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When WBA President Sketch Sun made a trip to Shijima (link) for a coffeeshop meeting, he left more than just a tip.

“Sometimes you go somewhere thinking ‘yeah, another diner meet and greet’, but you get there and it’s just wow, wow, wow,” he told us. “I was so amazed by the town and the beautiful work that had gone into it that I called Waterbank News and then I called Will over at NTBI. He loves this kind of place too.”

The effusive leader of the Waterbank Business Association went on to tell us that the architect of the town, Torigara, runs a business called “::no13::,” and that Shijima is their main shop, complete with items for sale or gacha.

“You should try the curry omelette with katsu and coffee set,” Sun told us, “you won’t regret it!”

Combat divers have discovered the wreck of the Castelia, a freighter that was believed to be carrying royalty when it went down.

“This is an unbelievable find,” said Waterbank historian Sketch Sun. “The Castelia could give us answers on what happened to the Tulagi chieftain, the last remaining Duke of Archer, and what their involvement with the Claw was.”

The Castelia, one of thousands of freighters that brave the Tulagi waters, was believed to have been sunk by a submarine, and there were no survivors. Divers and combat historians can see the wreck at this link (link).

The WBA has pledged that they will match Lindens for kilometers travelled by their staff to a worthy charity. The charitable matching will commence after the release of the new ZSK jet, a highly anticipated luxury craft that is likely to be released soon.

“We believe strongly in giving back,” said WBA President Sketch Sun.

“That’s the big difference,” explained the Editor in Chief of the Waterbank News. “We never give anything back.”


Voted “Best Indie” by the WBA for 2016, Planeta Virtual (Virtual Planet) in Haven (link) is celebrating with a 35% sale. “We’re really happy,” said the owner.

The WBA said that the store’s collection of vinyl records, indie comics, and knick knacks made it a fun destination. “The award has nothing to do with the fact that owner was wearing a WBA t-shirt,” Sketch Sun said.

WBA Levels

The Waterbank Business Association (link) has begun a membership drive by reaching out to key figures in the business community and announcing a tiered membership plan (see the above picture). Membership in the WBA gives members access to other business resources, consultation, and coverage in the Waterbank News.

“We [WBA] have been around for a while and are now looking into expanding our reach. We are particularly interested in Gold and Silver level members who can add to the community,” Sketch Sun, WBA President explained. “We would also like to see mayors, builders, and scripters join, but we have a strict original content only policy.”

A water map of East River and environs with ERPA in purple

The East River Port Authority has opened a new facility in Selby, and after a recent tour, WBA President Sketch Sun called for an immediate expansion of the agency.

Sketch Sun, seen at right in a mugshot taken for publicity was quick to talk about ERPA when he returned to the office.

“You should see the facility,” he told us, “state of the art with road and air access. It is a perfect headquarters to oversee and administer waterways. They do a great job on the East River and I think we should expand their role to neighboring waterways.”


“I agree completely,” the new Waterbank Sheriff told us at Pippen Hot. “Right now you’ve got East River PD landlocked on the roads, but let’s face it. This is a river and lake community. Let ERPD handle the towns, let VCG handle the heavy action on the seas, and let ERPA do everything else.”

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WBAticker An investor watches the new stock ticker at Pippen Hot Coffee.

The Waterbank Stock Exchange, which has had a number of technical difficulties, has been rescued by the innovation of Bizi Pfeffer. Creator and considered by many a genius, Pfeffer solved database and scripting problems inside the WSE and went further to develop a stock ticker utilizing Gentek’s Infocenter (link).

“He single-handedly saved the WSE,” gushed WBA President Sketch Sun, “after one of the volunteers tried to cook a frozen pizza on the server. He’s a very generous person. He’s donated a prototype plug in for the Infocenter so that people can see the WSE feed. We’re organizing a parade in his honor.”

Those interested in the WSE feed plug in should contact the WBA. No word yet on the date of the parade.

WSE-chart-1 Numbers are up across the board on the WSE even as WSE suffers from technical problems.

The Waterbank Business Association weighed in on the problem and the profits. “Many people don’t know that the WSE is a volunteer organization, a cooperative run between three banks to offer a market for corporate valuations,” explained WBA President Sketch Sun. “As with any non-profit, it has its shares of difficulty. It is improving, though, so don’t lose hope.”

On the rise in numbers, Sketch Sun had this to say:

“Last year we saw companies move forward with advanced designs and truly innovative products, which is reflected on the WSE. The only area that really was hit was the energy sector, which has lost some of its sourcing. Dry oil fields and areas of conflict have really affected availability, so companies like UNO and ROX have seen a drop.”