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Dutch Harbor has topped the WBA destinations list for the third week running after recent renovations has made the already popular destination irresistible.

“There’s a new bistro overlooking the bay, nightclubs, and smoky jazz spots,” said Sketch Sun, “and a romantic promenade overlooking some of the finest boats in the world. It’s a sailor’s dream come true. There’s so much to see and do, there ought to be a hotel for people.”

Other people polled at Dutch Harbor felt the same way. “It’s like Disneyland if Jacque Cousteau designed it,” said one person admiring the sleek new Bandit 55.

Dutch Harbor is accessible by sea, link at right, or all finer travel agencies.

Buckland Military Region, the unique combat training ground that has won accolades from tens of military and law enforcement groups, has doubled its holdings.

“It’s a huge boost,” said the editor for Soldier of Modest Fortune magazine. “We can practice our craft in the air, sea, and land.”

Proxy War Fought at Buckland

East and West River forces are actively fighting each other at Buckland, using the combat space instead of open conflict near their populations.

“It started as just a few guys with pistols,” said an East River combatant who described herself as ‘Deadshot Gil.’ “Then those vermits brought rocket launchers.”

“It wasn’t the original intention of the space,” said on of the maintenace people at Buckland, “but it works.” The person has the unenviable job of replacing destroyed oil drums (18 hp). “Meh, it’s a job, right? What else am I gonna do with a Phd in linguistics?”

Wright Field has had a complete makeover, and this one’s had the hand of a trusted aviation expert, Zoraslade Koru.

Known for his high quality and immersive aircraft, he has turned Wright Field into a major hub for traffic. Already operational, the airport now features a new layout and 60% more runway that can accommodate large aircraft.

No one interviewed for the piece was willing to talk about whether the redo was linked to rumors that Jeogut was expecting double the amount of adventure travelers for WW2 combat experiences, but Mr. Koru did say that there was a new ZSK craft in progress, and it wasn’t the P-47.

Check out the final stage here

A new transit facility, including a full service airport, police station, and hospital, is opening at Arimto (link), capable of large and small aircraft. Packed full of options for travelers, including a sandbox on P1, a new terminal building with ticket and check-in counters, briefing room, public lounge, private airline lounges, offices, and shops. Border and customs are also available for cross-border traffic, and there are two underground stations.

The press release adds the following details:
Vuissant holds rentable tie downs (up to 757)
GTFO air freight terminal, too with a 15min sandbox in front of it
Hanaji offers large hangars, a filling station as 30min sandbox ( 􀀀 ), the well known monument
and a small military zone and last but not least the airports fire department.
Airport shuttle connects the two trains

Landing advisories for the new SLAY airport at 410m (or have a look at the Shergood Aviation website).

Recommended approach to runway 13 – 31

fly in from any direction and turn over the south part of the region “Einer” to south-east
descend never below 450m
over the hills decent down to the runway
cross sim border and enter Arimto with runway 13 ahead
the runway is near 600m long and has different exits to taxiways
runway is wide enough for A318, B737, B757, B747 and more

Recomended approach to runway 18 – 36.

fly in from any direction and turn over the east part of the region of “Neschen” to north
descend never below 450m
over the hills decent down to the runway
cross sim border and enter Vuissant with runway 36 ahead
the runway is near 240m long and has different exits to taxiways
runway allows maximal wingspans of 20m

If you have questions or business to discuss:
Contact persons for the airport if you have any questions Shirina (shirina.maven), or Lisa (latexlisa.solo), Lisa is the airport owner