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Sunny Fields, home to TBM and several other companies (link), was awarded the “Best Desert Award” by the WBA.

“It’s been a long standing destination with real appeal,” said WBA President Sketch Sun. “I fly and shop there whenever I can. It’s packed full of surprises too, so you should snoop a little. The lime rickey at the diner is perfect for the heat.”

Link to the airfield and destination is above.


Just a few hundred meters from Archerfield Field in the Greater Tulagi Area are pleasures like the one above – a site of classic Americana is off of Route 9 in Broga (link). Unlike some mainland road that are so crowded that drivers have difficulties crossing borders or avoiding vehicles, Route 9 is relaxed and stretched. Huge tracts of land are unclaimed or undeveloped which makes the driving easier and the attractions easier to appreciate.

Catch a burger at the diner above, see an Irish castle, or ornate gardens all in an area that aims for the 30s and 40s. It’s not a rule in the region, but there are more war-era parcels here than anywhere else.

To see Route 9, start with flying into Archerfield (link) and walk over to the Archerfield road rez .