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The WBA which has been in charge of Waterbank and portions of the WMA for over a year, has appointed a Mayor in a closed corporate session.

“It’s time,” said WBA President Sketch Sun.

The move will once again return power to a civil administrator, though Waterbank citizens aren’t happy about it.

“Who is it?” Asked one citizen we found at ERIA Airport lounge. “Why haven’t we been able to vote on it? Why don’t we know the name?”

When Waterbank News asked the WBA about the new mayor, they had this to say. “Waterbank has always been parliamentary republic. We’ve taken that political framework and grafted on some solid business restructuring so that the leadership is properly insulated. The new Mayor will take over a Waterbank that is budget positive, very adaptive, and can co-exist inside other city-states. Think of it like Waterbank 5.0.”

“It kinda makes sense,” said a poli-sci professor at Waterbank University. “Half of the Waterbank mayors get assassinated.”


A vintage WSDF F-16 was taken out for a rare mission after the Acting Mayor authorized it. “Operation K-K-K-Kraken” sent the pilot out over the Blake Sea to see if reports from WFC trawlers were true, that a Kraken was out there.

“It felt good to fly again,” said the pilot, “these days the WSDF has been putting on weight.”

The Mayor’s Office did not confirm whether there was a Kraken.

The Chancellor armored limo (Szym) from Waterbank waits at the gate.

A Waterbank dignitary was refused at SZYM Towers yesterday, and the Waterbank Office of Foreign Affairs has initiated a formal inquiry.

“Yeah, there was a Waterbank limo here yesterday,” said the gate guard, “but they couldn’t get in. There’s new construction and we told them that. They just want free drinks anyway. These government types are all the same. They live on cocktail snacks and drinks.”

One Waterbank dignitary admitted that the drinks are a perk. “The new drink, the Szym Tower, is unbelievably tasty. You put a bourbon infused cherry, a lemon wedge, a splash of Sunnydale Sauces’ Tamarind Dream at the bottom, flame it with a torch, then muddle. Add a ice sphere and pour in 100% Northbridge smoked whiskey. Rim the glass with a Prototype pine cone and you have a delicious drink!”

The Waterbank Intelligence Agency released a satellite photo of a Claw aircraft today, sending the Blake Sea area into a defensive scramble.

“Several islands scrambled fighter jets,” said an air traffic controller at WAA. “Others had Coastal Patrol vessels sent out, and I heard that Half Hitch sent out it’s fishing fleet armed with shotguns.”

“If you ask me,” said a source at WIA, “the Half Hitch navy armed with six packs and shotguns is the most dangerous thing out there.”

A street cleaner from Waterbank was expelled after the driver crashed in the newest housing development in Northbridge, five minutes east of the SZYM Towers.

“We’re getting a reputation for good driving around here,” said a community watch member, “what with the Urban Design Award from WBA. That yokel in the street brush doesn’t belong on our roads.”

Waterbank, which is currently under WBA stewardship, was unavailable for comment. Northbridge can be visited via the Prototype link at right.

The fugitive lawyer has been spotted in the rural town of Glenbrook (link to local gas station), where he was seen exiting a regional bus and walking to a local pizza place.

No one thought anything of it until later that week when a surveillance camera on a private estate in the Glenbrook Woods caught the same man inside a home.

“We don’t get too many drifters here,” explained a local police chief, “so we never ran the face until the B and E. That’s when the Waterbank warrant came up. We looked for him, but we think he’s moved on by now.”