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This photo of a MP car overturned at Prototype came in from a visitor to Rodex Diner, who said the MPs “got a talking to by Prototype State Troopers.”


Rox Oil (ROX) was once believed to be going the way of Unified National Oil (UNO), but is making a huge comeback, surpassing Yura and Ansco as the leading fuel provider for interstates.

“Our strategy is simple,” said the President of Rox. “We listened to one of our board members with a lot of experience.”

The board member in question is none other than Will Szymborska, CEO of SZYM and NTBI cornerstone. “Look,” his assistant told us, “Mr. S knows that the key to the market is the guy and gal on the road. We told Rox to build as many stations as they could, pack them with snacks and diners, and the customers will come.”

Szym Tower in Northbridge (link) has reopened after finalizing interiors, thrilling the Prototype Tri-State area and the WBA.

“This is a huge development,” said WBA President Sketch Sun, back from week of meetings in the Prototype Tri-State area. “The Tower and the Convention Center are links for the world and put one of the biggest world economies on track for dominance.”

Szym Tower lives up to the hype with stunning views overlooking the extensive forests of Northbridge and Prototype and plenty of commercial space. Stores, hair salons, boutiques, office space, and even a TV studio have already found a home in the tower, and more is on the way.

“They’ve really put in all the things you need,” said a Museum of Forgotten Technology administrator visiting the Tower. “We’re thinking of holding the Museums Convention here, and if I get my way, we’ll also be eating here every night!”

Built by NTBI engineers and installed with Gentek and NBS equipment, the Szym Tower and adjoining Peter Nelson Convention Center are primed to handle conventions.

“The convention space can accommodate most trade shows,” explained Waterbank Marketing, a company that handles conventions. “Except for the ‘Big Booth Trade Show.’ Every convention center hates that one.”

The Peter Nelson Convention Center also has ample parking – something that other convention centers lack.

“Real estate is expensive,” said Grace Development Agency, “so a lot of meeting centers have almost none. The P. Nelson has lots of parking, and space. It’s a beautiful location.”

Everything has been arranged for in the complex, and the Prototype Transit Agency has been working overtime with planned bus and rail lines. “You can imagine how it’s going to be with rail access from Prototype and bus access from Glenbrook – it will truly be a destination.”

Naturally, a large convention will have hordes of hungry visitors, and the area is ready to serve.

“So, let’s go down the list,” said Waterbank Marketing. “Rodex, Larsons, and Yankee diners. Tahda Mart, Astaro food trucks, and a Michigan rated five star restaurant.”

The restaurant on the 22nd floor of Szym Tower is ready to serve discriminating guests that know what fork is right. Already the talk of foodies, the restaurant has earned a reputation.

“Oh yeah, it’s Michigan rated,” explained the Fugitive Lawyer. “The Michigan rating system is much more practical than the Michelin rating, too. When not being chased by police I intend to take my clients there. On their time, of course.”

Accessible from a driving-friendly road network, the Szym Tower and the Peter Nelson Convention Center can be accessed by the Prototype link at right, and a three minute drive east over the Prototype River.

A Park Ranger in Prototype discovered a body which turned out to be one of the fugitives from the East River New Year’s Heist.

“It was all crusty and gross,” said the Park Ranger, “and I really, really regret poking it.”

The body was taken into Prototype crime labs and identified as one of the suspects, though police will not release the identity to the press, citing an open investigation.

“We are trying to figure out what they were doing in Prototype,” Prototype Police told us. “We have a theory, based on the receipt we found on the body. Two slices of cobbler from Rodex Diner.”

The Chancellor armored limo (Szym) from Waterbank waits at the gate.

A Waterbank dignitary was refused at SZYM Towers yesterday, and the Waterbank Office of Foreign Affairs has initiated a formal inquiry.

“Yeah, there was a Waterbank limo here yesterday,” said the gate guard, “but they couldn’t get in. There’s new construction and we told them that. They just want free drinks anyway. These government types are all the same. They live on cocktail snacks and drinks.”

One Waterbank dignitary admitted that the drinks are a perk. “The new drink, the Szym Tower, is unbelievably tasty. You put a bourbon infused cherry, a lemon wedge, a splash of Sunnydale Sauces’ Tamarind Dream at the bottom, flame it with a torch, then muddle. Add a ice sphere and pour in 100% Northbridge smoked whiskey. Rim the glass with a Prototype pine cone and you have a delicious drink!”

A taxi hit the sign in question after staring at the sign.

Prototype State Troopers are requesting that a warning sign be moved from the Glenbrook area.

“I suppose you need to warn people about unicorns and land sharks,” said one officer, “but it’s really getting people too distracted.”