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The Fugitive Lawyer in front of the ERC complex in Grizedale

The Fugitive Lawyer has negotiated an immunity and extradition deal for the three reporters charged with crimes of conspiracy, transferring the three to West River.

“Passions are too high in the East River, and I think the judge knows that,” the lawyer said. “West River has been actively courting Waterbank citizens, so it’s a good fit. The three will be transferred to an undisclosed location and will not be allowed to publish.”

The deal has the support of moderates in East River, though the tension between East and West Rivers remains. Waterbank citizens have been discussing moving to West River in greater numbers after the arrest of the reporters.

ERIA PD is claiming that Tunisian Moon Coffee is complicit in the theft of the cocktail napkins that are the primary evidence holding three Waterbank News reporters. The three are still being held, but as police are trying to retrieve the evidence, time is running out.

“They’re out in a day,” said the Fugitive Lawyer.

The police have released footage of a Tunisian Moon Coffee truck being used by someone matching the description of the APB around the time of the heist.

“Our driver’s a good looking guy,” said Tunisian, “but what makes you think it was a guy that took them? The description doesn’t say it’s a dude…”

Waterbank News received bad news today after an East River judge ruled that the cocktail napkins seized in Club Prowl were admissible in court.

The three napkins are said to have part of a manifesto for Waterbank separatism and scribbles showing an East River celebrity eating a crow.

“They are offensive and provoking,” the ER Attorney General said after the arraignment. “We are pleased that the judge agreed.”

“We were drunk,” said one of the defendants to the press. “We believe we are being scapegoated and that the napkins actually have an idea for mac and cheese on them. We were drunk, so, I can’t be sure.”

The case will now go on to Blacksborough District Court, one of the toughest courts in East River, and currently running out of the Pippen Fire Department (Central Pierce affiliated). The defendants, who are defending themselves, are pleading with the Fugitive Lawyer to come to their aid.

“If I believe that there really is mac and cheese on the line, I’m there,” said the Fugitive Lawyer.

A taxi driver in the Prototype Tri-State is suing a homeowner for “reckless use of a driveway,” after they wrecked their car on a pick up.

“The driveway is totally crazy,” the driver told us. “So yeah, I called Baker and Sun to see if the Fugitive Lawyer is available.”

The homeowner has also contacted the law firm and is equally upset. “This guy drives into my house and has the audacity to sue me?! I sue him!”

The former UCS rep that was fired for mistaking the words “world peas” for “world peace” has won a stunning victory in court, landing a hefty compensation and recognition for the mistake as “a better approximation of intent.”

Jury members were stunned at the compelling logic of the victim’s counsel, none other than the fugitive lawyer, who made a case not only that an error was made by UCS, but that they should use ‘world peas’ instead.

“Retaining the Fugitive Lawyer is one thing that changes all the legal landscape,” explained a Professor at Waterbank Law School. “He is a case study in out of the box litigation. I hear he even argued to have the court in session on the high seas to avoid capture.”

“We were happy to put the court on a boat,” a legal clerk told us. “That’s the beauty of a decentralized Waterbank and SPF 15.”