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A coverup kept it secret for a long time, but with Waterbank Travel offering adventure travelers a chance to go into war torn Vietnam, pilots are reporting a number of fascinating anomalies at Mother Rucker.

“I had pushed the jets to their max,” said one F4 pilot, “trying to beat out a SAM when at 3500 meters I saw a race course, complete with cars and flags. It was so different from anything around it. I circled back and it was still there.”

Another pilot found themselves 1200 meters high – at ocean level. “I nearly ran into an oil rig. It blew my mind!” Reports of the old rig have been verified by several anomaly travelers to the site, and even charted it here (link).

“We’re pretty excited about it,” said Waterbank Travel, “now visitors get more than they ever could before!”

Citing recent heatstrokes among emergency responders, Lansing Police Department is looking for a uniform designer to create a short sleeve, hot weather uniform.

One of the staff, Zausey, said it plainly. “Design new uniforms so that we may turn away from our irritating long sleeve, TSA lookin’ uniforms! Also its too hot to be wearing long sleeves in this 80 degree weather.”

If you are interested in making mesh uniforms for Lansing, contact Luke Dagger or Bill Niseru.


It’s a question that comes to me often when I roam in Second Life; are sim owners and builders having the communication they should?

In most cases it seems no. Though there are builders that have worked hard to create all the necessary facets of a specific environment (NTBI, Quandry Industries, and Amok come to mind), sim owners often shop for what is available, piecemealing their sims as best they can.

Where this works, it still falls short of what is possible, and in the immersive roleplay sims, often means a less engaging sim. Less engrossing = less traffic, a condition that no one likes.

My suggestion would be to encourage sim owners and builders to talk more, whether it be directly, by forum, or even this blog (you can always leave comments and ideas).

Both builders and sim owners can use a simple matrix like the one below (I use the example of an urban sim here, but it could be used with any theme) to isolate what you need or what the market niche is.


Sadly, Marketplace and Primbay are of little help to us here. While many products exist on the platforms, many excellent products by skilled builders are left off, only visible in world. Marketplace, despite repeated calls for streamlining, remains a time consuming burden for sellers and a primitive search engine for buyers.

From a building perspective, builders have two things to think about when they design a product:
– Is it worth building?
– Will it satisfy my desire to create?

I would argue that the questions can both be answered “yes” when it is an item in demand, and that finding niches in the market is more profitable. I’ll drop out of the discussion here, and encourage those interested in continuing the discussion in the comments.

From Gold Team 2:

Opening Sunday is Rebel’s Circus Galactica, an entertainment based region designed with pilots and space station groupies in mind. With six areas in the Circus Galactica cluster, there are plenty of opportunities for flight and weapons testing.

From attack drones to martial arts there are ways to release steam, and the owner is expecting dog fights to break out as well. “Pilots will be pilots,” he laughs, “and space bumper ships too.”

A dance club is also available, with DJ Shamu doing a set Sunday at 5. Fly in and check out the open Sunday at Circus Galacitca (link).

This post is OOC – Out Of Character
SLhudsWNThis infographic shows many (but not all) of the interactions possible within roleplay.

Talking with Jayce Anthony of Danger Point recently had me thinking about how powerful and interactive HUDs can be, and how they truly are the center of roleplay. Jayce is currently working on an enhanced version of the HUD for Danger Point and it quickly became clear that I should let my readers know a bit more.

Of the three HUDs I wrote about back in July (previous story here), all of them have been greatly enhanced, and none more so than the UCS hud, which will feature more interactive options for urban roleplay when it is released in the next week or so.

Urban roleplayers, long limited to text based intricacy can now perform actions with fellow players and locations that cover a majority of the wheel you see in the above pic. To complement the HUD, Jayce scripted elements within the detailed city for greater action, such as doors that can be opened, picked, or even forced open. Cracking safes, stopping crimes, stealing from registers, and interactive NPCs are just some of the new interactions.

He’s also worked a social angle, using defined groups (all of which have IC stories on this site) that demand loyalty and give missions. For roleplayers, each action gives experience, and sometimes money they can use. In short, Danger Point is now like a cross between a video game and SL, full of action driven by you. Find Danger Point on the links at right to check it out.

Space based Quandry Industries have also made improvements to their HUD, integrating more atmospheric and health fields for their expanding list of accessories and environments. Bash Quandry and Amun Ra take a different approach to creating environments, offering for sale items that give sims a chance to create their environment, right down to gravity. Their goal, already achieved and continuing, is to create tools for immersive sci-fi in SL. As such, the HUD at this time (I’ll probably eat these words with an update soon) is only part of the equation in the scifi environment. Actionable items like ships, stations, doors, equipment take up many parts of the wheel above, though they are not HUD based, but rather item based. It’s a moot point – the end result is the same. Just as with the UCS HUD, the SAGA HUD kicks tail, and gives the player a way to interact with a detailed and action driven environment.

