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Waterbank’s most wanted was seen boarding a Claw ZSK P-40 this week, and law enforcement officials in the Blake Sea say that it’s not new.

“He loves flying,” one Honah East policewoman said, “and will fly anything he can bargain for.”

A vintage WSDF F-16 was taken out for a rare mission after the Acting Mayor authorized it. “Operation K-K-K-Kraken” sent the pilot out over the Blake Sea to see if reports from WFC trawlers were true, that a Kraken was out there.

“It felt good to fly again,” said the pilot, “these days the WSDF has been putting on weight.”

The Mayor’s Office did not confirm whether there was a Kraken.

honahfl Another special forces team takes off from Honah Airfield.

WIA has sent another recommendation to several Blake Sea communities to pressure Honah Airfield to reduce the availability of its runways to paramilitary groups. The report makes the threat clear:

“The airfield [Honah] continues to offer a consistent and free landing zone for paramilitary groups and craft in the Blake Sea. While not directly sponsoring military action, the sales of technologically advanced military aircraft and an unregulated landing zone results in support of military actions in the Blake Sea theater.”

None of the communities have responded to the recommendation, though insiders say that Half Hitch is likely to push for regulations.


Recent sightings of a notorious smuggler, first at an AI Warehouse in Windhill City (link), and then at Honah Airfield flying a Coastal Patrol craft have raised questions about smuggling operations.

“We really have to wonder how far reaching the smuggling goes,” said the diminutive new spokeswoman for the WIA. “And how a smuggler is doing reconnaissance flights in a CP helicopter.”


In a surprise to all who witnessed, a new Vulture Air ATX 72 ran out of fuel on approach to Honah Lee Field just a few meters from the runway. As the waves crashed over the plane, the pilot and crew escaped uninjured. Fortunately, the plane was being ferried and had no passengers aboard.


The pilot, whose name was not released, was seen drying off his blue feet and wringing out his socks. “I swore I thought I could make it on five bucks,” he said sheepishly.

This is the second such mishap for Vulture Air in as many weeks, the first being a new 727 recently delivered that went down over Second Norway. This new event has forced stockholders and industry pundits to speculate that Vulture Air has lost its edge as the market leader. With smaller, younger airlines joining the fray, has the golden age of aviation closed for the venerable airline? Only time will tell.Stock prices on the WSE for Vulture Air (VULA) closed yesterday at 90.23 up 2.03