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UndineSmugg A smuggler makes a sand run in a modified Bandit 470.

The New Undine Government has declared war on sand smugglers, which have been taking away precious land from the newly stabilized country. “They steal the sand and flee into the militarized zone and out from the airport,” complained the NUG Press Minister. “Our children haven’t been able to make sand castles for weeks!”

BeerShip The released photo.

Waterbank Intelligence Agency (WIA) has sent out a warning to the ULF with the release of a surveillance photo of Undine Villa. “The ULF has been trading beer for safe passage for some Soviet units and they need to stop,” said the WIA spokesperson today. “We are watching, and will release information if the collaboration doesn’t stop.”

The photo clearly shows a delivery at Undine Villa, which is mostly under the control of the ULF, as is the nearby Undine Town. WIA claims to have “more descriptive” photos as well, that place key ULF members in question.

Allegations of ULF members collaborating with SSR forces has put a strain on the ULF and NATO alliance, and led to tensions between the two. ULF denies any collaboration with SSR, though some NATO soldiers have said that they have seen “more vodka than sense” lately.

OLDSAFBasseesA map from the report shows danger areas in OLDS AFB, including the barbecue.

In an uncharacteristically public gesture WIA released a Threat Assessment For OLDS AFB. The release was timed with a press release stating a change in structure, removing the mayoral office from command decisions. “We haven’t had a mayor for some time,” the spokesperson stated, “but WIA has to keep pulling triggers.”

The base in the report was the key launch point for WSDF forces during the Undine campaign and is still in use. The report outlines potential threat areas and recommended countermeasures for “a highly advanced adversary with traditional and guerrilla forces.”

The majority of the report focused on areas of ingress; gaps in the perimeter defenses that made the base too accessible to enemy armor. An entire chapter was dedicated to “internal threats,” which included a barbecue. “A continually burning charcoal fire with grilling meats, all but unmanned has had the effect of distracting military patrol dogs and owners at its minimum, and a large fire risk at maximum” said the report.

It also goes on to say that transferring the base to civilian control – an international airport supporting none of the combatants could localize the conflict in other areas and act as a step toward an independent Undine.

An independent Undine has long been the goal of Waterbank, which has supported the ULF (Undine Liberation Front) and the NUG (New Undine Government) from the beginning of the conflict.

“We think this marks the beginning of an independent WIA,” said one Professor of Political Science at Waterbank University, “one no longer held to the power of a mayor. It is a dangerous first step.”

Many in the intelligence community agree, seeing an intelligence agency that follows its own agenda as being contrary to security. “Today’s enemies can become clients if you’re not careful,” said a former analyst, “and I’m thinking specifically about the Claw.”


Grace Development Agency released a devlopment plan for Undine City today, surprising Undine watchers. Undine City, which has been the focal point of several ground attacks by major powers, is considered to be an unlikely place for development.

Undeterred by a daily body count, Undine National Oil (UNO), and Grace Development Agency have put forth a plan for several new buildings, roads, and landscaping. “They’ve even got a hotel and a post office on the map,” exclaimed one shocked ULF pilot, “it’s like they’ve never been here before!”

No comment was available from UNO or Grace Development on the status of the unlikely project.

SOCLflyoverA SOCL helicopter flies over Undine Town and a tributary of the Undine River.

SOCL, the Secret Order of the Crested Lotus, has widened their search for the Undine Serpent, braving the active combat zone of the Undine Woods.

“We believe that the creature may hold special properties,” said one spokesperson for the group, “but so far all we have found are trash bags connected with rope and a large pair of googly-eyes.”

OLDS A teaser for MCE combat and Amok vehicle fans of future things to come – straight from Aeon Voom’s digital feeds is below:

MCE Will Continue to Improve
Aeon may have more plates than room in the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean things aren’t getting done. Quite to the contrary, improvements to MCE are squeezed in between updates (there are a lot of those!) and new products (the latest is the KA-26). Already there are plans to makeover the MCE GUI, and remove the extras (body armor, medi kits, laser sighting, and so on) and make them wearable. This should free up space for weapons and ammo…

OLDs / Undine MCE Combat Space Will See Greater Complexity
Something long desired by fans of OLDs is greater complexity with the landscape and objectives, and Aeon’s once again got our backs on this. Several features will change gameplay and make combat more mission oriented and fun.

One large feature is supply dropping, which will presumably be integrated into the large fleet of Amok vehicles and allow for combat support roleplay and extend the range of missions. Supply drops will work well with forward bases, which are also planned to be spawns for the combatant that wants a quick drop into combat. It hasn’t been said, but these changes indicate that we could see more secure airfield bases (like NAS Undine and its SSR counterpart) that are bases of operation, with the sims in between being the primary areas of combat. Capture the flag areas will continue and may be expanded to give a sense of dominance by factions.

In the long term plans for OLDs is a remake of the landscape, utilizing more mesh and changing areas for greater combat opportunity. Very little has been said about this, but there is an open call for mesh builders and it is likely that the popular urban areas will get a remake.

Fans have thrown a lot of ideas into chats, including tunnels and infantry-centric areas, though what will come is hard to predict.

AMOK Dynamics New Products
With the recent release of the KA-26 Hoodlum for AvA, fans of Amok are clamoring for new products, and Aeon’s got a number in the works. The list of products in some stage of development is:
– A-10 Thunderbolt II
– C 130 Family
– Marder IFV/ Roland on Marder chassis
– Tor M1 SAM system

This list could be a lot longer, but these are the most recent admissions by the mastermind of Amok, Aeon Voom. In previous talks Aeon has mentioned submarines and boats, the Huey, and a number of other vehicles, yet those may just be works on the hard drive. As details come in we’ll share them with you, and feel free to add comments for your hopes and news. OLDS can be found at the links at right.

Kajura Torok (chloechisu) poses inside a hangar that is hers to decorate.

In a theater or combat that never ends, SSR soldiers and pilots in Undine have settled in, even bringing in exotic pets and a personal touch to their base on the North Shore. One such soldier is Kajura Torok (chloechisu), a ranking officer in the SSR and the recipient of multiple medals for her excellence on the battlefield.

Known by NATO forces as the “Red Tiger,” Kajira has made a home for herself on the SSR base, using the motor pool for a lounge and kennel for her large pets.

SSR commanders have turned a blind eye to such “individualistic indulgences” in exchange for continuing service from highly trained troops.

The Waterbank News apologizes for mistake – OLDS, the combat region with 11 sims will stay open as usual. The announcement was an April Fool’s joke made plausible by this paper’s belief that Aeon Voom really does want a nude resort to call his own.

In other rumors a large remake of the sims is in the planning stage, and mesh builders are sought to work on a new, more detailed and low LI landscape for OLDS.

Aeon Voom, the builder and sim host to the family of OLDS sims (AKA Undine) has announced that effective today the modern combat sims will be closing and replaced with a private sim.

Aeon is the genius behind Amok Dynamics which is the premier military vehicle manufacturer for Second Life and architect of the MCE Combat System. His love of modern combat has benefited thousands who have come to the OLDS sims to purchase vehicles and fight in a fictitious conflict between superpowers.

His sims will be sorely missed, and it is not currently clear how this change will affect the MCE Combat System, Amok Dynamics, or Honah Airfield, which he also contributes to.

On behalf of Waterbank News and all of us who have come to love OLDS, thank you Aeon.

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