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Route 23, which passes through Northbridge is already busy, thanks to major investment from Passiac and Bergen Counties.

No slouches when it comes to big projects, the whizzes at NTBI are undertaking a massive project to improve Prototype and Northbridge infrastructure. They have already widened the county highway, put in miles of train track, set a foundation for the new SZYM factory, and a new housing development is also under construction.

“This is a wonderful development,” said WBA President Sketch Sun. “Prototype is considered one of the Big Seven, and when it gets better, so does the world.”

The ‘Big Seven’ refers to sims that inspire growth in international markets, and the addition of a living community so close to an industrial and commercial hub is likely to have a ripple effect.

“NTBI moves the market,” said one investor at Hakuso Investments. “It’s so hot now that I wish I had sold my brother’s kidney to buy more.”


Rox Oil is “hot – hotter than a gas fire” according to inside sources at Hakuso Investments and Nielson-Joncolno Private Equity LLC. They are opening several new stations, including one in Northbridge, one on the infamous Route 8 and are in talks for one in Briggs County (Port Dominion). Gentek is rumored to be basing a central office in Dominion. Investor confidence in Roxoil is at an all time high, with an overnight spike of 100 points.

A view of the Prototype Gardens Mall from the new highway

Prototype construction crews are working triple time as new designs for the NTBI and NBS mega complex are reworked. The massive construction across from the Prototype gardens is said to be able to house corporate offices, a nuclear reactor, tennis courts, and a new rail terminal – if they can agree on a design.

“They can take as long as they want,” said Flo at the Rodex Cafe, “I’ve got enough cobbler for everyone.”