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Phase Foxtrot testing has been completed for Feral Marine’s MLB, a highly anticipated patrol craft.

“Law enforcement agencies and coastal patrols have all been begging for the MLB,” said one boat dealer in East River. “So it’s gonna be bank day when it gets released.”


A picture taken secretly, showing one of the ships under development.

It is being reported by our Pippen office that two new luxury craft are being developed by Feral Marine, and workers are so excited by them that they are leaking information about it.

“It’s in our Pippen facility and it’s hasn’t even made it off paper yet, but it is close,” a worker told us. “If Chia knew we were talking to you she would have us disappeared, all I can tell you right now is that it is about 40 meters long, has 3 bedrooms, two baths, kitchen, dining room, and a bar on the second floor with lounge seating.”

The two luxury craft have been dubbed the Feral Puma and the Feral Jaguar, both of which are likely to follow the release of the MLB. At the time of this article, a scripting team was working on all of the craft.

The Grace Development Agency has offered its plans to Feral Marine for the redevelopment of the Pippen waterfront, but admits that it “hasn’t done its best.”

“Ever since the intern left we’ve been having design blocks. He was intolerable when he was here, but we need him,” said a senior staffer at Grace Development.

The current plans include some uncommon architectural features, and focus on a long plot on the north side of Pippen.

“We plan on removing the road on that side. It is underutilized and the space can be used to create a large building to hold larger ships. Some of the designs have massive front doors that would open, and most of the designs enclose the space to keep competitors from seeing what FM is up to,” said Chief Architect at Grace Development. “We also think that it would be possible to hide smaller vessels under a tall waterfront (Plan D) with a secret door. If FM chose that, they would be able to extend the hidden dock the length of Pippen, enough for at least four boats. Public moorings and traffic could use the waterfront freely too, so that may be the best plan. It would remove all the old tunnels and such that are under the current waterfront, obviously.”

Residents of the Pippen and Blackslough area were stunned by the news that Feral Marine was closing its showroom in Pippen, and feared that the East River industrial bulwark might pull out of the troubled area. Waterbank News is proud to allay fears that residents may have, and reports that the company is merely restructuring. According to Volchia Ferduccio, CEO of Feral Marine, a massive backlog of prototype boats and a number of ambitious new projects are forcing the company to make space. The new main show room will be in the Blake Sea area (link), and Pippen will be a prototype and research and development complex.

Heavy construction is expected in Pippen soon as FM looks to repurpose the waterfront to a development area, and construction workers are already arriving, resulting in a sharp decline in doughnuts.

“Pippen Hot is out of crawlers by 6 am,” griped one customer. “Forget about the maple bars.”

Chia, CEO and chief creator at Feral has reportedly sent a formal request to the Grace Development Agency design offices for a new plan, under the condition that the intern responsible for previous designs be let go.

Grace Development Agency has since sent the intern back to Waterbank University with the public statement that they appreciated the university for all that they will be doing.

A receptionist at Grace Development said that the change was unfair, and cried as she told us, “he was just so cute!”

Grace Development has released the design specifications to the public in an effort to provide a better design for Feral Marine See the design specs after the jump).

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While the East River is dealing with one or two catastrophic disasters, Black Pippen is working overtime with two Feral Marine products under construction, and a third that is rumored to be in initial prototyping.

“This is why we put our faith in Pippen,” explained a staffer at the WBA. “They know what is important and keep putting out good products.”

The two craft (pictured above) are a luxury vessel capable of deep water crossings and a cargo barge that may allow large capacity GTFO shipments. Currently both products are under “refinement,” and workers say that they both are expected to be released this quarter.


The Fugitive Lawyer grabbed a Flat White at Pippen Hot, and did it on the WBA tab. The fugitive has been on the run for some time, and despite being number eight on the Waterbank’s Most Wanted, lives an envious life of comfort.

“I don’t think anyone even remembers what crimes he committed,” said a staffer at the WBA. “And he always gives us free legal advice. A coffee is cheap for that.”

“I remember everything that scum did,” said a grizzled and scarred ex-Waterbank Police sergeant. “And if I was on the force still, I’d run him in for sure.”

Asked why he didn’t make a citizen’s arrest, the sergeant replied “a man’s got a right to a croissant, no matter who he is.”


The WBA has commissioned a massive megaproject impact study for the Blackslouph Pippen area (Black Pippen) to see what it would take to relocate key infrastructure from the East River into Black Pippen. The plan that was returned to the WBA from Grace Development’s intern was more than what anyone could have imagined.

“To fit all the key departments and necessary government functions in ERC – people that currently are spread over a large area – you have to rethink the space,” the intern explained. “For starters, you need to use the space under the ERIA tarmac, and build a town under there. Some of the buildings can be empty support columns for the tarmac, but you need some space for parking and a new civic center. In Plan 957 A we imagined that Governor Chia is taking a major role in river politics, and that having several GTFO cargo facilities would drive the economy of the area.”


The plan also calls for the construction of a “Grand Central” railway station, cargo docks on the river, and a “taller more pragmatic” hospital in Pippen. A network of roadways underneath the airport would allow for more vehicle traffic, and the intern placed the controversial “Pippen Highway” just under the tarmac.

“I’m a sucker for high speed chases,” he explained.