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As Waterbank News reporters lay fallow to the summer heat, taking Kousara’s Charters to the new Belisseria (link: Bellisseria Fairgrounds (135,145,21)) or other festive destinations, they have been letting Kousara give them all the juicy news.

“You can never accuse our reporters of working too hard,” said the acting Editor in Chief, the intern.

According to them there are new vehicles at Prototype (the Lusch Motors Ajax and the Zamani Stylo), a new boat from Cat & Cry, McKeenan’s MA220 at White Star Airport (Grunion (171,68,22)), and Shana Carpool’s new Beechcraft 1900D.

Kagurazaka ChouxCream Kirino smirked as one of our reporters also asked about the new Regent HQ Roadside (another one of Kousara’s holdings, GTFO World HQ Royier (34,158,21). “It’s a major GTFO hub, I’ll send you a press release. I suppose you want me to peel those pistachios too.”

Yes, it’s true readers! More than 2000 stories online, and we at Waterbank News are going to celebrate with a short holiday. Though it hasn’t been decided whether it will be backpacking into the Prototype forests, a wine tasting tour through the East River, a cross-continental voyage from Dutch Harbor, a trip to Deluge, or a combat tour in Tulagi, the entire staff will be away for while. Don’t worry readers – we will be back soon, and the news will continue!

WNnewoffice The new mailbox for story submission is pictured here with a red arrow.

Waterbank News has opened a satellite office at Feral Marine’s Tsotchke island, subsidized by Feral Marine.

“It means more news from around the world,” said an excited Editor In Chief, “and we’ve even got a drop box for people to add their own stories. Thanks to Feral, our reach just got longer!”

Aspiring reporters and interested parties can find the office, along with several boat demos at Tschotchke (link).

Waterbank News is celebrating in classic Waterbank style this week with parties that are likely to continue into next month. The festivities started when the Editor in Chief realized that the paper had published more than 1200 articles – 1198 more than critics had said were possible.

“We have really covered a lot,” said the Editor in Chief. “and there have been some crazy stories. Let me take you through some of them. We had crazy late night meetings with conspiracy folks, like the NTBI guy (link), we covered the entire Secret Society of the Crested Lotus expedition into the anomalies (link), and then when it came back (link). We lost people (link), and never saw them again. We saw giant monkeys (link), mayors assassinated (link), several wars (link), international politics (link), and were even arrested on occasion (link).

“Don’t forget there were slow news days, too,” called out another reporter. “We may – or may not have,” he looked over at the WBA office, “made some of our own news (link).”

“And don’t forget the ghost (link),” said another reporter. “We had a ghost too!”

Champagne was passed around the office, and quickly consumed. The reporters reminisced about all the stories – printed and unprinted. In the corner two reporters spoke in low tones about stories with no follow through. “We only covered the tip of the iceberg with the Forgier Report (link). People are saying he’s still alive.” The other reporter nodded his head. “What about the insane cloning scheme (link) Waterbank hatched?”

Food arrived and the reporters gathered around it. Some looked as though they had not seen it in days.

“We have never felt so good,” said one reporter who was already pouring a scotch, “to think we cleared 1200 articles! My momma said I would never work hard,” he laughed, “and she was right. To mama,” he called out to the office, holding up his drink. They returned his toast and the whole office took a drink.

Surprising the entirety of the editorial staff, Silas (our hapless space delivery guy who is constantly in the crossfire) finds a story before the SOCL news wire. This story comes from Silas Moone:


BBI (Black Bishop Industries), the maker of premium spacecraft is well underway on it’s most ambitious spacecraft yet, the Epsilon. With several decks and enough rooms to staff a large crew, it is clearly meant to be a fully functional long range space vessel.

With bridge, bridge, science lab, crew quarters, shuttle and maintenance bays, the Epsilon looks like it will be the a groundbreaking vessel, especially since BBI allows ships to be modified.

Epsilon2 Silas looks at the room he is most likely to spend time in – the brig.

Epsilon3 Silas scrounges for illicit substances in the med lab.

Interested star captains can follow this link to see the vessel: Epsilon (link)

This reprint of Abyss Observatory News #73 is brought to you by the WBA.

