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Rumors about a convention center at the new SZYM Tower in Prototype (link at right) have been confirmed, and already the WBA has forwarded suggestions for possible conventions.

“It’s just another day of awesomeness for SZYM and NTBI,” said WBA President Sketch Sun. “The convention center is a perfect place for industry professionals to meet. It’s a lot better than the bar / sewer underneath the Astaro showroom.”

Suggestions from the WBA include the following conventions:

Urban Products Convention (this is likely to appeal to NTBI)
Convention of Mayors and Towns
Airport Management Convention
The 2018 Auto Fair
Rails and Trails Convention

No word yet on whether the convention center will pursue any of these conventions.


A new tower believed to by called “SZYM Tower” is overlooking the developing community of Glenbrook in Prototype, exciting everyone.

“There are so many rumors,” said an excitable trader at Hakuso, “there’s supposed be shopping, a TV studio, a convention space, a restaurant with a view, and much more. We’re so pumped!”

The building is currently finishing construction and will be open to the public soon. Visitors can see the progress themselves by following the link to Prototype at right (Big Seven).

Camera footage of the relay station

Prototype Police enjoyed a bout of laughter after a thief attempting to steal a spool of copper used a taxi for his getaway.

“He took a taxi to one of the NBS relay stations in Northbridge and told the driver ‘I’ll be right back,'” explained one officer. “Then the guy starts climbing the fence and the taxi driver just called it in. By the time the guy got to the other side of the fence we were already there.”

The taxi driver said the man was nice enough, and said that he didn’t have enough money for a SZYM car of his own, so he chose a taxi company that used them. “Hey SZYM cars are the best in the world,” the taxi driver said, “so you can’t blame him for that. You can sure blame him for everything else, though.”

Officers converged on the relay station, responding to what one officer had in his rear signage (also a SZYM vehicle). “ROFL” and “LMAO” it displayed. The suspect was taken into custody after Prototype Police had administered “justifiable joking” to the culprit.

Breaking the record for the longest time to wait for a call back from tech support, a trucker in Northbridge spent a week staring at an NBS public phone.

“After a few hours we tried to help,” said a State Trooper, “but we didn’t know how to fix it either. There was nothing to do but wait.”

The man insisted that it was worth waiting and never left the phone. “People would honk and shout as they drove by,” said the man, “and Flo even brought a meatball sub from Rodex.”

Tech support eventually called back at midnight on the seventh day. “Peoppe think I waited too long,” said the man, “but I’m still waiting for my fifth grade girlfriend to call.”

Route 23, which passes through Northbridge is already busy, thanks to major investment from Passiac and Bergen Counties.

No slouches when it comes to big projects, the whizzes at NTBI are undertaking a massive project to improve Prototype and Northbridge infrastructure. They have already widened the county highway, put in miles of train track, set a foundation for the new SZYM factory, and a new housing development is also under construction.

“This is a wonderful development,” said WBA President Sketch Sun. “Prototype is considered one of the Big Seven, and when it gets better, so does the world.”

The ‘Big Seven’ refers to sims that inspire growth in international markets, and the addition of a living community so close to an industrial and commercial hub is likely to have a ripple effect.

“NTBI moves the market,” said one investor at Hakuso Investments. “It’s so hot now that I wish I had sold my brother’s kidney to buy more.”

Waterbank Police attempted a raid in Prototype after a lead indicated that the missing WN reporters may actually being held in a container truck traveling through that area.

“Every trucker goes to the Rodex in Prototype,” said the officer in charge of the raid. “If there was one place to catch them, that was it. We got out and had searched two trucks when Prototype State Police showed up and kicked us out. Unfortunately Waterbank doesn’t have the pull it used to.”

This photo was taken after the raid. “It was a long drive,” explained the officer leaving the restroom.