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Skutsje will be the next boat according to weary workers at Dutch Harbor, who say that they were forced to do double shift or their peanuts would be taken away.

“C’mon, man! Don’t mess with our snacks!” Protested one worker.

The Skutsje is a challenging sail craft that moves at higher speeds and already has developed a fan base before its release. If you don’t know what a Skutsje is or looks like, head over to Dutch Harbor where there are some on display.


The Sheriff’s Department has undergone a reorganization after the WBA determined that independent communities have a better idea of how to police themselves.

“We’re taking the Sheriff’s Department open source,” said the former Sheriff, “so now everyone can set up their own department. We’ll just offer support and some paint.”

Paints were the first order of the day too, with the sale of a fat pack of Sheriff Department paints available at an unbelievably low price (link to texture fat pack). The paints offer simple branding for some of the most used vehicles by the Sheriff’s Department.

“We love these vehicles,” the former Sheriff said, “starting with the gold standard for patrol, the SZYM Intruder (link). We also have textures for the Astaro TPF4 – a brilliant emergency vehicle (link), the PA-38 by ZSK (link)which we use to catch speeders and cover the East River mountains, the GEMC Detroit Pacific bus (link), and a Bell helicopter (link) too.”

Below is a product report made possible by the Waterbank Business Association:

Western Quarterhorse:
The horse has been updated to version 1.3f.
– Bento fingers are no longer dislocated
– Bento Hand poses implemented
– different leading heights enabled
– Manual buttons for walk/trot/etc
– “cruise control” enabled
– better gait sounds
– graze and rear HUD buttons
– AO optimized

Grab it at the redelivery terminal if you didn’t get it delivered!

Shergood Aviation has released a a luxury version of its EC-135, dubbed the VIP Edition. The consummate company for rotorcraft has added “a luggage system, on-board media, and cooler for champagne to maximize comfort of your VIP passengers,” and has already been put to use in several charter fleets.

Customers that have already purchased an EC-135 can use a “Fleet Add On” vendors at their White Star Airport store to get a special discount.

Shoppers can admire the craft and purchase it at Grayling (89,42,30)

This picture shows the Dixie Queen in the background, which is larger than the Dixie Belle.

Bandit Boats and the Mesh Shop have released the Dixie Belle (link), a 19th century paddleboat that has been expertly crafted and scripted.

Among the animations and spacious accommodations is a new addition to the boating world – a clever blackjack game. The boat is GTFO ready (no install required).

The Dixie Belle is only available in world at Dutch Harbor (link at right).

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