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Magnate and philanthropist Cam Maximus continues to amaze cartographers and GTFOers alike with his ongoing mapping project (link to it).

“He’s doing amazing stuff,” said a rep over at Waterbank Logistics. “He’s spanning continents and giving traders useful information. It used to be that truckers would have to stop in at the local Highway Patrol to get directions, but that’s all in the past. Just pull up one of the maps and hit the road!”

Cam Maximus was profiled here at Waterbank News, as one of the titans of industry. Click the tag for more!

Editor’s Note: The Sheriff’s Department is reporting that Cam Maximus has been missing for some time and is believed to have been abducted by the Claw.

Surprising their boss and everyone in the break room, an intern at Grace Development Agency released a concept plan for Pippen involving a reconstructed airport and supporting community.

“Wait – wha?” Said the intern’s boss.

“All these computers have a purpose,” stated the intern, “and I wanted to demonstrate that you could build a city up a mountainous slope.”

The plan, pictured above, has a number of intriguing ideas, including an airport that is mostly below the tarmac. “With the mall and baggage counters below,” the intern wrote, “the airport footprint can be smaller and there is space for a separate town on the south side.”

The plan also calls for a Visitor Center and Tour Boat Terminal, which would be an entry point to the Pippen experience.

“Visitors come in by boat or get ‘landed,’ then they can walk for 15 seconds and be at the airport, take a train, or shop at several shopping areas. Everything is close, and all of East River is open to them.”

The plan has some controversy too. It calls for reseating the East River civil administration in Pippen, taking away what was traditionally in Helvellyn.

“There would be a lot of changes,” said one customer at Pippen Hot, “but I really like the plan.”

This post and map comes courtesy of Cam Maximus:

*** GTFO Cargo Haul of the Week ***
This weeks Cargo Haul, we are heading to the islands. Last week we had longer flights. This week we will be island hopping on short flights which can be equally challenging.

Pay attention to the NOTES at the bottom of the notecard. – (Notecard is in the GTFO Group)
* Next week will be a Truck haul, so wax up those flashy trucks. *


Increases in river, road, and air traffic in the East and West River areas has put pressure on area leaders to rethink how their ports and airports are arranged.

“We’re looking at tomorrow, not today,” said a councilwoman in West River, “and the reality is yesterday. We should be more like the East River and ERIA – they’ve got a better handle on it.”

An experienced pilot that has turned the shipping business on its head, Cam Maximus is a rising leader in the business community, with a logistics company spread around the world. TNT is at 15 locations, many of them key transit hubs. Waterbank News asked a few questions of the magnate, and he took time out from his morning brief for pilots that day to answer them.

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