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The Coastal Patrol is stepping up patrols in the Greater Tulagi Area, responding to increased Claw activities and a “nasty rumor.”

“I hear they’re trying to sink all the rum boats,” cried one CP pilot at Archerfield.

“It’s simply not true,” said a rep from the Claw. “The rum boats are ours.”

Both Claw and CP paints for the above Fairey Swordfish can be found here (link).


Anomaly travelers have been traveling back to 1970s Vietnam, and there are two destinations that any combat aficionado should try. The most comprehensive is Binh Dinh (Indochina Region 1970 era RP and VICE combat link), which offers a variety of environments from caves, towns, and multiple areas for combat and roleplay. Pilots can go to this link (link) to the flight deck in the Gulf of Tonkin.

Also, there is BACK IN NAM (link), a combat area with puts people straight into the intense combat of Vietnam.

Anomaly travelers looking for weapons can find some in the vendors at these location and here (link)

There are new releases from Ridecco (below is from the release notes):

-A part 2 to my Modern Cars pack
-An 80’s themed static car kit
-A set of 5 abandoned cars
-An old dump truck
-Some broken arcade machines. Party’s over.
-And a creepy old ambulance.

I doubt I have space to link it all here, so check all this stuff out on my marketplace, or come on by the prototype mall!

Prototype (101,163,24) and Marketplace

AND a release from Ironsight:

WW2 Bazooka (link to Marketplace)

-Three Combat Systems: LLCS, LBA 2.0, and VICE!
-LLCS/LBA 2.0 version features Realistic and Arcade modes
-VICE version features CMB and SMB modes (with indicators)
-::ISA:: VICE Meter System for VICE version
-Calibrated iron sight HUD (Optional)
-Custom sounds, animations, and particles