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Lusch Motors has released the Scout, an all terrain vehicle that has GEMC drive and full towing capacity. The low prim beauty is perfect for getting off the road and into the forest, and is already up for demo at Lusch Motor’s Bay City location (link). Shoppers can also get it at the Marketplace or in Prototype (link at right).


Scientists as several laboratories have found ways to alter weather and environmental conditions, causing house pets no end of grief. Several scientists have even formed a company, called Z Boutique that has several weather effects (link)(link to site).

“It’s shocking to see,” said one house cat we made talk with our hands, “weally wocking!”

From TigerCat’s promotional materials:
TigerCat Aircraft announces the CVIL VIP mod kit is now available for the SA- CH47 Chinook
This third party kit will replace the current interior with a new Luxury VIP style interior. Also adds catering items to be enjoyed by your passengers, and a working slide show. No Building skills are required to install the kit; the included advanced installer script handles nearly all the installation tasks. Come See it!

Link to showroom (link)
Link to CH-47 (link)

When WBA President Sketch Sun made a trip to Shijima (link) for a coffeeshop meeting, he left more than just a tip.

“Sometimes you go somewhere thinking ‘yeah, another diner meet and greet’, but you get there and it’s just wow, wow, wow,” he told us. “I was so amazed by the town and the beautiful work that had gone into it that I called Waterbank News and then I called Will over at NTBI. He loves this kind of place too.”

The effusive leader of the Waterbank Business Association went on to tell us that the architect of the town, Torigara, runs a business called “::no13::,” and that Shijima is their main shop, complete with items for sale or gacha.

“You should try the curry omelette with katsu and coffee set,” Sun told us, “you won’t regret it!”

Rumors that Markstein is making a spy watch that can shoot, tell the altitude, and locate the nearest GFS fuel station has doubled Stock value overnight. The company has been quiet about their projects, though a trader at Hakuso insists it’s all true.

“The guy I know had a lot of drinks. There’s no way he’d make something up after that.”

Markstein can be found in Prototype (link at right – Big Seven).