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A picture of Daybreak’s full airport

A multi level town with airport, hospital, forests, and a town with as much pity as you bring. Yes, it’s another good urban destination, and like many of the others, it is ready for you to make it your own. See it here, or book Kousara’s Charters there: Township of DayBreak/ International airport, Lyonet

The Sheriff’s Department has been patrolling Route 10 since new businesses have come in.

As a new community of businesses and homes are building near the Chapala Rez Spot on Route 10 (link), Waterbank residents are caught in the middle of two ideas of development. On one side is the Applewood City Council, a large scale mixed city development that has postmodern cyberpunk overtones, and on the other is the newer collection of bistros, roadside businesses, and homes that are still deciding on a name.

“We haven’t picked a name,” one community member told us, “but we are different. We believe in GTFO, business, and homesteading. Applewood isn’t even finished yet, and who knows what is going on there.”

The critique that Applewood is incomplete is a real one. Despite millions invested in land, buildings, and high tech roads, the city is empty, with entire lots in need of adjustment. An airport meant for spaceships and VTOL craft has no traffic.

“Until we took over the land,” a Waterbank resident told us, “there was a haunted house on fire here. It was burning for three weeks right next to Applewood. We’d like to see them become a real city, and maybe even put in a fire hose.”

Meanwhile the community is growing and people are buying land for low prices along the coveted Route 10. “It’s close to the water, along Route 10, and there are good people there,” Grace Development told us. “It’s a good buy.”

▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔ The Hive & Raccoon City – Roleplay & Combat Sim
WARNING: Reading this notecard is your responsibility, not complying with the following could get you banned!

How to get to the Hive or Raccoon City Areas:
It’s easy! Just right click one of the Video Game Machines in the arcade, The Hive game will TP you to the Hive, Raccoon City game will TP you to the city.

1.) We reserve the right to deny access to the sim.
2.) Listen and comply with staff at all times.
3.) Do not use banned weapons (see below for more)
4.) No harassment, griefing, or gesture spamming.
5.) No sex or nudity (including see through clothes)
6.) No Soliciting, selling, advertising or group invites.
7.) Keep your script counts low please.
8.) No vehicles, (permission may be given)
9.) You DO NOT have to RP, but respect others RPs.
10.) Have fun! Enjoy your stay at the Hive!

Banned Weapons:
– Explosives, Missiles, Rockets, Nukes
– Miniguns, chainguns,99,999/ unlimited clips and ammo
– Particle weapons, flamethrowers, lasers.
– Grief weapons, nerf guns, supernatural power huds.

The Hive: Official Role Play Narrative
On a chilly fall evening in 2002, the sun begins to set over the elegant “Spencer Estate” surrounded by the expansive “Arklay National Forest” in rural Michigan. leaves are throw into the air and scatter across the road just outside the estate as semi truck dramatically swerves into the tree line to avoid hitting a man aimlessly standing in the middle of the road…

Days earlier, the local news reports a series of bizarre and brutal animal attacks by an unidentified animal. A camper, a pair of hikers, and a disabled motorist were all found gruesomely mauled to death in the single span of a week. Now the small community of Arklay is on edge prompting local officials to take action with extra patrols of law enforcement…

Meanwhile, deep underground, security has been compromised at the top-secret,”Umbrella Pharmaceuticals” research facility “The Hive.” It’s state-of-the-art, artificial intelligence system the “Red Queen” has now gone rogue attempting to kill the facility’s staff under the guise of a fire emergency. Laboratories begin to fill up with never-ending water from sprinklers, oxygen gets sucked completely out of offices by the Halon fire suppressing system and fire doors shut sealing off entire areas of the Hive trapping everyone inside the facility…

A covert team of commandos has since been dispatched by Umbrella Pharmaceuticals to infiltrate the Hive, shut down the Red Queen, investigate why she went rogue and rescue any survivors…

The Hive: Role Play Guidelines
You are strongly encouraged to use the above to create your own story and use one of our established local character affiliation:
✖ Hive Employee: Scientist, Office Staff, Security Guard, Dog Trainer, Utility Worker.
✖ Umbrella Pharmaceutical: Commando/ Tactical Response, U.B.C.S.
✖ First Responder: Arklay County Sheriff, Fire/ EMS, Park Ranger, Neighboring community Officer (R.P.D.)
✖ Survivor: Local Resident, Camper, Hiker, Press/news media, motorist

While Role Play participation is not mandatory, please respect your fellow visitor’s decision to Role Play or not.
Thanks for reading and have fun!

Space age travelers have been impressed by the cyberpunk destination at CFG-0980777 (link), which has a rising company in the spacecraft business (link to Thynome Vector Foundation store). The destination, which has a city, an alien world (2000m up), and a rez demo of the newest spaceships, has impressed Anomaly Travels, which is now scheduling tours. See it for yourself at the above links.


The township of Prototype (link at left) has quadrupled in size overnight as the SZYM plant reopened and other businesses rushed in to accommodate thousands of workers. The new has everything one would hope in a working community – a diner, a bar, and a shoe repair place.

Some business leaders speculate that the building of a new NTBI headquarters might be the cause of the boom town, but it isn’t known.


“It’s thrilling,” said Sketch Sun of the WBA. “Bringing back the Rodex and Sweetwater will make Prototype more than just a showroom. It’s a destination now.”



The Sheriff’s Department is now the subject of an internal review after a video showing one of its deputies mishandling a suspect in Lionheart (link). In the video a deputy can be seen yelling for the suspect to exit the vehicle, and the deputy threatening him with a shotgun.

“We are sure that little Jimmy didn’t mean to take the bubble gum,” said the suspect’s parents. “He just forgets to pay.”

“The deputy in question has been put on suspension and we are reviewing the case,” said a Sheriff’s Department spokesperson. “It’s possible that the deputy believed the store clerk when he said he had been ‘robbed blind by a deadly thief.'”


Waterbank News has sent a reporter to the community of Haven (link), but has not heard from him in a week.

“It’s a great place to visit,” said the Editor in Chief, “but the guy owes me 5 Lindens.”

The reporter was sent to the urban sim to do a story on the thriving community there. “They’ve got a reputation for excellent emergency responders and community support,” the Editor continued, “but I want my 5. I’m not above sending someone to get it, if you follow.”