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Surprising their boss and everyone in the break room, an intern at Grace Development Agency released a concept plan for Pippen involving a reconstructed airport and supporting community.

“Wait – wha?” Said the intern’s boss.

“All these computers have a purpose,” stated the intern, “and I wanted to demonstrate that you could build a city up a mountainous slope.”

The plan, pictured above, has a number of intriguing ideas, including an airport that is mostly below the tarmac. “With the mall and baggage counters below,” the intern wrote, “the airport footprint can be smaller and there is space for a separate town on the south side.”

The plan also calls for a Visitor Center and Tour Boat Terminal, which would be an entry point to the Pippen experience.

“Visitors come in by boat or get ‘landed,’ then they can walk for 15 seconds and be at the airport, take a train, or shop at several shopping areas. Everything is close, and all of East River is open to them.”

The plan has some controversy too. It calls for reseating the East River civil administration in Pippen, taking away what was traditionally in Helvellyn.

“There would be a lot of changes,” said one customer at Pippen Hot, “but I really like the plan.”

The Sheriff’s Department made a night landing at the East River Villages (Grizedale Village) after guards complained of “too many people shopping for property.”

Several key lots have opened up in the East River recently and there is a crush to see what’s open.

“People can talk to Governor Chia (also of Feral Marine),” said one real estate agent, “and find out what kind of deal they can make. East River is hot. A serious community that believes in the good life.”

East River can be found at the links at right —->

The Sheriff’s Department has been called out several times to an old lot on Route 10 (link) where drivers have seen a ghostly apparition staring at them from an old house.

“Super duper freaky,” said one motorist who stopped at a nearby diner. “I nearly lost control of my car.”

A Sheriff’s Deputy shook her head at it. “Every time we go there there’s no one there. It’s unnerving. The property is for sale, but who’s gonna buy a haunted house?”

As spring warms up most of the world, Braniff Airport is still handling winter vacationers, and making a lot of people happy.

“It’s so close to the resorts and sights,” said one vacationer. “You can’t beat the skiing and ice skating in Chamonix.”

Braniff-Unity Chamonix Regional Airport (link) is off of Amundsen Road in Minarlo Vite, and has a full range of services for travelers. Also they have a recreational race track under the tarmac.

At the elevation of 111, it also requires some adjustment for travelers. “My ears popped 3 times,” said a young child, “now I’m waiting for the last pop!”

“It’s a great location,” said a new intern at Grace Development Agency. “And there are some reasonably priced river lots for 10000 nearby.”

A Waterbank News reader stumbled across the largest known treehouse in Lebeau and sent us this pic.

“It was huge!” They told us. “I was driving along Route 1 to check out a property in Imperial [they told us it was reasonably priced 1024 at link] and saw this huge trunk. I stopped and got out. Really nice people there. They even put out bikes for people to enjoy the area. Worth a visit – and Route 1 is a fun old timey drive. Brick road!”

Link to the largest tree house (link)

A new development is underway in the East River Villages called Grizedale Village (link), and will be offering rental properties and a suite of community services. The development, under the stewardship of Sam Stable (daltonprock) has already raised eyebrows.

“Sam’s a great guy,” said an East River councilwoman, “and has a mind for what we need. Grizedale’s next to Helvelyn and Port Kirkstone, so this is prime real estate. He’s already signed in Two Tangos at the fire station and is working with ERPD, so this will be a safe place to live.”

The Grace Development Agency said that developments like this have benefited from recent “land tier changes,” (link to chart) and that are part of a new trend in East River.

Chia is pictured here in hard hat, leading reconstruction efforts. The ambitious CEO has ordered all hands on deck for the redo.

Massive changes are underway in the town of Helvellyn where Chia, CEO of Feral Marine has purchased the town of Helvellyn and is already making changes. As an incentive to increase the population of the town, she is offering special deals for residents that will uphold the vision of the town. “Tier only,” her real estate people are saying, in an offer that is a great value.

“Prime real estate for only your tier cost. That’s land for free,” said Sketch Sun at the WBA. “That doesn’t happen often.”

More is sure to come soon with this major change to East River…