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Gentek, the premier infrastructure and elevator company has improved their gold standard Condor Elevator with the new Delta Elevator, and architects are beside themselves with joy.

“The Condor was awesome – the Delta is just – wow,” said one architect we met at the showroom in Prototype (link at right under Big 7). “So many features, so streamlined, small land impact… wow!”

On top of a low prim, high end product, the new system has a new product from NBS incorporated in it, the KeyRing access list service (link to NBS info). The list of features that the new system has is too long to publish here, so shoppers are encouraged to see the Marketplace listing (link), the product support page (link), or check them out in person at Prototype Gardens (link at right).

The elevator system was masterminded by Nelson Jenkins (Gentek) and supported by NTBI heavies like Lyte Rae and Will Szymborska. Follow the above links to see the product in action.


Lusch Motors has released the Scout, an all terrain vehicle that has GEMC drive and full towing capacity. The low prim beauty is perfect for getting off the road and into the forest, and is already up for demo at Lusch Motor’s Bay City location (link). Shoppers can also get it at the Marketplace or in Prototype (link at right).

Rox Oil (ROX) was once believed to be going the way of Unified National Oil (UNO), but is making a huge comeback, surpassing Yura and Ansco as the leading fuel provider for interstates.

“Our strategy is simple,” said the President of Rox. “We listened to one of our board members with a lot of experience.”

The board member in question is none other than Will Szymborska, CEO of SZYM and NTBI cornerstone. “Look,” his assistant told us, “Mr. S knows that the key to the market is the guy and gal on the road. We told Rox to build as many stations as they could, pack them with snacks and diners, and the customers will come.”

SZYM Magnate Will Szymborska gave us a head’s up on Gentek Telecom’s latest development plan, tipping us off that GT’s newest facility will be coming online soon, at a new site in the Satori continent off Route 8 in Granville (link), to provide better service to the growing number of Satori customers (the 494 area code).

The station that is also a microwave relay termination is one of many GT facilities to build up the network. Current GT facilities now include Briggs County, Xoanon (relay), Hyperion, Northbridge, and now Granville (soon looking to offer expanded service to Sansara).

Hakuso Investments doubled their valuation of the communications giant after hearing the news, and one trader was nearly fired because he “couldn’t sit down, he was so excited.”

Rumors that Markstein is making a spy watch that can shoot, tell the altitude, and locate the nearest GFS fuel station has doubled Stock value overnight. The company has been quiet about their projects, though a trader at Hakuso insists it’s all true.

“The guy I know had a lot of drinks. There’s no way he’d make something up after that.”

Markstein can be found in Prototype (link at right – Big Seven).

Businesses are flocking to Glenbrook, and Prototype insiders are saying it has a lot to do with the “Northbridge Crew,” a subgroup in the NTBI corporation.

“Glenbrook would be nothing without Northbridge,” a Hakuso Investment manager told us. “If you didn’t have heavy hitters like Will Szymborska or Nelson Jenkins in Northbridge laying down the infrastructure, Glenbrook’d be a logging town of 3.”

Businesses like Tunisian Coffee, Sunnydale Sauces, and Grace Construction are the latest to rent out space in the Prototype metro, and the WBA thinks it’s just the beginning.

“It’s just the beginning,” they told us.

Visitors and businesses can follow the Big Seven links at right to see Northbridge or Glenbrook. —–>