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Two more choices for urban travelers; Asphyxiation, a crime ridden and dark urban roleplay, and Ardennes, a “micro-nation” that “has 3 phases of development spread across 10 different sims.”



The township of Prototype (link at left) has quadrupled in size overnight as the SZYM plant reopened and other businesses rushed in to accommodate thousands of workers. The new has everything one would hope in a working community – a diner, a bar, and a shoe repair place.

Some business leaders speculate that the building of a new NTBI headquarters might be the cause of the boom town, but it isn’t known.


“It’s thrilling,” said Sketch Sun of the WBA. “Bringing back the Rodex and Sweetwater will make Prototype more than just a showroom. It’s a destination now.”



The Sheriff’s Department is now the subject of an internal review after a video showing one of its deputies mishandling a suspect in Lionheart (link). In the video a deputy can be seen yelling for the suspect to exit the vehicle, and the deputy threatening him with a shotgun.

“We are sure that little Jimmy didn’t mean to take the bubble gum,” said the suspect’s parents. “He just forgets to pay.”

“The deputy in question has been put on suspension and we are reviewing the case,” said a Sheriff’s Department spokesperson. “It’s possible that the deputy believed the store clerk when he said he had been ‘robbed blind by a deadly thief.'”


Waterbank News has sent a reporter to the community of Haven (link), but has not heard from him in a week.

“It’s a great place to visit,” said the Editor in Chief, “but the guy owes me 5 Lindens.”

The reporter was sent to the urban sim to do a story on the thriving community there. “They’ve got a reputation for excellent emergency responders and community support,” the Editor continued, “but I want my 5. I’m not above sending someone to get it, if you follow.”


Bradford Falls, a semi-rural community with an active life has recently incorporated and included more areas within its jurisdiction. According to the Grace Development Agency, the area is gaining in popularity.

“Not everyone wants a gritty city to live in. Some people want a little country,” said the intern at Grace Development. “People should check it out.”

Visitors should use this location to visit the town roleplay: Bradford Falls (link), or go to their page (link).