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Rumors about a convention center at the new SZYM Tower in Prototype (link at right) have been confirmed, and already the WBA has forwarded suggestions for possible conventions.

“It’s just another day of awesomeness for SZYM and NTBI,” said WBA President Sketch Sun. “The convention center is a perfect place for industry professionals to meet. It’s a lot better than the bar / sewer underneath the Astaro showroom.”

Suggestions from the WBA include the following conventions:

Urban Products Convention (this is likely to appeal to NTBI)
Convention of Mayors and Towns
Airport Management Convention
The 2018 Auto Fair
Rails and Trails Convention

No word yet on whether the convention center will pursue any of these conventions.


A new tower believed to by called “SZYM Tower” is overlooking the developing community of Glenbrook in Prototype, exciting everyone.

“There are so many rumors,” said an excitable trader at Hakuso, “there’s supposed be shopping, a TV studio, a convention space, a restaurant with a view, and much more. We’re so pumped!”

The building is currently finishing construction and will be open to the public soon. Visitors can see the progress themselves by following the link to Prototype at right (Big Seven).

Camera footage of the relay station

Prototype Police enjoyed a bout of laughter after a thief attempting to steal a spool of copper used a taxi for his getaway.

“He took a taxi to one of the NBS relay stations in Northbridge and told the driver ‘I’ll be right back,'” explained one officer. “Then the guy starts climbing the fence and the taxi driver just called it in. By the time the guy got to the other side of the fence we were already there.”

The taxi driver said the man was nice enough, and said that he didn’t have enough money for a SZYM car of his own, so he chose a taxi company that used them. “Hey SZYM cars are the best in the world,” the taxi driver said, “so you can’t blame him for that. You can sure blame him for everything else, though.”

Officers converged on the relay station, responding to what one officer had in his rear signage (also a SZYM vehicle). “ROFL” and “LMAO” it displayed. The suspect was taken into custody after Prototype Police had administered “justifiable joking” to the culprit.

The Sheriff’s Department has undergone a reorganization after the WBA determined that independent communities have a better idea of how to police themselves.

“We’re taking the Sheriff’s Department open source,” said the former Sheriff, “so now everyone can set up their own department. We’ll just offer support and some paint.”

Paints were the first order of the day too, with the sale of a fat pack of Sheriff Department paints available at an unbelievably low price (link to texture fat pack). The paints offer simple branding for some of the most used vehicles by the Sheriff’s Department.

“We love these vehicles,” the former Sheriff said, “starting with the gold standard for patrol, the SZYM Intruder (link). We also have textures for the Astaro TPF4 – a brilliant emergency vehicle (link), the PA-38 by ZSK (link)which we use to catch speeders and cover the East River mountains, the GEMC Detroit Pacific bus (link), and a Bell helicopter (link) too.”

There are only a few hours left at the White Star Airport Safety Show (link), yet many are hailing it as a tremendous success. The massive show has taken over the airfield with more products and services than can be counted. Major manufacturers like Shergood Aviation, HD, Feral Marine, SZYM, and Amok are some of the booths visitors can see there along with a number of new products.

Interestingly, there are also a number of product previews like the Feral Marine Tempest, a Shergood VIP EC 135, and others.

Use the above link to visit before it closes.

Please see the correction in the comments from kind reader Crim

Prototype is in the progress of adding new facilities and improvements but shoppers and visitors are being told not to worry.

“The Prototype Mall with all of your favorite vendors is open for business, and so is the Rodex Diner. You can also demo some of our emergency vehicles at a new demo stand,” explained a SZYM salesperson. Link at right and on the WSE page.