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Rumors about a convention center at the new SZYM Tower in Prototype (link at right) have been confirmed, and already the WBA has forwarded suggestions for possible conventions.

“It’s just another day of awesomeness for SZYM and NTBI,” said WBA President Sketch Sun. “The convention center is a perfect place for industry professionals to meet. It’s a lot better than the bar / sewer underneath the Astaro showroom.”

Suggestions from the WBA include the following conventions:

Urban Products Convention (this is likely to appeal to NTBI)
Convention of Mayors and Towns
Airport Management Convention
The 2018 Auto Fair
Rails and Trails Convention

No word yet on whether the convention center will pursue any of these conventions.


The New Horizons area, which includes residential, commercial, airport, and port districts, has been listed by the WBA as an “economic boom town.”

“They even have rental units below the runway,” said a rep, “and a town hall. If you look at the area from air you’ll see all the business moving in and out of it. Airlines, TNT, shops, and there are also several communities have built around it too.”

The WBA has awarded Scarlet Creative for “excellence in architecture,” making it one of several acclaimed architecture firms to receive an award this year.

“WBA has been handing out awards for architecture like candy,” said one insider at Hakuso, “but these firms are good. Really good. SC’s {Scarlet Creative} got chops when it comes to provincial – or should I say ‘Provencial?’”

The firm has it’s own location where buyers and admirers can sample a variety of well crafted homes. The homes are mostly for larger properties, but are priced at L999, making them a popular choice for the upwardly mobile. Visit their showroom at (link).

The WBA has awarded Sumi, a company in Burns that has been creating vehicles outside the Marketplace for “Innovations in Transportation.” The company which is also known as Murasaki Creations has produced a number of attractive vehicles, including a SLRR gauge tram that has visitors saying “natsukashii.”

The company showroom (with demos) is tucked into a small Japanese town, next to a railroad, an airport, and a short walk to an amusement park. Visitors, travelers, and buyers can visit this link: Murasaki in Burns

TNT Truck Super Center on Route 8A

The unfortunate clerk that had a nervous episode has been sent to the East River Hospital after a string of new GTFO locations flooded his desk.

From his notes, forwarded to Waterbank News by coworkers:

TNT Truck Super Center on Route 8A – Acrocorinth (209,17,90), Satori (link)

This HUB accepts: Road Vehicles and Medium Helicopters
Food and other transport offices are also on site

Grassy Lay-by – Italian Villa Road – Sundana (104,240,40)

Borgo Marinaro, Pompelmoo (218,131,21)
Medium Water Vessels.
Small Helicopters.

ROYAL Outpost #201-Port Churchill, Noether (172,250,24)
Small Aircraft.
Medium Water Vessels.
Medium Helicopters.

NOTAM: Rwy Alt:23m VICE must be OFF when approaching
Debbie’s Paradise AF HP RD – Southerland Dam Road, Cavanaugh (167,76,71) – link
Small Aircraft.
Large Helicopters.
Road Vehicles.

NOTAM: Rwy Alt: 107m

Brainiff-Unity Chamonix Rgl AP – Amundsen Road, Minarlo Vite (77,238,111)
Large Aircraft.
Large Helicopters.
Road Vehicles.

NOTAM: N-S Rwy Alt: 111m

Unity Sansara Adventure, Mooaleo (82,104,27) Sansara
Small Aircraft.
Medium Water Vessels.
Large Helicopters.
Medium Seaplanes.

NOTAM: Rwy Alt: 26m