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AERO, Agency for Exploration and Recon Operations, is back and East River insiders are saying that there are late night deliveries coming in through the night for a new facility.

“AERO flatly denies allegations of a secret facility with an alien device,” said Drew, who spoke to us on a garbled cell connection. The call ended abruptly with gunfire and screaming.

“AERO is one of the few organizations that actually fights with the Claw,” a Claw insider told us. “So we’ll see how it goes down.”

After SOCL agreed to an exchange of maps between itself and AERO, several wrecks were uncovered.

“We’re delighted,” said a professor at Waterbank University. “We now know about a lost Viking vessel and a submarine prototype thought to have been destroyed.”

AERO, an organization for exploration, began as SLUMA, and now boasts more members and a headquarters in Muirhead.

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SOCL, the Secret Order of the Crested Lotus, has released some information from their expeditions around the world along with the chart at right.

The chart has accompanying notes, listing the Sutherland Abyss, with a depth of 2 and a water level of 80, and its connected inland waterways (Gorcey) as the deepest known point in the world. (link)

It then compares the surprisingly deep area of Duck, with a depth of 3 and a water level of 80, which is also home to the VCG Training Center (link). Interestingly, the shipping channel of East River is only measured at 13m (water level 20, depth 7), though the river mouth at the Sea of Fables is 19m.

The most shocking part of the report is “Location X,” a place they believe exceeds 80 meters deep and is yet to be discovered.

“We hope people will reply to this article with new leads,” said a SOCL spokesperson. “Discovery is everybody’s job.”

Also mentioned are the wreck in Atlas, currently home to the Hannington House Arts Foundation Summer Exhibition is at the lowest point 3, with a water level of 34 (link), and several other data points including Nautilus Canal (depth 10m (sea floor at 10m)), Baku (link), and Cayman (link).

The Secret Order of the Crested Lotus has commissioned a sea vessel to “chart and discover the treasures of the seas.” The secretive organization hopes the new vessel will be able to conduct both on the water and underwater investigations, all while being able to navigate large rivers.

A spokeswoman explained over a telephone interview. “We want a ship that can handle everything, including deep sea diving,” said a spokesperson. “SOCL is committed to unlocking the ancient secrets – and some of the modern ones too.”

Ice Explorer

“There are a number of designs to consider. A ship capable of ice breaking such as the Aiviq design would serve them well.”

The picture at right shows one type of vessel SOCL is considering.

*** WN has learned that Feral Marine is building a vessel that SOCL is considering. The vessel is said to have a heli pad and accommodate twenty crew.


A sailor took this picture of a Shiva class (Stellar Systems) craft returning to its base, nicknamed “Waterbay” near the former Desdemona Airfield. SOCL, which is often secretive about its functions, has publicly offered assistance in determining the cause of the Desdemona disaster. SOCL watchers are amazed by the photo which shows that SOCL has been able to return from space with the latest tech from Stellar Systems.

“I don’t know what’s more amazing,” said one member of the Secret Society Watch Group, “their tech or what they’ve got hidden underneath that building.”


Passengers waiting for flights were very curious who the VIP was that would warrant the arrival of SOCL’s red carpet, including their Embraer 107 class aircraft.

“I saw the black stripes on the tail fin and brought my kids to watch,” said one passenger. “Then we see this guy in black and the SOCL people bowing and scraping to this guy.”

Passengers also reported that a heavily guarded crate was loaded on board, and ground crews said that they were warned to stay away.

“She had special clearance from the get-go,” said the ground chief from that day, “she backed herself up and went straight to holding for take off. There was a VCG pilot that was pissed about SOCL jumping the queue, but that’s SOCL for ya. They’ve got strings everywhere.”

The Crested Lotus at 5 Grace Canal.

The Crested Lotus returns to Waterbank! Amid cheers and the occasional jeer from a member of the Rusted Sword Society, the Crested Lotus moored at Grace Canal and presented their findings from the Amazon expedition.

While Captain Sketch Sun of the Crested Lotus explained the achievements of his intrepid crew, several crew members escorted a bound Captain Wallaby ashore and into a Waterbank Police squad car. Upon seeing Wallaby, teenage girls and a few women ran to the charismatic prisoner, squealing and swooning. Captain Sun did his best to hold the attention of the crowd, though the two officers holding back the crowd of women were overwhelmed and soon were overcome. Chaos ensued, and only when shots were fired from Captain Sun’s flintlock pistols – period pieces from the expedition – did the scene quiet. In the momentary calm it was clear. Captain Wallaby had escaped.

GrotesqueSightsSOCLThe grisly corpses of Bob and Weave were displayed by the tribe as a warning for relic traders.

In a small village alongside one of the tributaries of the Amazon River, the crew of the Crested Lotus laid in wait, ready to spring a trap on Captain Wallaby. Wallaby was once one of SOCL’s own, turned rogue and then pirate merchant of the very same relics he had been sent to gather.

“He has gone far afield,” said Captain Sun, the leader of the expedition to rescue – now capture – Wallaby. “We were there for three nights, then he came, as we knew he would.”

Wallaby returned to this fateful village to pay his respects to two lost crewmen, known as Bob and Weaver. “We called ’em Bob n’ Weave,” lamented one of Wallaby’s captured crew, “An’ they saved the Cap’n so may times. He had to go back. He had to.”

Once captured, Wallaby was said to be relieved. “He was being hunted by us and the Claw,” explained Sketch Sun, “and it is far better to be caught by us.”