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A SOCL team sent to the southern glacier regions has returned to the East River area after a 3 month expedition to discover the “world’s mysteries.”

“We found out a lot,” said one member, “including the fact that although you can do it, it is inadvisable to use the DHC as a recreational skiing device.”

Adventure Air’s DHC comes with skids to help with snow landings.

Reports from local residents in communities around the world have put a big question to scientists – is the water level rising? Fears over several environmental factors have scientists concerned and some groups are already investigating.

“From our expeditions we have some idea of the depth of the oceans,” said an AERO rep, “but there is a lot more to know.”

A rep from SOCL explained their process. “We started looking at well known oceans, and saw that there was little variation in the levels of the seas. If anything, it was the inland lakes that surprised us. Places like Isla Coral, which is a secluded lake (link), has a depth of 95, and surpasses the Sutherland Abyss (link).”


SOCL Scientists claim that they have found remnants of two Gold team 1 members in a space station in the remote GEL cluster, sometimes called the GEL community. The space station, which is above Echo City (link), can be a dangerous place, “especially for goofy looking astronaut types” according to a store owner.

The remains were found in a corner, obviously swept there by a small R2 bot.

“We are preparing them for return to Waterbank,” said SOCL.

archexp An amateur explorer starts out from Archerfield to see uncharted areas.

Archerfield Aerodrome (SLAL) -link- was this year’s choice as Best Explorer’s Airfield according to Explorare Circum, the elite explorers digest. The digest is a tri-annual publication sent to officially recognized explorers and covers the intricacies of professional exploration. Inside the digest there are articles such as the one that named Archerfield to help explorers get started, and ads for equipment like the classic exploring land rover (link). Waterbank News was able to see the latest copy when it was left out on Sketch Sun’s desk at the WBA (no, you won’t get it back).

The airfield was chosen over the previous year’s choice, saying that the Tulagi region is “full of undiscovered treasures and wonder.” It also said that “the threat of combat makes the explorer’s senses acute.”

sloalocation Oniakaloha Airfield SLOA, Cardona (link)

The previous winner, Oniakaloha Airfield was across from the medieval Meauxle Bureaux, and had won for two years in a row.

After SOCL agreed to an exchange of maps between itself and AERO, several wrecks were uncovered.

“We’re delighted,” said a professor at Waterbank University. “We now know about a lost Viking vessel and a submarine prototype thought to have been destroyed.”

AERO, an organization for exploration, began as SLUMA, and now boasts more members and a headquarters in Muirhead.

People interested in joining AERO can get more information after the jump:
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SOCL, the Secret Order of the Crested Lotus, has released some information from their expeditions around the world along with the chart at right.

The chart has accompanying notes, listing the Sutherland Abyss, with a depth of 2 and a water level of 80, and its connected inland waterways (Gorcey) as the deepest known point in the world. (link)

It then compares the surprisingly deep area of Duck, with a depth of 3 and a water level of 80, which is also home to the VCG Training Center (link). Interestingly, the shipping channel of East River is only measured at 13m (water level 20, depth 7), though the river mouth at the Sea of Fables is 19m.

The most shocking part of the report is “Location X,” a place they believe exceeds 80 meters deep and is yet to be discovered.

“We hope people will reply to this article with new leads,” said a SOCL spokesperson. “Discovery is everybody’s job.”

Also mentioned are the wreck in Atlas, currently home to the Hannington House Arts Foundation Summer Exhibition is at the lowest point 3, with a water level of 34 (link), and several other data points including Nautilus Canal (depth 10m (sea floor at 10m)), Baku (link), and Cayman (link).

Stellar Systems, the prolific space industrial company, has moved (link) to a new commercial space, and the move inspired the formation of a city.

“We’re not sure if they decided that they wanted to be close to them [Stellar] or if Stellar is supporting them,” said a SOCL scientist. “But here’s this amazing manufacturer, and the next day you see terraformers and skyscrapers being built.”

Stellar Systems has demos and new products in the space, and the city, still under development is on the planet surface.


An amateur diver has discovered the wreck of the Pelican’s Revenge, a vintage seaplane thought to have aided in the escape of one of Waterbank’s most notorious criminals, Slight of Hand Steve.

The Pelican’s Revenge (link to site) disappeared sixty years ago after a last minute boarding by Slight of Hand Steve. Steve was said to have been carrying a “heavy satchel” by an airline employee, who was unaware that seventy members of the Waterbank Self Defense Force and police were chasing him.

“Everyone thought he was the one that stole the Waterbank Diamond,” said a Waterbank University professor, “but no one can place him at the museum.”

The Pelican’s Revenge was also said to have been carrying a chest belonging to SOCL at the time.

Hearing that ZSK’s latest release will be in several hours, a SOCL pilot made an emergency landing in East River today, resulting in a feinted soccer coach and fifteen barking dogs.

“I was just so frickin’ excited,” exclaimed the pilot in East River Police custody. “As soon as I’m out of jail, I’m going to buy one for me and my mom. Hi mom!”

The pilot was charged with Reckless Endangerment and is expected to be out on bail in time for the release. “We’re getting a lot of these calls,” said one ERPD officer, “people are very excited.”

The ZSK B-17G Flying Fortress information can be found on the ZSK site (link), or at Archerfield Field in Spurness (31,205,47). Interested buyers may also like to read about multi-engine craft at SL Airmanship (link).


Recent visitors to Arcus, the jewel of the Arcan Empire, have been saying some surprising things, according to SOCL.

“They say it is really a fun place,” said one SOCL team member. “It has combat training, vehicles, and the occasional zombie. We’re planning a trip too this weekend.”

SOCL has given these coordinates: Arcus