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A new release by Feral Marine may revolutionize logistics operations around the world, and freight insiders and GTFOers are already making space for this latest development. A fully articulating crane (link) offers a chance for cargo to be loaded without the use of longshoremen or delivery people.

“We ain’t happy,” said one union rep for the Sansara Labor Union, which represents longshoremen around Sansara. “Dat machine’s bad business.”

“It’s good business” insisted Feral, “it’s just bad for collecting overtime.”

Link to product: Crane

Anomaly Travels and Vulture Travel are offering another destination for travelers, and several travelers have returned with rave reviews.

“It’s mind bending!” Said one, “you can go back into prehistoric times and walk among dinosaurs or even become one!”

The destination, called Prehistorica in Fort Nowhere (link), has a store (link) and several exciting portals to different prehistoric places. Dinosaurs live, fight, and try to survive in a variety of settings.

“I loved the minigames,” said another traveler.

“I was blown away by the dragon. To be a dragon, flying in the sky and breathing fire – super wow!”

Shergood Aviation has a new store (link) and it’s big enough to showcase a growing fleet of helicopters. Also on display is the next craft in progress.

“The H-160 is already on display,” said a pilot who actively drooled as he looked at it. “I can’t wait.”

Shergood Aviation has won several awards from the WBA, and is considered the best choice for pilots.

Some people have said that Waterbank News is unfair, unabashedly over commercialized, and “froogy,” to which we say “and?” Also, there’s this news – Lusch Motors has released the Stepvan, along with a full fledged endorsement for the Blake Post, one of WN’s competitors.

While we normally hold that all things bearing the name of the Blake Post should be burnt to the ground using the nearest materials at hand (see the WN Editorial Handbook for more details), Lusch Motors is a truly amazing manufacturer, and when we sent our reporter to the Prototype showroom they had this to say:

“I was looking around for something to burn the name of Blake Post and it hit me just how gorgeous all the Lusch vehicles are,” he told us. “the Scout, the Imola, and even the Stepvan. I just couldn’t do it.”

From the Lusch Motors Press Release:
The Stepvan is the perfect partner for many types of businesses. Large enough to transport different types of cargo. Manoeuvrable enough to tackle urban traffic. Built to last in every type of environment: urban cities, mainland roads and anything in between.

For more information, see: link