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Archerfield Aerodrome has resumed operations with a number of improvements, and continues to construct new facilities.

As the above image indicates, the runways have been paved to allow for newer aircraft (and an upcoming ZSK jet), and taxiways have been added to help with the inevitable increase in traffic. Limited parking is now available too.

TTI and the flight school have been moved to the north side of the airport. Pilots should note that Runway 07-25 no longer exists and has been replaced with Runway 09-27.



The WAA was caught using Shergood Aviation’s radar system (link), causing serious concerns from pilots that the WAA has been cutting corners.

“Aw, c’mon!” Said the WAA Director, “Shergood’s got the best transponders and GPS ever developed! We’re only using what the industry already likes!”

The WMA and Global Aviation Association have not commented on the news.


Grace Development Agency has sent out a development plan for Pippen today, creating a groan from the WBA and a moan from the East River Waterfront Worker’s Union.

“Our plan calls for an ambitious partitioning of docks and the parceling of entirely new rental properties,” said a spokesperson for Grace Development. “It would also cut away some of the river bank to make a deeper draft for larger ships.”

The “Free Connie” Movement, long thought to be repressed by private paramilitary groups, has released a map showing how the island is being used, and why they are continuing their struggle.

“They closed off entire waterways,” a rebel told us in a modulated voice, “and they’ve cut up the island into private resorts. It’s just a series of rich man’s playgrounds.”

The island near Desdemona Airfield has been the focal point of localized fighting for several years, as displaced locals attempt to reclaim their island.

The map shows ban lines and restricted areas in red, with grey tones being “maintenance” land held by the government, and a purple rental property.

MapTulie Fletcher Airfield and neighboring airfields are shown with orange boxes.

To the delight of pilots, a surge of aerospace manufacturers has led to an increase in the number of airports around the world. In one case the parallel airports of Unity and Fletcher Airfield have been joined by a privately owned terminal and heliport to make one very large airport complex.

“It’s an unusual trend,” said the Director of the Waterbank Aviation Authority (WAA). “Usually airports help a small community thrive like we see at Desdemona and East River Intercontinental. At Fletcher we saw ground broken by an enterprising Amok Dynamics and then the airport growing into three sims. If it gets any larger, they’ll need dorms for all the workers.”