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Boaters everywhere are trembling with excitement over the news of an immanent release from Bandit Boats (aka Boss Craft) which is said to have an unprecedented number of features. Among the features are more custom animations, working GPS, working radio, working TV, shore power, and a new autodocking feature. Autodocking will, once you are close to your dock, allow your boat to drive itself to the right spot, fasten lines, deploy fenders, and shut down the engine, all without you setting down your cocktail.

The release is said to be in a few days once the paperwork has been completed, and is the first of several new releases coming soon.

The picture shows the Anhelo showroom, which does not feature the awarded home.

Anhelo’s house that is being used as a model home in Kishijoten (link to Tulagi properties) impressed designers so much that they created a new award just for the creator. “Best Adriatic Design” was awarded to Anhelo for their home H01EC (link) yesterday by the WBA.

Residents of the Pippen and Blackslough area were stunned by the news that Feral Marine was closing its showroom in Pippen, and feared that the East River industrial bulwark might pull out of the troubled area. Waterbank News is proud to allay fears that residents may have, and reports that the company is merely restructuring. According to Volchia Ferduccio, CEO of Feral Marine, a massive backlog of prototype boats and a number of ambitious new projects are forcing the company to make space. The new main show room will be in the Blake Sea area (link), and Pippen will be a prototype and research and development complex.

Heavy construction is expected in Pippen soon as FM looks to repurpose the waterfront to a development area, and construction workers are already arriving, resulting in a sharp decline in doughnuts.

“Pippen Hot is out of crawlers by 6 am,” griped one customer. “Forget about the maple bars.”

Chia, CEO and chief creator at Feral has reportedly sent a formal request to the Grace Development Agency design offices for a new plan, under the condition that the intern responsible for previous designs be let go.

Grace Development Agency has since sent the intern back to Waterbank University with the public statement that they appreciated the university for all that they will be doing.

A receptionist at Grace Development said that the change was unfair, and cried as she told us, “he was just so cute!”

Grace Development has released the design specifications to the public in an effort to provide a better design for Feral Marine See the design specs after the jump).

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rb-l_fire_006-sm Feral Marine has released a new fireboat, adding greater functionality and control then the popular Firecat that was released in years previous.

“We’re excited by this,” said an ERPA sailor, “this one has even better steering and can handle water dispersion very well. I think we can save lives and ships with this one!”

The craft has room for a modest crew, and can extinguish both TPF and HD fires – without needing to switch. Custom poses and scripting by Rez Gray. She’s mod and glam – catch her at Pippen or Marketplace (link).