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An anomaly traveler to Trinidad, circa 1700 (LINK) took this photo of the restaurant in Nassau.

“There’s stuff here that’s not on the Pirate’s Destiny website (link),” they told us. “Ships, and clothes, and the best sandwich in time. I have no idea what they put in the Tortuga Sandwich, but it is worth every blister from swabbing the deck!”


The expansive destination of Antiquity is a late 18th century world that has been only partly civilized. There are royal courts and scenic parks, yet travelers looking to take part in royal intrigues or skirmishes on the sea still have to brave bandits and suspicious locals. There is something for everyone, all with SPD combat (optional) and a money HUD.

Travelers seeking to role play in this exciting destination may want to bring their own vessel for excitement on the seas (Furia – Blackstone Rose Shipyards link), or take a horse to speed along land journeys (Waterhorse link)

First time visitors are encouraged to acquaint themselves with the greeting room first, then can take a guided tour (which you can hop off when you like) to see this brave new world.

Introduction notecard follows after the jump if you want a head start: Read More


Recent visitors to Arcus, the jewel of the Arcan Empire, have been saying some surprising things, according to SOCL.

“They say it is really a fun place,” said one SOCL team member. “It has combat training, vehicles, and the occasional zombie. We’re planning a trip too this weekend.”

SOCL has given these coordinates: Arcus


A Feral Marine RIB with several Claw members were chased away from XD Yacht Club by a brazen pleasure boat captain. The captain, who was not identified for fear of reprisal had had “a few too many few too manys” and angrily steered a prototype of the upcoming Boss 665 straight toward the RIB, yelling, “Aaaaaaaaa!”

Claw pirates turned the RIB away and avoided a collision with the vintage pleasure craft by steering into shallow waterways. The pleasure boat crashed on a rock during the pursuit. Creator of the craft Analyse Dean was later overheard saying “That’s the last time I let that idiot test drive our boats.”