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Ex-reporter and barely employed star deliveryman Silas Moone has been spotted in Neo Machina (link) and Echo City by SOCL scientists looking for “a good time.”

Silas reportedly told the scientists that he has been on the run since a delivery went awry, and he is seeking forgiveness from QI. “He sounded a bit scared when we saw him at the Zero Lag Cafe,” said one scientist. “He kept looking over his shoulder and spilling his drink.”


Quandry Industries honcho, Bash Quandry, has returned to the company’s headquarters and is rumored to have “given a shot in the arm” to the engineering staff.

“The @#&$*& gave me a shot in the arm,” exclaimed one engineer we spoke to. “He’s a menace!” Said another engineer who was given a shot.

“I thought it was very funny,” said a maintenance worker who witnessed the event.

To celebrate his return QI is holding a 50% Sale until September 15th at Insilico and BBI. From the man himself:

“Good news everyone. I’ll be on more regularly, and by the end of the year I hope to have new projects in the works. To celebrate this momentous event (and to motivate me) QI is having an inworld 50% Comeback Sale at Insilico and BBI. Some older stations will be discontinued after this sale so if you ever wanted them, get ’em now.

If you bought something since 8/1 let me know and you will get a 50% store credit.
“A wise man once said that a wise man once said” –A Wise man

Stellar Systems, the prolific space industrial company, has moved (link) to a new commercial space, and the move inspired the formation of a city.

“We’re not sure if they decided that they wanted to be close to them [Stellar] or if Stellar is supporting them,” said a SOCL scientist. “But here’s this amazing manufacturer, and the next day you see terraformers and skyscrapers being built.”

Stellar Systems has demos and new products in the space, and the city, still under development is on the planet surface.

SOCL is reporting that a planet they have called 567-O has adopted the most pragmatic currency of the galaxy – Stellar Systems products.

Stellar Systems, which has created a number of the essential products for space exploration and the economy, has proven themselves so valuable that Planet 567-O no longer uses money, only Stellar Products, and sometimes Quandry Industry.

“A farmer accepted two lighting units yesterday for his crop,” reported a SOCL team on the planet. “And a plasma fusion generator paid for a college education for one lucky student. It’s only a question of time now before some big spender tries to put a Europa station up for barter.”

Stellar Systems can be found at their Marketplace link (link).


Stellar Systems, the accomplished spacecraft and equipment manufacturer, has released the “Shiva,” a fighter that may one day also have utility modules as well.

Stellar Systems has been the premier manufacturer for spacecraft in the Quandry Industries group, with a focus on fighters and bombers. At this time buyers should go to the links at right, and the Marketplace store will be updated soon.

Heaven The picture found on Silas Moone, showing him talking to the holoperson, which he has somehow motivated to recline.

SOCL has reported to us that Sentina (link), has been remodeled and is open to travelers and traders. According to SOCL, they discovered this after going through Silas Moone’s cambot and finding the above image. “There was some crazy stuff in there,” said one SOCL team member, “but the Sentina information was interesting. It’s a port, seat of government, trade union, and pirate base all wrapped into one. We’ve dispatched a team to investigate.”

SOCL says that once you land in Sentina you can use a ship, or their “space shoot” device to navigate to the different locations. “They’re SAGA ready, so you should get your QI equipment,” said another member.

Visitors can follow the link Sentina (link), or the links at right.

SIlasArcus SOCL members found the elusive reporter face down at Arcus.

The Waterbank Newsroom erupted in laughter today when former reporter Silas Moone was found face down in the dirt of Arcus (link at right), outside what SOCL members describe as “an urban base.” SOCL, which was conducting soil samples on the ground, discovered Silas when they heard singing.

“It sounded more like a wounded animal,” the SOCL member said over the anomaly radio, “I had my pistol out to finish the job, when I saw it was a person.”

According to SOCL members who aided Silas, he had eaten one of the local fungi and fallen into an intoxicated state. Arcus doctors were unsure of how long the effects would last, but said that he could have salient conversations in a few weeks. WN newsroom was treated to a burst of Silas when he grabbed the radio from the SOCL member and slurred loudly “… that &^$%@ woman took my left shoe! Gonna get her back – awww, what can I says? I loves her,” at which point the SOCL member took back the radio.

Editor’s Note: Silas Moone has been our reporter at large in space reporting on everything from the latest developments in Quandry Industries to political changes in known galaxies. He frequently gets into trouble and is worth every cent of his meager stipend just for comedic relief.