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The Pippen Docks has been cooperating with various law enforcement agencies, and though catnip is still legal in the region, shipments are moving through different ports.

“It’s self-correction,” said a UCS officer at the docks. “We don’t care at all about it. We’re here to stop the sand trade.”

Pippen docks are shipping out record amounts of catnip thanks to new equipment from Feral Logistics and new union representation.

“It’s all thanks to da new facilities,” said Don Catleone, “and, ya know, HR policies.”

East River is one if the few places with legalized catnip, but that hasn’t stopped a theiving trade in the narcotic. Every day tons of it are shipped out from the Pippen docks and into places where its status as contraband puts the ship crews in danger. Coast Guards and local law enforcement impound what they can though much of it makes its ways onto the streets.

“There’s a discussion at the policy level,” said a Waterbank University professor, “as to whether the war on catnip is having any real effect. The only thing we’ve figured out so far is that catnip is making everyone crazy.”

According to E. Paklena, “Pippen Parkway has been realigned at the entrance to East River Intercontinental Airport to now provide a straight path from the Linden Road down to the Borough, eliminating the sharp double turn across the RapidER tracks.”

The move settles a maintenance ticket from last month when a Tunisian Moon Coffee truck crashed, spilling a certain East River VIP’s cappuccino. See the gleaming new asphalt here (link)

Surprising their boss and everyone in the break room, an intern at Grace Development Agency released a concept plan for Pippen involving a reconstructed airport and supporting community.

“Wait – wha?” Said the intern’s boss.

“All these computers have a purpose,” stated the intern, “and I wanted to demonstrate that you could build a city up a mountainous slope.”

The plan, pictured above, has a number of intriguing ideas, including an airport that is mostly below the tarmac. “With the mall and baggage counters below,” the intern wrote, “the airport footprint can be smaller and there is space for a separate town on the south side.”

The plan also calls for a Visitor Center and Tour Boat Terminal, which would be an entry point to the Pippen experience.

“Visitors come in by boat or get ‘landed,’ then they can walk for 15 seconds and be at the airport, take a train, or shop at several shopping areas. Everything is close, and all of East River is open to them.”

The plan has some controversy too. It calls for reseating the East River civil administration in Pippen, taking away what was traditionally in Helvellyn.

“There would be a lot of changes,” said one customer at Pippen Hot, “but I really like the plan.”

UCS – The fledgling UCS (United City-States) is preparing for a bigger role in the world with training sessions for its members, and here is a recent training exercise at East River Hospital in Pippen.

“People don’t always remember that ERH is one of the few hospitals outfitted with a decompression tank (link).” Said one doctor with the UCS. “They also have a Disease Center that can train us on infectious vectors in battlefield environments. We’re learning a lot.”

A private conversation between Chia, the CEO of Feral Marine and the Fugitive Lawyer was recorded and sent to the Waterbank News, which immediately prepared it for print.

“It just turns out that Feral engineers are not very quick about developing weapons systems. They refuse to talk to anyone else about it, but it seems that they are genuinely afraid of how powerful the Lynx might be. Meanwhile the weapons development team is bogarting the prototype build and the Lynx is so expensive to build that we could only afford to build the prototype. I really could use a drink.”

A garbled voice that is likely the Fugitive Lawyer’s asks about prepaid contracts.

“The procurement process for weapons from the SL Navy is pending. Since Feral is not a military company. We have no deals in place with any weapons makers yet. My head of legal said that he is trying to work out a deal with someone.”

The Fugitive Lawyer says something about a transport plane, then Chia answers.

“We did the C-23 Sherpa design a long time ago. Our legal department did something right and they sold the rights to that to an aviation company. They’re back to working well, but we may put you on retainer.”

Feral Marine has spawned a new subsidiary, Feral Robotics, which will create “robots to help your world.” The slogan has caused a disturbance in coffee shops across the continent as conspiracy theorists speculate on how far reaching the robotic company will go.

“It’s only one two-step from armageddon,” declared one java junkie. “First they’ll automate the factories, then our homes! Before you know it we’ll all have wires stickin out of our nethers.”

“To quote a song, ‘paranoia-self-destroy-a,'” said an executive at Feral Marine. “Feral Robotics has some hot products that will really help people.”

New facilities at Feral Marine’s dockyard in Pippen has investors teetering with excitement.

“The price [stock] rose five points in one hour,” said a day trader. “The WSE had taken a dip, but here was this shiny spot, and you can bet us monkeys picked it up!”

Feral Marine has yet to make an official comment on the new building, and has privately denied that the new building design was really for better executive bathrooms.

A picture taken secretly, showing one of the ships under development.

It is being reported by our Pippen office that two new luxury craft are being developed by Feral Marine, and workers are so excited by them that they are leaking information about it.

“It’s in our Pippen facility and it’s hasn’t even made it off paper yet, but it is close,” a worker told us. “If Chia knew we were talking to you she would have us disappeared, all I can tell you right now is that it is about 40 meters long, has 3 bedrooms, two baths, kitchen, dining room, and a bar on the second floor with lounge seating.”

The two luxury craft have been dubbed the Feral Puma and the Feral Jaguar, both of which are likely to follow the release of the MLB. At the time of this article, a scripting team was working on all of the craft.