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Club Shinjuku in Prototype has won another prize, this time an unexpected one.

“The World’s Best Place to Neck Prize is highly coveted,” said the originator of the prize, an eclectic millionaire philanthropist. “It’s only given once in three years.” Asked why the prize was seldom given, the philanthropist replied “it’s about the time an early romance ends and another begins.”

Northbridge, one of the areas of the Prototype Tri-State, has been closed off for a massive construction effort. NTBI has said nothing of the massive project, though WBA President Sketch Sun offered this insight.

“Northbridge is SZYM and NTBI, and those are mega-corporations run by visionaries. They don’t just repaint the walls. They remove the forest, lay down miles of road, and build towers in the sky. Whatever is happening in Northbridge will be big and game changing.”

A taxi driver in the Prototype Tri-State is suing a homeowner for “reckless use of a driveway,” after they wrecked their car on a pick up.

“The driveway is totally crazy,” the driver told us. “So yeah, I called Baker and Sun to see if the Fugitive Lawyer is available.”

The homeowner has also contacted the law firm and is equally upset. “This guy drives into my house and has the audacity to sue me?! I sue him!”