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Silas Moone, the part-time Waterbank News correspondent sent into space, has sent news from the far reaches of the galaxy after the jump: Read More



Ex-reporter and barely employed star deliveryman Silas Moone has been spotted in Neo Machina (link) and Echo City by SOCL scientists looking for “a good time.”

Silas reportedly told the scientists that he has been on the run since a delivery went awry, and he is seeking forgiveness from QI. “He sounded a bit scared when we saw him at the Zero Lag Cafe,” said one scientist. “He kept looking over his shoulder and spilling his drink.”

After hearing that Mesa 5, the most successful planet-city ever founded would be dissolving, SOCL astronauts refused to work.

“We’ve had so many good memories there,” cried one over the anomaly radio. “Saying goodbye is something we just can’t do.”

The megacity has been a big part of the spaceways and visitors could always depend on finding mystery and adventure in the futuristic world. Waterbank News, which has come to know the city well through SOCL reports and the trials of Silas Moone, will miss the city very much. It is set to implode on November 6th.

A personal message from the founder is after the jump:
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Silas Moone, our errant reporter turned space jack of all trades has taken a trip to Stellarus Prime, according to SOCL.

Stellarus Prime is home to Stellar Systems, the mega-corporation that has been pushing the technological envelope in space based tech. Here is a partial transcript from Silas (parts deleted by SOCL, and WIA).

Long time no squeegee, as they say in the spaceports, readers. Much of what I’ve been doing lately hasn’t been newsworthy, that is until I got a delivery for Stellarus Prime. Now if you don’t know about Stellarus Prime, don’t feel bad. It’s the secret workshop and home planet of Stellar Systems, the biggest corp-corp to hit the spaceways since… me. (Seriously sorry about hitting the Spaceway in Vigilem. Hope that can be repaired easily.)

Getting an invite to the place is hard, and even deliveries are usually routed to a remote asteroid, so when the order came in I played it cool and waited for my chance [SOCL writes that super laxatives and skullduggery were used to procure rights to the package].

By now my readers are already ready for what I saw, which was incredible. This is the same company that engineered the mining and transfer revolution after all. Three new products were on display,


two powerful new turrets and an industrial light (space is so… dark readers). All three are powered by the Stellar Systems plasma fusion reactor (link) to give them extra punch.

The auto-cannon [deleted by SOCL] which makes it a powerful defense against larger vessels. The Golem Flak Turret is as the man himself says, “a slow firing, hard hitting turret with an explosive plasma round that damages ships in a 10m radius.”


The lights, also fueled by the reactor, are an essential part of space. When your local star pops behind another planet, you’ll be lucky to find your own hand. It’s dark out here readers.

That’s the report from Stellarus Prime. Until the next fiasco,



A transmission passed along by SOCL has pinpointed Silas Moone at Arcus (link) where he writes that his craft was attacked by pirates and crash landed on the planet surface. Waterbank News was forced to cut a number of lines to respect the sensibilities of our readers.

“After the crash I only had a few seconds of rest. The planet is heavily militarized – anyone can rez a SCS enabled vehicle, and there are so many factions fighting for control. I was shot at, caught, released by an explosion, and finally rescued by Penroth (penroth.strom), who took me to one of the planetside forts for safety. When the anti-air missiles stopped flying I got a flight to one of the RPA enabled space station. Now I’m there, because, um… I’m broke.”

Surprising the entirety of the editorial staff, Silas (our hapless space delivery guy who is constantly in the crossfire) finds a story before the SOCL news wire. This story comes from Silas Moone:


BBI (Black Bishop Industries), the maker of premium spacecraft is well underway on it’s most ambitious spacecraft yet, the Epsilon. With several decks and enough rooms to staff a large crew, it is clearly meant to be a fully functional long range space vessel.

With bridge, bridge, science lab, crew quarters, shuttle and maintenance bays, the Epsilon looks like it will be the a groundbreaking vessel, especially since BBI allows ships to be modified.

Epsilon2 Silas looks at the room he is most likely to spend time in – the brig.

Epsilon3 Silas scrounges for illicit substances in the med lab.

Interested star captains can follow this link to see the vessel: Epsilon (link)