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In a series of events that could be from the TV series “Twin Peaks,” a WIA operative stumbled upon an abandoned vehicle, then a still burning campfire with no one there. He then went to a nearby gas station only to see that there was no one there.

Glenbrook PD were called from a NBS payphone, and they too were baffled.

“There are footprints from the van to the fire, then… none. We’re worried that it might be something animal that took these people.”

Secrecy was surrounding a Vulture Air hangar at ERIA yesterday when a MOFT vehicle was seen loading a mysterious box for shipping.

“We all joked it was the Ark of the Covenant,” said a ground crew leader, “but the MOFT guy didn’t laugh. I really hope it’s not the Ark.”


Recent sightings of a notorious smuggler, first at an AI Warehouse in Windhill City (link), and then at Honah Airfield flying a Coastal Patrol craft have raised questions about smuggling operations.

“We really have to wonder how far reaching the smuggling goes,” said the diminutive new spokeswoman for the WIA. “And how a smuggler is doing reconnaissance flights in a CP helicopter.”


XIdiscoversAs seen in the picture, the sub was discovered using a submarine and remotely piloted drone.

Surprising marine biologists and navies, famed explorer Xi Larnia has discovered a hereto unknown vessel in the Ice Sea.

“It’s hereto unknown,” said a Waterbank University professor, “there is no record of it anywhere.”

According to a source on the Xi expedition, the submarine appears to have “broken down” while running along the sea bed. “We found some disturbing things inside. Swizzle sticks and broken bottles of soda and East River Merlot.”

The head of the expedition was soft spoken about the tragedy that had befallen the craft. “There is no reason for anyone to create a spritzer with an East River Merlot. They were courting madness.”


This promotional photo of a ULF tank recently came across the desks of WIA, and they are perplexed.

“The ULF has been gone forever,” said one analyst in a bar at 7 am. “We have no idea what this means. It looks like it’s an Astaro LFT (link), which is also surprising. They’re the lowest prim tank out there, and this thing is blasting away at the test ranges of Citrine {see previous posts}.”

KittyH2 After a passport check at Hollywood Airport, questions about the real identity of the Blake Pilot have arisen, causing some people to wonder whether the adventurer-pilot is actually Captain Wallaby.

According to fans, there is a resemblance between the two, and when an aggressive customs agent saw something unusual in the Blake Pilot’s passport, he hit the alarm.

“It was just ketchup,” said the Blake Pilot from a holding cell at Hollywood Airport. “I eat while I fly, that’s all.”

Customs has claimed that the passport may be fake and has sent it to a lab for verification. “Yeah, we saws tha ketchup, but then the photo popped off. Looks like he used chewing gum to keep it on,” said the Hollywood Airport spokesperson.

The Blake Pilot has been detained until the matter is settled.