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SOCL Scientists claim that they have found remnants of two Gold team 1 members in a space station in the remote GEL cluster, sometimes called the GEL community. The space station, which is above Echo City (link), can be a dangerous place, “especially for goofy looking astronaut types” according to a store owner.

The remains were found in a corner, obviously swept there by a small R2 bot.

“We are preparing them for return to Waterbank,” said SOCL.

From the Citadel Press Corps:
The Citadel Mass Effect sim offers new areas of the Citadel. A full Immersive experience of role play to explore your favorite races from the Mass Effect universe. Alliances, Factions, how will you choose to play? The features the RPA system to simulate air and gravity as well as a dice combat system to keep focus on role play. We are taking Character Application to join the experience.
– Citadel Mass Effect RP Sim, Animus Treasure (44, 100, 21)


Ex-reporter and barely employed star deliveryman Silas Moone has been spotted in Neo Machina (link) and Echo City by SOCL scientists looking for “a good time.”

Silas reportedly told the scientists that he has been on the run since a delivery went awry, and he is seeking forgiveness from QI. “He sounded a bit scared when we saw him at the Zero Lag Cafe,” said one scientist. “He kept looking over his shoulder and spilling his drink.”

SOCL explorers have told us that the Citidel (link) has expanded and is offering new RPA functions. See the below release:

“Citadel Mass Effect RP Sim

New areas of the citadel with original design and builds featuring some unmistakable areas like the Presidium, Mall and garden level, and Zakara ward. The Citadel Mass Effect RP Sim with be a para and semi para role playing experience for mass effect fans to live out their stories in the Mass Effect universe. The Time line of the sim is after the second game and before the third and will feature the RPA system which will simulate air, gravity, sickness, health, hunger, and poison”

Quandry Industries honcho, Bash Quandry, has returned to the company’s headquarters and is rumored to have “given a shot in the arm” to the engineering staff.

“The @#&$*& gave me a shot in the arm,” exclaimed one engineer we spoke to. “He’s a menace!” Said another engineer who was given a shot.

“I thought it was very funny,” said a maintenance worker who witnessed the event.

To celebrate his return QI is holding a 50% Sale until September 15th at Insilico and BBI. From the man himself:

“Good news everyone. I’ll be on more regularly, and by the end of the year I hope to have new projects in the works. To celebrate this momentous event (and to motivate me) QI is having an inworld 50% Comeback Sale at Insilico and BBI. Some older stations will be discontinued after this sale so if you ever wanted them, get ’em now.

If you bought something since 8/1 let me know and you will get a 50% store credit.
“A wise man once said that a wise man once said” –A Wise man

An intergalactic trade conference has been scheduled at Nar Shadaa around 5pm SLT.

“The conference is an open floor for all parties to discuss business and business related matters as well as negotiations for treaties, safe passage, travel routes, and various other matters that effect trade. The Trade Conference is neutral and does not favor any one group. The Conference is on the first floor of the tall building with green and yellow lights west of the landing point,” according to organizers.