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Sunny Fields, home to TBM and several other companies (link), was awarded the “Best Desert Award” by the WBA.

“It’s been a long standing destination with real appeal,” said WBA President Sketch Sun. “I fly and shop there whenever I can. It’s packed full of surprises too, so you should snoop a little. The lime rickey at the diner is perfect for the heat.”

Link to the airfield and destination is above.


Just a few hundred meters from Archerfield Field in the Greater Tulagi Area are pleasures like the one above – a site of classic Americana is off of Route 9 in Broga (link). Unlike some mainland road that are so crowded that drivers have difficulties crossing borders or avoiding vehicles, Route 9 is relaxed and stretched. Huge tracts of land are unclaimed or undeveloped which makes the driving easier and the attractions easier to appreciate.

Catch a burger at the diner above, see an Irish castle, or ornate gardens all in an area that aims for the 30s and 40s. It’s not a rule in the region, but there are more war-era parcels here than anywhere else.

To see Route 9, start with flying into Archerfield (link) and walk over to the Archerfield road rez .

calletaairportRalf Haifisch ‘s Sharkland – Calleta City Airport, Cecropia

Airport, railway hub, port, city, amusement park, and UFO crash site. The Calleta area has something for everyone (link), and it’s all at the end of the ANWR Channel. With a SLRR and GSRR supported railway the expanse of Calleta has become an important part of the continent’s economy.

“There are some interesting business opportunities there,” said a staffer at the WBA. “Not to mention what will happen if they go GTFO.”

Travel to the area through the ANWR or the link above.