Abyss Observatory News #73
アビス海文台ニュース#73 (日本語が後にあります) 
23 April, 2015

Topic: Close of Abyss Observatory at “Second Earth 3”

Abyss started at “Gun” as “the Abyss Museum of Ocean Science” in 2007, restarted at NOAA’s “Second Earth 3” (SE3) as “Abyss Observatory” in, 2010.

And SE3 will become off-line on coming June due to complex reasons, including bad reputation of SL in Japan, the drop in the value of the yen.

Many exhibits in Abyss at SE3 will move (or already copied) to Abyss at “Farwell”, “STEM Island”, “Jabara Land Atlantis”, etc in SL and JOGrid (OpenSim).

But Abyss was created by more than 7 creators and I can’t contact with several creators yet and I can’t save their works.

I will transfer SE3 in free if there is someone who keeps such works.
Please contact me.

Yan Lauria
トピック:アビス海文台at Second Earth 3の閉鎖

アビスは2007年に”Gun”で”the Abyss Museum of Ocean Science”として発足し、2010年に米大気海洋庁の”Second Earth 3″ (SE3) で”アビス海文台”として再出発しました。


多くの展示はSL内のアビス海文台at Farwell, “STEM Island”, “Jabara Land Atlantis”ほか、さらにOpenSim の JOGridに移転予定又は移転済みです。


もしそのいくつかの作品を残していただける方がおられましたら、無償譲渡いたしますので、Yan Lauria までご連絡ください。
I will transfer SE3 in free if there is someone who keeps
Abyss Observatory
Japan: Yan Lauria, comet Morigi, Draceina Pinion, Dugong Janus, Nobu Shim, Vianka Scorfield, rurimi, Akashakokuu, Alha Iwish, motoko Moonwall
Singapore: Veritas Raymaker, Derek Raymaker

Abyss Observatory at Second Earth 3;
Abyss Observatory at Farwell
The Modern Museum at STEM Island
Jabara Land Atlantis

Web site;

You will be able to get them from the information post nearby the landing point.
アビス海文台ニュースのバックナンバーご 希望の方は、到着点近くのインフォポストから入手できます。

In a twist on the recent break-in of a Hit Corp warehouse, the perpetrator has threatened to release damning evidence of HCI’s backdoor dealings and crimes unless a sizable payment is made.

To make his demands known the smuggler contacted Waterbank News and told our reporters that evidence of bribes, corruption, coercion, and murder would be released unless HCI paid a “grotesque amount of money.”

HCI, which has had a number of allegations leveled against it, has so far eluded any legal action. “Nothing can be proven,” spat their Waterbank legal representative, known by many as the “Fugitive Lawyer.” “Smear HCI at your own risk.”

Among the critics of HCI is the Mayor, who has refused to allow the WIA to outsource security operations, citing concerns of impropriety. Security companies such as HCI, OmniCorp, and Raven have been under review.

The smuggler gave HCI some time to pay, saying “I know that they’ll have to liquidate some investments” and that “they know where they can find me.”

It’s day 2 for Thomas Tallon, the new resident of Harrison City. He’s got his citizen papers and decided to drop by Channel 5 News, the local news network. At a cheap lunch at Checker and Decker he explained his plan for the day.


So what’s the plan?
Action 5 News – I know they’re competitors to Waterbank News, but there’s plenty of news to go around, right?


When we arrived at the office, they asked him to wait inside near one of the cubicles. After a bit of wrangling, they let us in too. As Thomas waited he marveled at the city outside the window, still trying to get his bearings.
You can see Prototype across the river from here! And the clocktower! No offense guys, but this is much nicer than the office you guys have.
We had to agree. There was more money here for sure.

After that things didn’t go too well. Tallon made a bad impression in his overalls, and didn’t know the city. We decided to console him at a local pub, and pick up the story tomorrow.

As it celebrates over 800 stories printed, Waterbank News has cut its staff, streamlining its operations and calling for interested parties to collaborate with the ailing paper.

“We just can’t support our large staff,” said the Editor in Chief sadly. “We’re hoping that other news sources and individuals will join us and publish with us.”

The Editor in Chief has said that he would love to see more “desks” too, including more coverage from space and the sailing community.

“It’s a difficult time, and we’re trying to keep what we can.”