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An East River data center has been accused of playing a part in a WIA data breach thst may have exposed Waterbank’s most secretive database.

A Waterbank University professor of Applied Political Malfeasance told us it was serious. “We’re talking about the Forgier report, the Undine secret missions, and whether or not there’s a plan to kidnap members of NTBI to construct a mountain lair.”

“We’ve never done those things,” said a WIA rep, “but there are a lot of family recipes we’d hate to get out.”

Scable Data, located in Grizedale (link), is part of East River’s ‘Sillycon River,’ and did not respond to us. WIA is said to be weighing options.

In a closed session of the Waterbank Commons, the reclusive Mayor of Waterbank gave an epic and long speech of three and a half hours to promote the formation of a new international body, the United City-States. Representatives were so impressed by the speech that they voted 50 to 3 in favor.

“Waterbank has always been a leader in the world,” said one rep outside the Commons. “We need a new organization that brings the city-states together.”

Yet not everyone was happy with the proposal, including student groups opposed to Waterbank getting involved in global affairs. Protests broke out in several coffee shops and all over social media.

“This is the kind of *&$% that got us into the Undine Conflict,” said an undergrad at Waterbank University. “I mean like, what up?”

Formation of the organization began immediately after the approval, and a spokesperson for the WIA said they would be working with several city-states to develop a unified body. “We have our short list and long list,” they said, “and the Claw won’t be on them.”

This photo of a vintage aircraft bearing the mark of Undine has resurfaced, shocking Undine veterans and historians. Undine and its mark on the world is believed to have passed into history after a volcanic eruption, but the appearance of an Undine service helicopter seems to prove otherwise.

The Undine Conflict was well documented by the Waterbank News and can be found through the Undine tags.


A Waterbank cold case has been reopened after the discovery of vehicle under water in Second Norway. The case involves the disappearance of a Waterbank senator at the height of the Undine Conflict, a crime that has long been suspected to be perpetrated by the ULF. Both the senator and his vehicle went missing several years ago, taking a major opponent to the ULF out of the advisory body to Waterbank.

“The senator was rabidly anti-ULF,” explained a Waterbank historian, “so there’s definitely motive there. There are some conspiracies about the WIA too. The police will have a lot to sort through.”

“We can’t rule anything out,” said the detective on the case. “We’re even looking at the vehicle itself. It appears to have been driven off the pier deliberately. It’s a SZYM Chancellor, which is one of the sturdiest vehicles out there. There’s no way the senator and the driver’s bodies would have had those kinds of injuries with that vehicle. There’s a reason why VIPs still use it.”

Waterbank Police have said that they will continue the investigation as long as there is a trail to follow.


This promotional photo of a ULF tank recently came across the desks of WIA, and they are perplexed.

“The ULF has been gone forever,” said one analyst in a bar at 7 am. “We have no idea what this means. It looks like it’s an Astaro LFT (link), which is also surprising. They’re the lowest prim tank out there, and this thing is blasting away at the test ranges of Citrine {see previous posts}.”

A veteran of the Undine Conflict has claimed to have seen the Undine Serpent (link) – in the East River. The monster, which was said to have terrorized Undine waterways, may or may not exist according to one marine biologist.

“We never found compelling evidence in Undine,” he said, “but it was a war zone, so we could only look at the sites secured by the ULF. The only image we have of the beast is this one (follow this link for the image).”

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Undine National Oil (UNO), the energy company that was in financial straits following the drying up of oil reserves in the reclusive Undine region, has hired new leadership to captain what analysts are calling “a completely sinking ship.”

The new leadership team includes several Waterbank figures that will work as an executive body during a several month transition. Following the transition the team will dissolve, bringing in a new executive officer from the team or hired outside the company. The team will be headed by WBA President Sketch Sun, who is likely to bring his business contacts into to play.

“The first thing that needs to happen is a name change,” Sun told us on the phone, “and the second is a cancellation of all bonuses. It’s preposterous to think some people are getting more with this situation.”

UNO-Transformation A pictorial of the UNO logo shows how the company drew heavily on the original Undine government emblem, a tricolor emblem with the statue on Undine mountain in silhouette. Critics charge that the logo shows little originality, to which the UNO spokesperson said “It’s a money saver.”

The company has already filed for a name change from “Undine National Oil” to “Unified National Oil.” The will allow the company to have a more international reputation and, according to Sun, “get consumers to disassociate from the unfortunate Undine Conflict.”