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There are new releases from Ridecco (below is from the release notes):

-A part 2 to my Modern Cars pack
-An 80’s themed static car kit
-A set of 5 abandoned cars
-An old dump truck
-Some broken arcade machines. Party’s over.
-And a creepy old ambulance.

I doubt I have space to link it all here, so check all this stuff out on my marketplace, or come on by the prototype mall!

Prototype (101,163,24) and Marketplace

AND a release from Ironsight:

WW2 Bazooka (link to Marketplace)

-Three Combat Systems: LLCS, LBA 2.0, and VICE!
-LLCS/LBA 2.0 version features Realistic and Arcade modes
-VICE version features CMB and SMB modes (with indicators)
-::ISA:: VICE Meter System for VICE version
-Calibrated iron sight HUD (Optional)
-Custom sounds, animations, and particles

A new release from Ironsight Armaments has vets all over the world excited, but not the vets you’re thinking about. These animal docs are thrilled at the new VP9 (link to Marketplace) which allows Raycast, tranquilizers, and covers LLCS and VICE protocols.

“I wish I had had it last week,” said a zoo keeper at Waterbank Zoo. “Tranquilizers are so much faster than trying to get the tigers drunk.”

Silas Moone, our errant reporter turned space jack of all trades has taken a trip to Stellarus Prime, according to SOCL.

Stellarus Prime is home to Stellar Systems, the mega-corporation that has been pushing the technological envelope in space based tech. Here is a partial transcript from Silas (parts deleted by SOCL, and WIA).

Long time no squeegee, as they say in the spaceports, readers. Much of what I’ve been doing lately hasn’t been newsworthy, that is until I got a delivery for Stellarus Prime. Now if you don’t know about Stellarus Prime, don’t feel bad. It’s the secret workshop and home planet of Stellar Systems, the biggest corp-corp to hit the spaceways since… me. (Seriously sorry about hitting the Spaceway in Vigilem. Hope that can be repaired easily.)

Getting an invite to the place is hard, and even deliveries are usually routed to a remote asteroid, so when the order came in I played it cool and waited for my chance [SOCL writes that super laxatives and skullduggery were used to procure rights to the package].

By now my readers are already ready for what I saw, which was incredible. This is the same company that engineered the mining and transfer revolution after all. Three new products were on display,


two powerful new turrets and an industrial light (space is so… dark readers). All three are powered by the Stellar Systems plasma fusion reactor (link) to give them extra punch.

The auto-cannon [deleted by SOCL] which makes it a powerful defense against larger vessels. The Golem Flak Turret is as the man himself says, “a slow firing, hard hitting turret with an explosive plasma round that damages ships in a 10m radius.”


The lights, also fueled by the reactor, are an essential part of space. When your local star pops behind another planet, you’ll be lucky to find your own hand. It’s dark out here readers.

That’s the report from Stellarus Prime. Until the next fiasco,



SOCL is reporting that the prolific Stellar Systems (link) has amazed the spaceways again with the release of a medical device that allows healing within a short range.

“MediCloud II has tremendous life saving potential in space and combat,” said one SOCL scientist. “You can imagine hundreds of situations where the medical personnel need to stay safe while healing.”

Stellar also has released an update to their HUD, allowing for greater capabilities for their users. “Big things are coming,” said SOCL, “and like many of the Stellar advancements, this is more a beginning than just a product.”

CV57_001A CV-59 Manta sets down at Honah Airfield.

Amok Dynamics has released a stunning aircraft that is likely to push the envelope of military technology. The CV-57 Manta, a MCE Level 10 VTOL transport is capable of vertical and conventional takeoffs, able to carry vehicles or up to 14 personnel, and comes with a gatling armament package or a heavy lift winch.

The vehicle is on display and on sale at Honah Airfield (links at right), and soon at Primbay. A teaser film at SL Artist (link) shows the craft in the air.


Amok Dynamics has long been considered to be the dominant military vehicle manufacturer in the industry, making tens of ground and air vehicles for a wide variety of military functions. The CV57 is the first vehicle produced by the company that has had MCE Level 10 technology. Founder and principal builder Aeon Voom has not said whether his latest release means the company will move to advanced systems, or continue with contemporary releases. Rumors about a reconstructed assembly process for the BF 109, shows that the company is as versatile as its craft.

SOCL reports that Insilico, the massive space metropolis has adopted RPA, the life and work solution offered by Quandry Industries and Stellar.

The system, which comes complete with life support systems, gravity environments, and soon to be released mineral management, is considered to the most stable and comprehensive systems in space.

SOCL, which has taken over the Waterbank space missions uses the system almost exclusively, including its integrated defense systems.

Nyusha Brave citizens like Nyusha (nyushazoryana), help clear the streets of infected.

SOCL has sent their first report from space with the news of Insilico, where an infectious disease has broken out. The disease, similar to what Project 53 was working to contain, leaves its victims in a mindless state of consumption, seeking live proteins.

The “cannibalistic hordes” SOCL wrote about has overwhelmed local authorities, who have called on citizens to assist with the “forcible evacuation” of the infected part of the city.

They have included a link (here) to the part of the city infected along with the suggestion to bring a weapon.


Stumbling onto what could be called a gangland job line, a WN reporter discovered that every pay phone in Danger Point can access jobs various criminal groups will pay you to do. The “mission prompt” comes as easily as a click.

“I was so surprised,” the reporter told us, “and when I asked a 55s contact she laughed. “Yeah, Ive used them many times,” she said. “It’s unbelievable that it would be so easy.

The reporter said that a he found a number of “jobs” in the first three phones. “Things like infiltrating a hangout or even assassinating a gang contact. It’s all there. I presume you’d need a group to do some of them.”

One of the jobs was to knock over the bank on Mutual Trust Way, presumably using explosives from the black market in town. “I’d ask why the DPPD doesn’t shut this down, but it is a pay phone” said the reporter.

OOC: After getting your free HUD in Danger Point, going to any of the payphones will give you mission options, and a chance to “level up.” Explosives, medical kits, grenades, and flashbangs are available for theft or purchase at several locations in the city.

Be warned though – going against your gang puts a bounty on your head that others can collect on, and all crimes make you “wanted,” so lawful types can arrest you!

There’s a lot more to the HUD and the city – go and check it out yourself!