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Sunny Fields, home to TBM and several other companies (link), was awarded the “Best Desert Award” by the WBA.

“It’s been a long standing destination with real appeal,” said WBA President Sketch Sun. “I fly and shop there whenever I can. It’s packed full of surprises too, so you should snoop a little. The lime rickey at the diner is perfect for the heat.”

Link to the airfield and destination is above.

Faced with the largest building improvement project since the sack of Rome, Governor Chia is overseeing round the clock building and reconstruction in East River. The town of Hellvelyn (pictured above) is getting a whole new infra and understructure, civic improvements, and new night time venues. Pippen is slated for a new waterfront, and tens of other East River sites are set to have improvements or be developed.

“This is exactly what the region needs,” said WBA President Sketch Sun. “This is a vital economic area that needs strategic civic planning and improvement. Kudos, Chia!”

The picture shows the Anhelo showroom, which does not feature the awarded home.

Anhelo’s house that is being used as a model home in Kishijoten (link to Tulagi properties) impressed designers so much that they created a new award just for the creator. “Best Adriatic Design” was awarded to Anhelo for their home H01EC (link) yesterday by the WBA.

While the East River is dealing with one or two catastrophic disasters, Black Pippen is working overtime with two Feral Marine products under construction, and a third that is rumored to be in initial prototyping.

“This is why we put our faith in Pippen,” explained a staffer at the WBA. “They know what is important and keep putting out good products.”

The two craft (pictured above) are a luxury vessel capable of deep water crossings and a cargo barge that may allow large capacity GTFO shipments. Currently both products are under “refinement,” and workers say that they both are expected to be released this quarter.

The WSE was active today as several key stocks made large jumps in value. First was Bank of Waterbank (BOFW) which split its shares after a record year, rising to over 340.

“It’s a massive growth, since they split it and then the price shot up,” explained an investor at Hakuso.

Next shares of GEMC and NTBI saw rises as rumors of anti-trust were cleared away, and both companies says rises of over 100. Vehicle manufacturers like Feral (FM) and Niosaki (NioS) saw bumps on speculation of new products, and ZSK saw a record jump after rumors that their new jet was a week away and that they already had another classic warbird in the works.

“It’s late to buy ZSK stock,” said an insider at the WBA, “but I’m sure it will go up again.”


Famed vehicle maker GEMC has opened inside Prototype Gardens Mall, uniting the world’s most acclaimed ground vehicles under one roof.

“This was a business coup,” said the doorman who refused WN entrance at the velvet rope opening event. “Bringing in GEMC was a brilliant and profitable move for everyone. Customers have been lining up already.”

GEMC, a long standing company with a high standard of quality, was once called “the only competition to NTBI” in a WBA white paper, and awarded Best Transit Vehicle for seven years in a row. The inclusion of GEMC into the Gardens Mall has upset investors at the WSE, who fear a rumor of an anti-trust investigation.

GEMC, NTBI, and its affiliate stores can be found here (link).


The WBA has commissioned a massive megaproject impact study for the Blackslouph Pippen area (Black Pippen) to see what it would take to relocate key infrastructure from the East River into Black Pippen. The plan that was returned to the WBA from Grace Development’s intern was more than what anyone could have imagined.

“To fit all the key departments and necessary government functions in ERC – people that currently are spread over a large area – you have to rethink the space,” the intern explained. “For starters, you need to use the space under the ERIA tarmac, and build a town under there. Some of the buildings can be empty support columns for the tarmac, but you need some space for parking and a new civic center. In Plan 957 A we imagined that Governor Chia is taking a major role in river politics, and that having several GTFO cargo facilities would drive the economy of the area.”


The plan also calls for the construction of a “Grand Central” railway station, cargo docks on the river, and a “taller more pragmatic” hospital in Pippen. A network of roadways underneath the airport would allow for more vehicle traffic, and the intern placed the controversial “Pippen Highway” just under the tarmac.

“I’m a sucker for high speed chases,” he explained.