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An experienced pilot that has turned the shipping business on its head, Cam Maximus is a rising leader in the business community, with a logistics company spread around the world. TNT is at 15 locations, many of them key transit hubs. Waterbank News asked a few questions of the magnate, and he took time out from his morning brief for pilots that day to answer them.

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Kajura Torok (chloechisu) poses inside a hangar that is hers to decorate.

In a theater or combat that never ends, SSR soldiers and pilots in Undine have settled in, even bringing in exotic pets and a personal touch to their base on the North Shore. One such soldier is Kajura Torok (chloechisu), a ranking officer in the SSR and the recipient of multiple medals for her excellence on the battlefield.

Known by NATO forces as the “Red Tiger,” Kajira has made a home for herself on the SSR base, using the motor pool for a lounge and kennel for her large pets.

SSR commanders have turned a blind eye to such “individualistic indulgences” in exchange for continuing service from highly trained troops.


Fire crews responded to a major fire in the Anthony Distribution Center in Danger Point yesterday, attacking the 20 foot flames with several fire engines. “There were fire hoses everywhere,” said Mayor Jayce Anthony, who visited the site.

The fire was put out after a long hour, with acting Fire Battalion Chief KaiLantern leading the operation. “The doorways were on fire too, blocking our access to the source of the fire. Once we got in it wasn’t hard to put it out.”

Jessica “Conwing” MacDougal (Tesserra) checks engine readiness while on standby at Honah Lee Airfield.

She may be based out of Grenadier Field, but Jessica “Conwing” MacDougal (Tesserra) runs through her search and rescue (SAR) procedures at Honah as though she’s been there her whole life.

As part of the Phoenix Medical team she’s well aware of the need for search and rescue in the Blake Sea. “You would be surprised how many boaters get stuck in bad situations,” she told us over the roar of engine one.

The head of Pheonix Medical Tatyana (Taras.Kaliopov) was away on a call, but the stories from rescue crews in the area are legend. Pilots tell of sharks attacking plane pontoons on rescues and being fired at by mysterious submarines.

“We’re on call through thick and thin,” MacDougal tells us, “and we’re always at the ready.”

In a new series of human interest stories, Waterbank News brings you Danger Point Stories, another look at the people that make up the city.

strpDP In the club under the overpass, the hot spot known as Club Di (Dionysis) gets a lot of customers, and Username03, exotic dancer and DP resident, sees enough to know something about people and what gets them interested.

When we met Username03 they were dancing near the entrance, luring in lookyloos and a few regulars. “Gotta bring’em in,” said the Floor Manager, “and Username’s got the moves for that.”

Part of what makes Username’s story different from others is how muscular they are, and how the tips that come from dancing often pay for a detailed fitness regimen in the Community Center. If you ask Username, they’ll shrug. “I just have an inner power,” they’ll grin.

WEIsuspectDPPD The corpse was found one floor below Wei’s apartment.

Deputy Chief of Police Debbie Wei was named as a suspect for a murder investigation today when a body was discovered underneath her apartment.

The victim was a thirty year old member of the Bad Street MCs who had a reputation for trouble with the DPPD. Witnesses claim that they saw Wei arguing with the man only two days before as he acted belligerently to a city clerk.

The body, burned and contorted was discovered by a building supervisor testing fire alarms. “the Mutual Trust Building is very secure,” he told us, “I can’t imagine how they got in.”

Mayor Jayce Anthony, concerned that Danger Point Police might be criticized for ignoring one of their own, ordered the DPPD to pursue the case with due diligence. A spokesperson for the police talked to the press later in the day.

WEIsuspectDPPD2 In deference to her station, there were no flashing lights or sirens when emergency vehicles responded.

“Few people have access to that floor, and all of them are suspects,” said the DPPD spokesperson. “We are waiting for lab results and CSI, but there were no signs of forced entry, so we are taking a close look at our suspects.”

Asked if Wei would be suspended until cleared, the spokesperson said “that has not been determined yet.”

EmptyNeutronThe dapper Empty Neutron stands outside his Prototype store.

A Waterbank News photographer, browsing the NTBI Mall in Prototype, couldn’t help but peer over the heads to see what the fuss was. “I thought maybe Lusch Motors had the new Eurotruck – I was really surprised to see the President of KYOTO.”

The President of KYOTO, Empty Neutron, is more than President of KYOTO, he also is an emergency services consultant for the City of East Lansing (SL). “There’s always more to learn about ES (Emergency Services), and especially EMS” said a humble Neutron.
KYOTO is one of the preferred vendors for Waterbank, who have long used their roadway products.

“Believe it or not, their signs have saved my life,” laughed Sketch Sun, “if they hadn’t been so solid and well built, I would have accelerated off the cliff at 5 Grace Canal who knows how many times.”

The photographer shouldn’t have been so surprised, said a janitor at the NTBI Mall. “He is a busy guy, but actually comes to check on things often. You’d be surprised to see how many of them,” he jerked a thumb at the shoppers, “leave soda cans on the products.”

