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The VICE / MCE World War 2 combat destination of Ardennes (link) is drawing surprising crowds as anomaly travelers seek to beat the heat.

“I’ve been burning up for months,” said one traveler, “and to get some snowy combat is just what I need!”

“I bought a baguette and cheese and just sat outside in the snow,” another told us.

“Bienvenue,” an Ardennes local told us, “just don’t forget that we are in the middle of a war, here.”


A winter storm has come to Windhill City, making the picturesque combat city a picture of urban winter.

“We’ve got record lows and the combat teams that have been practicing here have been spending a lot more time in the cafes,” said a training supervisor at Windhill.

François Crépin-Jaujard (franck.gazov), CEO of the French Line admires THI’s latest recreation on display at SLFF.

THI, in partnership with Amok Dynamics, has nearly completed another classic fighter from the WW 2 era, which has already inspired a number of buyers. Dewoitine D.520 was a French fighter that had featured more maneuverability than its German counterpart in 1940, yet wasn’t manufactured in great quantity.

THI has not given a release date yet for the craft.

Our intern embedded into the Claw sent in this report:

A shot from a “safety patrol” in Windhill City (link at right). Patrols such as these send a sniper team into cities to target undesirable elements.

Readers, the last month has been amazing here in the Claw. When you are outside the Claw you hear things like “they beat their underlings,” or “their blood is thick and icy,” but it’s nothing like that when you’re inside. During the last month I’ve been a volunteer for a blood drive, helped people build homes on a storm ravaged island, and watched “safety patrols” improve the quality of life for ordinary citizens. Inside the Claw the world looks very different. Read this story from a Claw pilot and see.

“I was patrolling just outside the Crow’s Nest in Blake when I see this fishing trawler with both nets going just taking in as much as it can. Now you and I know that the area’s off limits for fishing. It’s a protected area for the Blake Dolphin, the rarest creature in the world. I buzz the ship and see that it’s another WFC (Waterbank Fish Co.) trawler, and they start shooting at me. What kind of fisherman carry anti-aircraft missiles? I barely escaped when this CP (Coastal Patrol) comes out of nowhere and starts lighting up my tail. That’s when I started fighting back.” – Claw P40 Pilot

Not so black and white now, is it readers?
This is a picture of the Claw pilot – Simon X – just an ordinary guy having an espresso, just like any of you. When you meet him he’s humble and eager to help.

That’s all from this report, I’ll send more in when I can.

Guadal This picture is of Guadalcanal (link), based on the Solomon Islands campaign of WW2. It currently is the only place on the grid (anomaly travel) suitable for full naval combat. It has over 40 open rez ocean sims as combat zones for planes tanks and infantry.

THI and Amok have sent out a newsletter with upgrades and information for the owners of their newest classic warbirds.

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WindhillWindow A man stops on his way to work to admire the latest fashions.

Windhill City (link at right) is one of several destinations for the new Fall line ups of clothing. “We think Windhill may become a destination for more than combat training,” said a rep at the WBA. They’ve got beautiful store spaces, cafes, and businesses. A perfect place for shopping, driving, or shooting.”

Adventure travelers and combat groups are flocking to several destinations to fulfill their combat needs. Waterbank News has selected a few for its readers to watch for.

TulagiComb 1
Mentioned often in adventure travel brochures is the multi-sim area of Jeogot Gulf, a WW2 era combat area with airfields, multiple battlegrounds, and a new naval warfare component. It is currently VICE oriented, though has some MCE arenas.
Link here (or at right): Jeogut

LuschSSOC 2
SSOC has been covered a bit in the Waterbank News, but this beautiful Tokyo inspired site should not be ignored. The site has it’s own meter, as well as support for MCE (link to MCE article here). Upper levels of the city are drivable too, and the whole city is detailed and luxurious, a perfect spot for combat, roleplay, or just sightseeing. A second sim is under construction. Windhill City SSOC (link)

GH 3
Newest on the list with a soft opening is the Green Hell (link), a four sim WWII combat area hosted by none other than Aeon Voom, brainmeister for Amok Dynamics. Packed with freebies and the MCE HUD, this jungle combat region uses a clever tactic to separate ground from air combat – a triple jungle canopy. Join the group Green Hell first to get admission.

SnapTuriAmok 4
An urban battleground in the war torn city of Turia (link), this MCE sim is exactly what urban combatants would want for ground combat. The city grid has lots of places to hide and even a few extras, like a GFS gas station. Two teams to choose from and one of the finest combat systems devised, MCE (link to MCE article here).

MotherRuck 5
Eight sims and an immersive environment, Mother Rucker (link) is a rare combat sim with the theme of of the Vietnam Conflict (’54 to 1975 if you allow for some French occupation). Airfields, firebases, and thick jungle recreate scenes from history. Freebie uniforms and VICE HUD are available at the base.

A long standing WWII sim, Bastogne/Caen (link) has several VICE sims with the tricky combat of occupied France. Airfields, a town, and fields. Groups, period combat role-play, and a community have kept this combat site going.

PiratesnassauTown 7
Mixing role-play with 1700s pirate life, this nine sim set of islands will have enough to keep landlubber and sea salt occupied. Combat is SPD and only approved vessels are allowed (intro notecard tells you). Financial system and lots of extras there too. Nassau (link) may just surprise you too, with action under the water too.

Some other VICE locations:

Garifuna Vice Combat Sim (Palenque Mexico, Baghdad, Iraq)

2142nd Regiment – Grangemouth Refinery