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A SOCL team sent to the southern glacier regions has returned to the East River area after a 3 month expedition to discover the “world’s mysteries.”

“We found out a lot,” said one member, “including the fact that although you can do it, it is inadvisable to use the DHC as a recreational skiing device.”

Adventure Air’s DHC comes with skids to help with snow landings.

Reports from local residents in communities around the world have put a big question to scientists – is the water level rising? Fears over several environmental factors have scientists concerned and some groups are already investigating.

“From our expeditions we have some idea of the depth of the oceans,” said an AERO rep, “but there is a lot more to know.”

A rep from SOCL explained their process. “We started looking at well known oceans, and saw that there was little variation in the levels of the seas. If anything, it was the inland lakes that surprised us. Places like Isla Coral, which is a secluded lake (link), has a depth of 95, and surpasses the Sutherland Abyss (link).”


On a remote airstrip where the runway has more grass than dirt, SOCL has been working with a local expedition and safari company. Far away from prying eyes and in a part of the world sometimes referred to as “the place sheep go for vacation,” SOCL has been quietly charting land and looking for something.

“I’m not saying,” said a man working at the TBM pump on the field. “Especially to no reporter.”

The silence is not unusual to SOCL operations, which are often so secretive that the public never finds out. Yet at Veld Expeditions Airstrip, Goodnight (SLVE), airport owner Bunny Foster has an airport that is welcoming. A small bungalow offers free coffee and there is a small vendor selling a bush plane by carollynn85 (link).

We spoke to carollynn85 about her craft which has been seen flying with SOCL teams. “It’s a 100% original and handmade. Even the pinions in the tail are all me.” She is also an airstrip owner, with 23 airports connected by a federation of 34 upstanding airports that refuse to accept disreputable aircraft.

In the end we were not able to find out what SOCL is doing at Veld, but we did meet some interesting people and find out why sheep would be so happy in that area. Beautiful grass.


A sailor took this picture of a Shiva class (Stellar Systems) craft returning to its base, nicknamed “Waterbay” near the former Desdemona Airfield. SOCL, which is often secretive about its functions, has publicly offered assistance in determining the cause of the Desdemona disaster. SOCL watchers are amazed by the photo which shows that SOCL has been able to return from space with the latest tech from Stellar Systems.

“I don’t know what’s more amazing,” said one member of the Secret Society Watch Group, “their tech or what they’ve got hidden underneath that building.”


A swimmer off the beaches of the Spijker’s and Wingtip’s tropical showroom/island caught SOCL 57 in action, retrieving a downed SOCL pilot in the Blake Sea.

SOCL 57, the call sign for the fast response rescue team, has attained a name for itself after a series of difficult rescues. Storms, high altitude medical evacuations, an even a sinking submarine have not stopped SOCL 57 from saving members of the Secret Order of the Crested Lotus.

SOCLNau989s Some ruins are well preserved in the cold water, where others are overgrown with life.

Secret Order of the Crested Lotus ships have been spotted all over the world, including underwater, cataloguing and exploring. Today SOCL has released photos from some of its underwater finds, located in Elhaddad and Ythmum. Both locations have shipwrecks and the Ythmum site has ruins believed to be an ancient coastal city on the original Nautilus coast.

With the photos they have released the locations:
Elhaddad Shipwreck (link) is believed to be a trade vessel that held a sinister cargo.

Underwater Nautilus Ruins (link) are close enough to the coast of Nautilus that caution is advised for divers.