Interested shoppers can see KYOTO in the NTBI Mall, link at right.

Undine – The United Nations Mission in Undine (UNMiU) released a report for its member nations today on the status of the Undine Conflict. In the twenty page paper it listed a number of UN concerns about the conduct of military forces as well as the ongoing need for humanitarian assistance for urban and town areas.

The most pressing concern it listed was poor fire control, where targets were engaged without little to no identifying. In the report the following table was published to demonstrate the major combatants in theater and their numbers of incidents in a three month period.


Interestingly, both superpowers in the theater performed the worst, despite a large technological advantage. “The report reflects a troubling culture of trigger happiness among some of the combatants,” said one of the UNMiU writers, “they shoot everything that moves, as soon as it pops up.”

The report was highly critical of certain soldiers, even naming some in an effort to encourage the respective commands to take responsibility. “NATO 2nd Lt. Thanatos Ikura,” the report reads, “has a pattern of engaging targets by location rather than identification. Among his kill count are civilians, observers, and UNMiU support personnel.”

Not all names were bad, however. Lt. Colonel Vitafit Wottitz of the SSR, a highly decorated officer in the theater came out well. “Officers such as Lieutenant Colonel Wottitz show exemplary control of fire and humanitarian sensitivity” the report reads.

No response to the report has been made yet, though Mayor Forgier has acknowledged some “embarrassing incidents” with WSDF in the past.

DPboxDavid David (inset) and the new gym.

He’s a long time resident of Danger Point, an asset to the community, and for the folk on Spring Street, a caretaker. He’s David (cycuzz Miami), and he’s the head coach and trainer behind the new gym and community center on Spring Street.

He got his start with Team In Yo Face, a fight team that trained in the old downtown. “Back then I would mostly hang out and train with whoever came in,” he recalled. “Then we started getting a rep and even started training some contenders for championships.”

It wasn’t all glory. “We had some some rough times too – cops and criminals would come into the gym also, start some trouble. PBG (Paper Boy Gang, killed off by the 55s) even attempted a drive by shooting on the gym, but on the plus side no one was injured.”

“Some people still try to hide from cops in the gym but I usually kick them out. I don’t want trouble in my gym.”

David is humble about his role in the city, but the neighbors all know him. “He’s a dear man,” said one elderly resident, “always helping the kids in the neighborhood.”

“Giving kids and people a place to meet and work out their frustration is one way to keep the gang membership low,” said DPPD Lt. Wei.

Mayor Anthony, a frequent visitor to the gym himself, praised him too. “The city’s better with David. We need more like him.”

From Silas Moone in Space:


Readers, with Astropol retreating to other parts of the Imperium and the looming celebration of the coronation of Carthage Station, your humble reporter is on party patrol.

Carthage Station, for some time the unofficial launch point of the 13th Legion, officially opened and along with the formal ceremony with dress uniforms (yawn) there was a party, and that’s something not to miss. As one 13th soldier told me as dropped a Tssk onto his hand – a Tssk is a kind of double tailed scorpion, the size of a little finger and with an exoskeleton that can change with it’s environment – there “ain’t no party like a 13th party because,” he paused for the whole room to join him in the end, “the 13th party doesn’t stop!” He then poured his drink down his arm, watching as did all around him. The Tssk was faced with a tide of alcohol and tried to change color several time, but the alcohol must have moved past the exoskeleton, because it continued to change color and moved sideways sloppily. As it appeared to start to fall off the arm, the soldier flexed his muscles and twisted, the Tssk went flying into the air, changing colors as it went, and landed into the soldiers glass. It thrashed only a moment, and stunned or dead, was drunk down by the soldier, who crunching happily, held his glass for the crowd. Raucous cheers from all.

You can see why I couldn’t miss it, right? I arrived to the party early, and even before the crowds arrived there were notable arrivals. I spotted Aearthcrum, one of the best shots in the quadrant, whose angling was so good people say that they once killed three with one shot. There was the master builder and industrialist Amun Ra, whose Stellar Systems combines with Quandry Industries to supply – everything.

Aywin Lombardia, was also there, the host for the event, and clearly revered. Dancers gave her wide berth and a deeply respectful nod when they passed, and even during the Cross Check Hoedown,” an active dance featuring a sprint and spin with your partner, she commanded tremendous respect. I raised my glass to her, and she gave me a grin.

There were other notable folk that I had not met but heard rumors about, such as Ashley, who supposedly had an illicit affair with a ranking member of the Imperium court, Dalek Slade, who said to be part machine, part human, and Scott Darkstar, thought to be a stealthy bounty hunter, though no one ever saw him bring in people.

Kira Kitten Hawk and Xandria21, were also there, and I’ve heard those names too but I was getting nervous now. Some of these people could have been Astropol. When Callum Winters, the new head of Dynacorps and the ex-head of Astropol spotted me, I decided to take my drink to go. I’ve spent too much time in cells, readers, and my stomach has gotten picky.

Visitors and galactic travelers should go to this link: 13th Legion Carthage Station