highest rated planes in the world, and regularly win awards. The stock price on the WSE (link) rose sharply after the news.