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Increases in river, road, and air traffic in the East and West River areas has put pressure on area leaders to rethink how their ports and airports are arranged.

“We’re looking at tomorrow, not today,” said a councilwoman in West River, “and the reality is yesterday. We should be more like the East River and ERIA – they’ve got a better handle on it.”

A number of cruise ship captains went early to the the Andrea Doria launch (link), thinking that it was a new cruise ship, named after the ill fated Italian liner.

“We need work,” one said. “There are very few cruise ships in this world.”

The launch is actually for a new freighter, which is a high demand area of shipping.

“People need to move goods,” said one dock worker. “That’s why companies like TNT are doing so well.”

Chia is pictured here in hard hat, leading reconstruction efforts. The ambitious CEO has ordered all hands on deck for the redo.

Massive changes are underway in the town of Helvellyn where Chia, CEO of Feral Marine has purchased the town of Helvellyn and is already making changes. As an incentive to increase the population of the town, she is offering special deals for residents that will uphold the vision of the town. “Tier only,” her real estate people are saying, in an offer that is a great value.

“Prime real estate for only your tier cost. That’s land for free,” said Sketch Sun at the WBA. “That doesn’t happen often.”

More is sure to come soon with this major change to East River…


An anomaly traveler sent this pic of Port Kyat Lun and adjoining Fletcher Field, part of the WW2 experience in the Tulagi area. Port Kyat Lun – Jeogeot Gulf, Kyat Lun (link) is the latest of wartime developments – a port that will soon be able to take on cargo from the freighters that frequent the region.

The photographer, a Waterbank accountant when not on vacation, was part of a b 17 bomb crew, and took the photo as they took off for a mission from Fletcher Field. “The ZSK B17 is so amazing,” he told us, “that most of my pictures are from inside the plane.”


Seen here at Dutch Harbor (link) is another gorgeous creation from Analyse Dean, the Luxe Motor. Designed for the upcoming trade system, GTFO (link) which is currently in Alpha, the Luxe Motor is intended to carry freight to selected ports.


As with all Analyse Dean products, the craft is meticulously constructed and artfully decorated, as seen in the above interior shot. Interested buyers will have to wait a little longer but can visit the boat at Dutch Harbor (link).

Pippen1 The WBA commissioned a Pippen revitalization plan from Grace Development Agency after what WBA President Sketch Sun called “an embarrassing amount of pleading for funds.”

Rich with ideas but not in funds, Grace Development Agency has turned to urban design and impact studies to rescue the company from the edge of bankruptcy. “Things have been hard since Grace seceded from Waterbank. We lost customers overnight.”

The plan handed over to the WBA early this week surprised staffers, who were not expecting the recommendations in the report. “They recommend a two tier approach to revitalizing Pippen; commercialize and make space. It’s not too bad of idea,” said one staffer drinking Cosmos in the ERIA lounge.


Parts of the plan may be familiar to Waterbank News readers, who saw an early plan (link). At the heart of both plans is the construction of a new showroom and headquarters for Feral Marine, which the GDA says has been supporting the local economy.

It also calls for an ambitious reconstruction of the waterfront, removing an entire row of stores to make more room for boats. As can be seen in the pictures, the dock is a new V design that allows for the mooring of all size boats and greater security for the new Tempest class vessel. Additional pontoon docks can be added as needed, the report says.


Increased road access and improvements to the hospital are suggested as well. “That hospital is the only one with a trauma center for all of East River,” said a WAX EMS we spoke to. “Mowry, Pippen, Helvelyn – heck, the whole region doesn’t have one. Making it easier for us to get here by road would really make a difference.”


WBA President Sketch Sun was asked how the plan would be received by the defacto leader of Pippen, Chia. “I’m sure she’ll find it interesting – especially the large statue of “Saint Chia” that they say should go in the middle of the hospital roundabout. I wouldn’t wait long for a construction contract if I were GDA, though. She’s got her own great ideas.”

JeogutA sailboat passes in front of Michael Linden’s picturesque chateau and seaplane port in Jeogut.

One of the world’s most beautiful sailing locations is Jeogeot Gulf, a waterway on the expanding Jeogut continent. Jeogut, which is seeing a rise in popularity among travelers seeking quieter adventures, is a large area with hundreds of watersports locations.

Visitors interested in the area can follow the link, Jeogeot Gulf, and soon will be able to fly into a newly constructed Frank “Jack” Fletcher Airfield (SLFF). Boaters are warned to exercise caution around this location, Ichelus (link), where there is an active volcano and stray mines.

Editor’s Note: Anomaly travelers can travel into the mouth of the volcano by this link: Mouth of the volcano