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Photos of a Coastal Patrol craft, the exquisite ZSK P-40, painted by FI Paints over Half Hitch

After a WIA white paper on Half Hitch was left at Club Shinjuku in Prototype, drunken officers of the Coastal Patrol decided to “adopt” the ill-fated island. Promising air cover and their undying vigilance, the CP officers sang a few lines of the island’s song, “Little Fishes,” until a no-longer-amused Will Szymborska had them thrown out.

“I’m pretty sure there are no limericks in the song,” he was overheard saying, “and everyone knows the bad history between Half Hitch and Nantucket.”

Half Hitch, our reporters discovered after they shook the condensation from the white paper, has been in financial straits. The impoverished island lost some of its key fisherpeople to the Waterbank Fishing Company (WFC), and the island’s local fish population has been depleted from overfishing. They are still recovering from their fight for independence, and there are still mines near the harbor, making it a poor choice for the growing GTFO trade.

“We are hoping for tourism,” said one old man on Half Hitch. “Come and try our seaweed sandwiches.”

Local rez for Half Hitch is here (link)

The Pippen Docks has been cooperating with various law enforcement agencies, and though catnip is still legal in the region, shipments are moving through different ports.

“It’s self-correction,” said a UCS officer at the docks. “We don’t care at all about it. We’re here to stop the sand trade.”

A new transit facility, including a full service airport, police station, and hospital, is opening at Arimto (link), capable of large and small aircraft. Packed full of options for travelers, including a sandbox on P1, a new terminal building with ticket and check-in counters, briefing room, public lounge, private airline lounges, offices, and shops. Border and customs are also available for cross-border traffic, and there are two underground stations.

The press release adds the following details:
Vuissant holds rentable tie downs (up to 757)
GTFO air freight terminal, too with a 15min sandbox in front of it
Hanaji offers large hangars, a filling station as 30min sandbox ( 􀀀 ), the well known monument
and a small military zone and last but not least the airports fire department.
Airport shuttle connects the two trains

Landing advisories for the new SLAY airport at 410m (or have a look at the Shergood Aviation website).

Recommended approach to runway 13 – 31

fly in from any direction and turn over the south part of the region “Einer” to south-east
descend never below 450m
over the hills decent down to the runway
cross sim border and enter Arimto with runway 13 ahead
the runway is near 600m long and has different exits to taxiways
runway is wide enough for A318, B737, B757, B747 and more

Recomended approach to runway 18 – 36.

fly in from any direction and turn over the east part of the region of “Neschen” to north
descend never below 450m
over the hills decent down to the runway
cross sim border and enter Vuissant with runway 36 ahead
the runway is near 240m long and has different exits to taxiways
runway allows maximal wingspans of 20m

If you have questions or business to discuss:
Contact persons for the airport if you have any questions Shirina (shirina.maven), or Lisa (latexlisa.solo), Lisa is the airport owner

The new East River Civic Center and its groundbreaking gender neutral bathroom

Completing phase 12 of an ambitious 60 part plan, the East River has centralized itself in the hamlet of Grizedale (link), transforming the suburban area to an administrative hub for one of the world’s largest economies. Ringed around a new ERC Civic Center, Grizedale now has a post office, businesses, and
essential services under construction.

“Governor Chia has really caught on to somethin’,” said one construction foreperson we spoke to. “She’s got all these admin buildings and services right here – real central like. Cops, firepeople, and everyone can go straight from here to anywhere in the ERC, and everybody files papers here. It’s a good thing.”

The Grizedale phase is just one part of the overall project which includes a new GTFO port and augmented airport in Pippen, more artist studios in Hellevelyn, and new factories for Feral Marine.

“‘Think big’ is the motto of the Feral Corporation,” explained ERC Legal council. “That is how they’ve stayed so powerful while West River imploded.”

The plan has wide support from the community, and Waterbank citizens have donated hours of community service to support the changes. At the same time that people are excited about the increase of trade, some residents are concerned that things are being pushed by catnip money and that the East River might turn into a criminal haven.

“This isn’t Bay Cities,” said an East River policeperson we asked. “This may be one of the few places where catnip is legal, but we have an active community that can handle what comes. Fire, police, port authority, hospital, even some commando units. People shouldn’t worry about it.”

“I have to admit,” said the intern at Grace Development Agency, “that I was hoping that they would bring back the gambling catnip paddleboats of yesteryear to East River. Top hats, and grass flecked noses – those were the days.”

Magnate and philanthropist Cam Maximus continues to amaze cartographers and GTFOers alike with his ongoing mapping project (link to it).

“He’s doing amazing stuff,” said a rep over at Waterbank Logistics. “He’s spanning continents and giving traders useful information. It used to be that truckers would have to stop in at the local Highway Patrol to get directions, but that’s all in the past. Just pull up one of the maps and hit the road!”

Cam Maximus was profiled here at Waterbank News, as one of the titans of industry. Click the tag for more!

Editor’s Note: The Sheriff’s Department is reporting that Cam Maximus has been missing for some time and is believed to have been abducted by the Claw.

A WIA investigation into the disappearance of the Mayor’s latte led them on a two week journey across kilometers of truck stops, shopping centers, and finally the town of North Riddings (link).

“North Riddings is an unusual place,” said one traveler that had been there. “Everything runs like clockwork, but it’s got an eerie feeling. Like someone’s watching, ya know?”

WIA had no comment on the investigation, but confirmed the photo taken by a passerby, who told us the reason to go to Riddings. “Aluveaux Technologies is there. GTFO, airport, good shopping.”

From a recent GTFO press circular:

Whats a Hub Crawl?

Hub Crawls are GTFO events where we haul freight as a group from one hub to another. Its simple, fun, a great way to meet new people and highlight the wonderful GTFO Hubs across the grid. Each week we will feature different hubs and use different modes of transportation.

The first Hub Crawl is scheduled for 4:00 PM Thursday, July 26th.
Starting at TNT Truck Super Center and ending at Brandi’s Shine Factory.

Please monitor group notices for shipping manifest, instructions and LM’s

A labor strike at White Star docks (link), fizzled before it began when discontented dock hands were met by Cam Maximus on their way to the facility’s main building.

“Cam shows up with boxes of doughnuts,” said one worker. “And, like 200 scones too. You just can’t be angry at that guy – he’s so thoughtful!”

“There were even sugar-free ones,” said another worker, “we just turned around and called our union. Put Cam in charge, we told’em!”