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Smuggler X’s recent opening of a “delivery and postal service” in the Archerfield area hasn’t impressed certain law enforcement agencies, who still have outstanding warrants.

“My kid still has no sand for his sandbox,” said a Waterbank Police lieutenant. “And our volleyball court has rocks.”

Agencies such as the WPD, Sheriff’s Department, ERIA PD, ERPA, and GridEx security all have outstanding warrants for the smuggler.

anwrchanneltraffic Even at night the ANWR Channel is full of activity.

The ANWR Channel, considered by many to be one of the most underappreciated of continental links, has been indicated in a WIA report to the acting Waterbank government as a hotbed of illicit activity.

“We are not talking about cheating in Bingo,” said the WIA spokeswoman. “We are talking about pirates, smugglers, and criminals operating between Calleta City and hundreds of destinations.”

According to an inside source inside the WBA, even the oil rig has been used as an illicit base for smuggling. Waterbank has not responded to the report, but it is believed that at-sea interdictions and raids will be planned.


Last stop before the sea bridge between Corsica and Nautilus, the Fantazia Airstrip has joined the GTFO Protocol and fully supports air and sea cargo traffic. As a vital link between continents – and the last place to stock up on snacks before hitting the island chains – Fantazia is the perfect place to drop GTFO loads and pick up new ones. Barbara and Jules’ Fantazia Airfield can be found here (link).


Blackened areas show impassable barriers


A loving creation and collaboration between Joe Sparrow and Nikki Wilder, the G- 21 Goose (link) is a pudgy seaplane with surprising capability. Smugglers are already taking an interest in the craft, which is GTFO ready and has a number of poses for recreational users too. Smugglers are particularly interested in the mod feature, which allows owners to add their own hidey holes…


Smugglers have been increasing their operations into the Juneau area after a local store refused to carry marshmallow fluff.

“It’s like taking candy from a baby, only in reverse,” said a local curmudgeon. “Smugglers bring in the good stuff, charge for your first born, and take off.”

“Don’t let the locals confuse you with their analogies,” said the Juneau sheriff. “Smugglers are landing in Juneau, but so far they’ve been trading legally. Sand for marshmallow fluff.”

ERborder Photo depicting East River and its contentious border was supplied by the WIA. Requesting reporter is marked in gold.

The East River border dispute has gotten more intense as law enforcement agencies outside the region have filed claim to a portion of the East River Intercontinental Airport in Waterbank Supreme Court.

“It is preposterous that a major transport hub is being used to convey contraband,” said legal counsel for the law enforcement agencies. “What next? Are they going to say all sand is legal? East River needs to consider what it means to follow intercontinental accords.”

East River counsel, the famed Baker and Sun Law Firm, retorted in a press conference across the street from the claimants. “Catnip is a controlled substance, but that doesn’t make it illegal. It has the same caveats that an East River Vineyard’s Merlot has. Don’t drive or operate heavy machinery. East River doesn’t recognize what other areas are calling a “medical menace.”

The majority of the airport is currently within the East River boundary. The East River Chamber of Commerce estimates that only two percent of the visitors to the area use catnip recreationally. The WBA believes that to be ten percent.


Law enforcement agencies are still poised to make arrests but have made no progress in the legal tangle in East River.

“It’s frustrating to see these trucks lined up at ERIA Cargo with enough of the stuff to send a thousand cats to the ER,” said an police officer outside of East River. “But our hands are tied.”

East River is one of the few places where catnip is still legal.