For those fast paced (battlefield) combat, the third HUD I mentioned in July, the MCE HUD, is still going strong and recently was updated to reflect the integration of new vehicles. In some cases, Amok Dynamics – AKA Aeon Voom has reconstructed classics from the VICE catalog for more MCE fun (the F-16 comes to mind – great flying *dreamy look*). The HUD has teleporting and set groups, the ability to attach weapons and vehicles, as well as a number of other features (For more info please refer to the OLDS link at right or the previous article).

Like the SAGA HUD, it is a center to interact with equipment, and the result is equally fun. Interestingly the MCE system, designed by Aeon with a mind to provide an alternative to VICE, is so well designed that several sims have adopted it, including El Alemein and Windy Hill. Amok Dynamics (just like Quandry) also is putting out new and exciting equipment/vehicles every month.

There you have it, 3 awesome HUDS, more improvements in gameplay and roleplay, and your 3 basic roleplay needs met; urban, space, and battlefield.

*Big grin*

This post comes from Silas Moone, the sole survivor of Gold Team One.
AxaxisMeetingThe meeting at Al Raqis. In the foreground is Lumus Imperium Trade Ambassador and Commander Rich Lombardia, who took an active role.

Readers, the vastness of space it getting to me. In the last week there have been several major events, including another trade conference at the 13th Legion, and a biweekly meeting at Al Raqis.

Fortunately for me, there is an official record of the meeting at the SAGA information feed (link), so I can focus on the things happening on the sidelines.

First, from a bathroom meeting with one of QI’s honcho (nobody can get away in midstream), Quandry Industries has been working overtime to develop new equipment and replace existing handheld medical and repair tools. When completed it will be incorporated into an improved interface – read about it here (OOC SAGA equipment).

All this after releasing two antipersonnel weapons, one of which seems to aim for my nethers each time. It’s bad enough that I’ve been incapacitated ten times already, but does it have to hit me there? I think cambot is developing a sense of humor about it.

All this activity also has inspired changes throughout the systems known, including a relocation in Calico, where Gateway Station is being moved. A QI Pike Station will be in place for transient travelers, but the Calico may be closed for a few days as moving a station is a delicate operation.

The 13th Legion will hold another round of talks this November 10th at 2 and 5pm to cover “topics about repair rp, maintenance, combat, and mock battles,” according to Aywin, commander of the Hannibal battleship.

Rumors are moving around like crazy, and I’m sure I missed some things, yet it’s a start. More later, readers.

All links are at right under SAGA.

MeetNPCrisen Crowe bears a scar from where a corrupt co accused him of having a girl’s name.

Unapologetic about his role in the secretive and sometimes vigilante organization, the Risen, Ashley Crowe can often be seen outside his brownstone home in Danger Point.

“People get angry about the bad things happening in their home. That’s why Risen exists. We support the law,” explained Crowe, “and work to protect the fair citizens of the city.”

WBA President Sketch Sun supports Crowe alongside the Brotherhood of Grid Police, a fraternal organization that holds members in hundreds of communities. “Of course we support any lawful group. It’s good for business!”

Visitors interested in the Risen should talk to Ashley Crowe in Danger Point.

OOC: NPCs in Danger Point offer missions, equipment, and a group identity for roleplayers. Find out all the great ways to play in DP – link at right.

Zees2WBAtrucks In the picture two Waterbank Construction GTMD trucks park outside Zee’s.

Just as popular in the new downtown as the old one, Zee’s is pulling in hundreds of hungry construction workers at all hours. “I only put down the pans to sleep,” said a tired Zee, “but man, look at this city come alive. These guys and gals are doing great work.”

When we were there, crews from Waterbank Construction were there, taking a dinner break before laying in electrical conduit for the fire department. “We come here every day,” said one, “and we like the burgers.”

Waterbank Construction has offered to assist in bringing the city downtown to improve its image after a number of construction debacles at 5 Grace Canal. The biggest of which, the “floating panel” incident, where a panel was suspended 50 meters in the Waterbank sky for three days, led to a criminal investigation by WPD. “The Mayor is not happy,” said Wesley Trope, who directed the WPD to investigate.

Zee’s can be found in Danger Point (link at right).


Architectural students, photographers, and fans of Euro-flair will enjoy Luxembourg City, a long standing recreation of the one thousand year old city. Luxembourg holds periodic events and is currently expanding it’s theme to several more streets.

Interested visitors can follow the link here: Luxembourg

OOC: I give these kinds of sims the tag “RLV SL,” the tag for places in Second Life that attempt to mirror actual (real life) places. Since it is no-rez (at the moment), the sim is worth a quick visit, meeting, or photo session, but no known roleplay. But just like real life, it’s nice to have a secluded and picturesque getaway, right?