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Grace Development Agency is showcasing two new hot properties near Feral Marine’s Blake Sea showroom, off of Route 14. Omne property is 38,000L for 17040 meters (2.2L per m), and another, a beach property, is 512m for 6890 (13.5L per m). Properties can be seen at Gormthoog (link)


Chia is pictured here in hard hat, leading reconstruction efforts. The ambitious CEO has ordered all hands on deck for the redo.

Massive changes are underway in the town of Helvellyn where Chia, CEO of Feral Marine has purchased the town of Helvellyn and is already making changes. As an incentive to increase the population of the town, she is offering special deals for residents that will uphold the vision of the town. “Tier only,” her real estate people are saying, in an offer that is a great value.

“Prime real estate for only your tier cost. That’s land for free,” said Sketch Sun at the WBA. “That doesn’t happen often.”

More is sure to come soon with this major change to East River…

From the original:

Statement on the Current and Future Status of the Community:

Citizens of the East River Community, friends, and supporters, I feel that it is right to inform you of some events transpiring in the ERC.

As many of you know, Indigo Mertel, along with several others, founded the ERC several years ago based on the dream of residents working together to carve beauty out of the chaos of the mainland. She has lead the community for 8 years with grace and ingenuity, and she owns a vast swathe of the core of the East River Community, in the following sims: Brooks,Cook,Grizedale, Hardknott, Helvellyn, Kirkstone, Macclaine, Meyers, Mowry, Muirhead, Munck, and Whinlatter.

Due to unforeseen RL circumstances, Indigo has had to make the extremely difficult decision to downsize her SL land holdings. This was not at all easy for her, as this place is her dream, and she has poured so much more than money into it. She has been working with us in the Steering Committee for the last several days to come up with a solution that will preserve the beautiful icon that is the East River region.

We cannot ask any one person to take on the financial burden that Indigo has taken on for the last several years. However, we are looking for a small group of people to take a more active role in leading the community and contributing tier. We are already in talks with several individuals, and are looking for more. Indigo has agreed to gradually reduce her tier contributions to the group over the next coming months as well, so this will not be a drastic, dire situation for us.

If you wish to join in our efforts to preserve and revitalize this amazing community, or if you know someone that is interested in doing so, please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you all for making the ERC the creative, innovative, fun, beautiful place it is today. I look forward to even more of that in the future.

-Drewski Northman: Steering Committee Representative.


Waterbank News has learned that the East River Community (ERC) is opening its holdings to new investors and developers, which may change the river. According to inside sources, the key land holder, Indigo Mertel is looking to reduce her substantial holdings and is actively looking for new people to fill the East River properties.

“Substantial doesn’t do it justice,” said the intern at Grace Development Agency. “Indigo has massive tracts along some of the most valuable land in the world. If those properties are opened up it will be like a gold rush.”

The East River greater area is considered to be one of the leading economies on its continent, with industrial areas, ports, scenic destinations, and several transit centers. The possible sale of properties would not affect East River Intercontinental Airport or the commercial area in Pippen, which is under a different owner.

Buyers and investors should contact Indigo Mertel directly to find out more.

Lot-on-9_001 Grace Development Agency has promoted two roadside properties in the Tulagi Development Region that are recently on the market.

The agency has been promoting a “40s era development area” near several key airfields, and encouraging potential landowners with a “sense of history” to buy.

The properties listed are
Roadside #32: 512m, 1536L, a roadside property zoned for commercial and residential use, perfect for roadside diners, gas stations, or private homesteads (link)
Roadside #33: 1248m, 1999L, a roadside property zoned for commercial, industrial, and residential use, perfect for roadside diners, factories, military bases, or private homesteads (link)


Correction: The land is actually closer to Nautilus, in the Dire Strait inland sea. The link below is accurate.

Coinciding with a revitalized effort to release products, Feral Marine has secured land in the Blake Sea for test drives and beach cocktails. The land in Tschotchke (link) has already become a stop for the VLC, who have nicknamed it “the best daiquiri in the Blake.”


The flying real estate agent, “Flyboy McSells You Property,” was killed yesterday when his helicopter lost control and went into a tree.

Flyboy was on his way back to his office to sell the ERB Addendum property when tragedy (and a gust of wind) struck. To honor his memory Waterbank News is running the ad he would have filed for 18 cents a word for 17 cents. It reads:


Come see this amazing and scenic property that is perfect of residential or commercial development. The site is in Selby (link) and a picture facing one part of the road is below.