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SOCL Scientists claim that they have found remnants of two Gold team 1 members in a space station in the remote GEL cluster, sometimes called the GEL community. The space station, which is above Echo City (link), can be a dangerous place, “especially for goofy looking astronaut types” according to a store owner.

The remains were found in a corner, obviously swept there by a small R2 bot.

“We are preparing them for return to Waterbank,” said SOCL.


SOCLpirate Ships carrying cannon and SPD weaponry were a threat.

Leading the rescue expedition to find Captain Wallaby, Sketch Sun has sailed the Crested Lotus, a three masted sailing vessel, up the Amazon river and into the anomaly, emerging into another time and place. Sun believes that this is where Wallaby has gone, and using the same technology used to keep track of the space expeditions, Gold Team 1 and 2, will chronicle his exploits.

In the first stop past the anomaly, the Crested Lotus has arrived at a place called the Pirate’s Keep [link here], a pirate infested port.

SOCLpirate2 The crew braved the shore, wondering of the Crested Lotus was safe in the harbor.

An intrepid crew braved the trip ashore and reported via long wave radio. “The impressions of rum soaked cretins and loose morals were correct. No sign of Wallaby yet, though one bartender recognized the face.”


Readers, I know you think I couldn’t have more talent than I do, but I do.

Cambot here is showing me tinkling the keys of a galactic piano, and you’ll notice no one nearby. That’s because when I tried to do Ragtime (I can do it reasonably back in Waterbank), the galactic piano started issuing notes that actually pierced eardrums and sent the bar to the med clinic. I was still wearing my helmet (oops) and didn’t notice until the bartender clawed his way to me to pull me from the stool. Only a Mord in the corner withstood the sonic assault, and was laughing so hard I think he was oozing something. “Do ‘Delilah’,” he kept screaming, howling with laughter, “play ‘Delilah’!”

I’m not sure I’m welcome in Didymus after that…

DidyCargo Didymus is full of secrets.

Readers, Didymus is one active place. On top of being the leading importer of sugar, they’ve got an extremely active political scene with enemies, allies, and more subterfuge than Richelieu’s bathroom.

So when they sent me to deliver a pallet’s worth of documents from the Imperium, I knew it was going to be interesting.


Before I even landed I could see there were problems – the first of which was a bomber – one of those dreaded QI Roc types – drifting and pulsing with electrical discharge. In a slow orbit around the station, it looked as though it had run directly into the station’s shield wall. A cracked cockpit meant trouble, and because I know the force it takes to break anything from Stellar Industries, there was no way the pilot could have survived.

I hailed the station and got garble. I hailed again and got a threat. Now I’ve been to Didymus before readers, so I have a few tricks. “Three cubes to the guy who let’s me in,” I told them, and sure enough, they opened a portal for me. Three cubes cost me nothing (I steal’em all the time Al Raqis Cafe), but it’s gold at Didymus.

Inside, however, there’s no one there. No one in the hangar, no one on the com, nothing. I begin to look for someone – I need a signature or handprint – and end up walking into whatever research they’re doing there [above picture]. Medical labs, cadavers – Didymus is frightening below decks.

I eventually got a hold of someone in the Pods, and tricked them into slapping me, at the last moment raising my manifest log in front of my face and getting a clean handprint. Whammo – they just inherited a pallet of docs from the Imperium. If I waited for Zzog to sign I’d be on a probing table myself, so the rule among 8 Star jockeys is, “deliver or be delivered.” I didn’t have any time to feel bad for them though. The drew a recently updated Stellar pistol and began shooting. I was hit in the shoulder but was able to heal in the lift on the way out. QI saves me again.

I was out of Didymus space before they could figure out what they had gotten…

Visitors interested in visiting Didymus can find the link at right.


Editor’s Note: This is hardly news – we suspect Silas naps a lot – though there are portions of Silas’ report readers may find interesting.

Readers, it’s good to have downtime, but darned if I don’t want to shoot cambot. The darned thing seems to have a developing AI that is perpetually at the terrible twos. It caught me napping, in the bath, and even once hitting on a vending machine. In my defense, the drinks are strong in Didymus, and there was a picture of a woman on the machine. I insist that I did not try to kiss the machine, but cambot has played me a video of said actions, followed by a series of beeps that sound remarkably like “na na na na naaaa.”

So I’m here at Quandry Industries, lounging in one of their furniture showrooms, waiting for a pick up. My boss told me to take the first Medbay Unit they sell over to some new station, so I’m taking advantage of the technicality. They’ll release it in a while, I’m sure, but what my boss doesn’t know is that the release is “soon,” not “imminent.” From a comfy chair in Creative Commons,


Mesa5mining The Mesa 5 Mining Colony as seen by Silas.

Readers, I’ve been on the go lately, and that’s because of a Toranian Flu that has me within three steps of a biocontainment unit at any moment. Whenever I’m not praying for a new QI medical device to cure this illness, I’m making gradual progress towards a new mystery. Who is talking to Waterbank?

It all started when I went to the Mesa 5 Mining Colony (link at right), and bravely went to the surface. They’ve been holding games there, and I had heard that some interesting things were hidden amongst the colony. In hindsight (that was a nasty pun, folks) it was too early to leave a ship, but I discovered the same kind of posting device I had been using to communicate with you readers. But I had never been there.

It’s hard to mistake Waterbank engineering, even if all the markings have been removed. The crazy folks at WIA wanted equipment with nothing to track back, but everything looks like it’s made out of children’s toys, so it stands out here. No crossformation fused casing there, readers. So who is talking to Waterbank? Have I stumbled on a plot? Someone using my posting devices for another purpose?

From the unknown, waiting for QI medical help,

Silas Moone

The latest installment from Silas Moone, the last survivor of Gold Team One:

ArcusArcus has been scattered into camps across the planet.

Pirates are notoriously volatile, readers, and despite an invitation from the generous Penroth Strom to Planet Arcus, I was nervous about seeing the remnants of the Arcus Empire so close to a pirate holdout.

The pirate clans, readers, have a long history as well (you can see a write up here), originating from Timothy Dalton, who can be found near Arcus, most likely conspiring criminal activities or making plans on how t take over Arcus completely.

So readers, I went, skitting my Gremlin (or Jgack’s, depending on your interpretation of losers, keepers) to Arcus. There’s a station in orbit, which maybe I should have stopped by first, since what I did stop at was a small colony of what seemed to be pirates.

I consider myself fortunate to go when this clan was on a raiding foray, since I discovered what happens to some people who stray there –


Cannibalism. That’s a death you can’t come back from.

Readers, I don’t need to tell you how fast I got back in the Gremlin and got out of there. Fast!

You can find Planet Arcus in the links at right (under SAGA).