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A Waterbank cold case has been reopened after the discovery of vehicle under water in Second Norway. The case involves the disappearance of a Waterbank senator at the height of the Undine Conflict, a crime that has long been suspected to be perpetrated by the ULF. Both the senator and his vehicle went missing several years ago, taking a major opponent to the ULF out of the advisory body to Waterbank.

“The senator was rabidly anti-ULF,” explained a Waterbank historian, “so there’s definitely motive there. There are some conspiracies about the WIA too. The police will have a lot to sort through.”

“We can’t rule anything out,” said the detective on the case. “We’re even looking at the vehicle itself. It appears to have been driven off the pier deliberately. It’s a SZYM Chancellor, which is one of the sturdiest vehicles out there. There’s no way the senator and the driver’s bodies would have had those kinds of injuries with that vehicle. There’s a reason why VIPs still use it.”

Waterbank Police have said that they will continue the investigation as long as there is a trail to follow.



This promotional photo of a ULF tank recently came across the desks of WIA, and they are perplexed.

“The ULF has been gone forever,” said one analyst in a bar at 7 am. “We have no idea what this means. It looks like it’s an Astaro LFT (link), which is also surprising. They’re the lowest prim tank out there, and this thing is blasting away at the test ranges of Citrine {see previous posts}.”

A veteran of the Undine Conflict has claimed to have seen the Undine Serpent (link) – in the East River. The monster, which was said to have terrorized Undine waterways, may or may not exist according to one marine biologist.

“We never found compelling evidence in Undine,” he said, “but it was a war zone, so we could only look at the sites secured by the ULF. The only image we have of the beast is this one (follow this link for the image).”

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UndineSmugg A smuggler makes a sand run in a modified Bandit 470.

The New Undine Government has declared war on sand smugglers, which have been taking away precious land from the newly stabilized country. “They steal the sand and flee into the militarized zone and out from the airport,” complained the NUG Press Minister. “Our children haven’t been able to make sand castles for weeks!”


The successful yet fugitive lawyer that is wanted by the Waterbank Police was spotted in another unlikely place – the tarmac of OLDS Airfield, the last remaining area of combat for the Undine Conflict.

Forwarded to the Waterbank News by a combat photographer, the picture shows the lawyer meeting someone in an ULF limousine, one of the specially reinforced SZYM Chancellor sedans that were common for diplomats during the conflict.

The conflict had been “contained” to a smaller area after a New Undine Government was able to throw out warring superpowers and close its borders. Rumors have begun to arise that the conflict may again widen into the surrounding areas.

UNOoil An UNO tanker fuels up a Vulture Air twin otter at ERIA. UNO vehicles have become a rare sight on the roads and airports. The energy market was shaky this week as oil conglomerate Undine National Oil (UNO) put itself on the market. UNO, which once supplied all of Waterbank and Sansara, has been exiled from Undine after a cooperative treaty between major powers (NATO and SSR) and a new Undine government ended conflict in all but two areas of Undine. The Undine Conflict, which once expanded to the entirety of Undine has been contained to the AFB Olds Base, where a few combatants still remain. UNO drew on oil reserves in the Undine Sea, and with the new isolationist policies of the region has found itself without oil to sell. “We still have vehicles, personnel, resources that another energy company could use, and most importantly,” said the spokesperson for the company, “we still have rights to those fields should they open up again. We are in court to get the fields back open, and we have retained the services of a famous lawyer from Baker and Sun Law Firm. I believe you call him the “fugitive lawyer.”

BeerShip The released photo.

Waterbank Intelligence Agency (WIA) has sent out a warning to the ULF with the release of a surveillance photo of Undine Villa. “The ULF has been trading beer for safe passage for some Soviet units and they need to stop,” said the WIA spokesperson today. “We are watching, and will release information if the collaboration doesn’t stop.”

The photo clearly shows a delivery at Undine Villa, which is mostly under the control of the ULF, as is the nearby Undine Town. WIA claims to have “more descriptive” photos as well, that place key ULF members in question.

Allegations of ULF members collaborating with SSR forces has put a strain on the ULF and NATO alliance, and led to tensions between the two. ULF denies any collaboration with SSR, though some NATO soldiers have said that they have seen “more vodka than sense” lately.