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Insiders in Prototype have said that Astaro is renewing interest in an Astaro train that will allow a new age of freight for the world.

“This could be a real game changer,” said Sketch Sun of the WBA, “it may be that we could see whole new markets open and new GTFO freight protocols. It’s worth keeping an eye on.”


The WBA has pledged that they will match Lindens for kilometers travelled by their staff to a worthy charity. The charitable matching will commence after the release of the new ZSK jet, a highly anticipated luxury craft that is likely to be released soon.

“We believe strongly in giving back,” said WBA President Sketch Sun.

“That’s the big difference,” explained the Editor in Chief of the Waterbank News. “We never give anything back.”

Sunny Fields, home to TBM and several other companies (link), was awarded the “Best Desert Award” by the WBA.

“It’s been a long standing destination with real appeal,” said WBA President Sketch Sun. “I fly and shop there whenever I can. It’s packed full of surprises too, so you should snoop a little. The lime rickey at the diner is perfect for the heat.”

Link to the airfield and destination is above.

Faced with the largest building improvement project since the sack of Rome, Governor Chia is overseeing round the clock building and reconstruction in East River. The town of Hellvelyn (pictured above) is getting a whole new infra and understructure, civic improvements, and new night time venues. Pippen is slated for a new waterfront, and tens of other East River sites are set to have improvements or be developed.

“This is exactly what the region needs,” said WBA President Sketch Sun. “This is a vital economic area that needs strategic civic planning and improvement. Kudos, Chia!”

The picture shows the Anhelo showroom, which does not feature the awarded home.

Anhelo’s house that is being used as a model home in Kishijoten (link to Tulagi properties) impressed designers so much that they created a new award just for the creator. “Best Adriatic Design” was awarded to Anhelo for their home H01EC (link) yesterday by the WBA.

While the East River is dealing with one or two catastrophic disasters, Black Pippen is working overtime with two Feral Marine products under construction, and a third that is rumored to be in initial prototyping.

“This is why we put our faith in Pippen,” explained a staffer at the WBA. “They know what is important and keep putting out good products.”

The two craft (pictured above) are a luxury vessel capable of deep water crossings and a cargo barge that may allow large capacity GTFO shipments. Currently both products are under “refinement,” and workers say that they both are expected to be released this quarter.