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Feral Marine, the largest of the Feral companies, has won another competitive bid, this time from the SLMC. Feral will now be supplying the military elite group with their RB-L and the Prowler (link), and has options for the new Lynx when it finishes testing.

“We’re excited about this partnership,” said a spokesperson, “Feral has a strong presence in the rescue and interdiction boat market, and is battle tested. We look forward to doing more together.”


From the press release – interested parties should join the Drivers of SL group:

GRAB A BOAT AND A CAR, OR A BOAT THAT IS A CAR! You’ll have some water and road to chew through this time.

Consider getting ready at 4:30pm, because at 5pm we let loose the Sea Dogs of Warf!

Be ready to have your Drivers of SL HUDs READY for prizes sponsored by Raimondo Harbor and Feral Marine!

Rides to be concluded by party and tunes by Bull Hui himself!!

WN has learned that the prize for this event is substantial – a beautiful prize from Feral Marine!

Pictures are coming in from the SAR, Safety, and Demo Show at White Star Airport, including this promotion from Feral Marine showing the Feral Lion, a massive tugboat that has amazed visitors. Also in the picture is the anticipated Feral Lynx which is undergoing testing.

The airport has been taken over by companies and groups, and visitors are encouraged to bring comfortable shoes to catch all of the displays.

Visitors are already coming to White Star Airport (link) to see one of the most anticipated events this year, the Safety and Security Demo Days. Exhibitors, including major manufacturers like Shergood Aviation and HD, will be showing off their wares in a trade show that begins tomorrow night and opens to the public at 10am on Saturday.

Shergood Aviation (pictured) is putting out new equipment for the show.

Tunes for the event will come from (Luke Flywalker & MtFB broadcasting live online). White Star Airport is accessible from air, sea, and Gridhound. Organizers have asked that visitors refrain from using giant foam fingers as they affect some of the aircraft.

The Waterbank Auxiliary (WAX) saved a jumper from a deadly plunge in the East River yesterday.

“I saw this guy shaking his head on the edge,” the EMT told us, “and so we got out to help. Turns out he was shaking with the need to buy a new boat and had just come from the Feral Marine offices. My partner had seen it before so we knew what to do. We grabbed a promo brochure from the truck and showed him lots of pictures of upcoming boats. Then we got him into the back, strapped him on the gurney, and off we went to the Feral Dockyards.”

According to the East River Hospital, Boat Addiction is a serious issue. “Tens of people are struck by it every month. The victim ends up wanting boats faster than the manufacturers can make them and is driven to extreme actions. We’ve got an entire ward of people here convulsing for the Bandit 665. It’s heartbreaking. If you or a loved one shows signs of Boat Addiction, have them go to the Feral Marine showroom in Tschotcke (link) and touch the new boats. It won’t cure them, but it will keep them going for a while.”

Editor’s Note: The Bandit 665 mentioned was originally dubbed the 670 and was first built in secret in 2014.

A private conversation between Chia, the CEO of Feral Marine and the Fugitive Lawyer was recorded and sent to the Waterbank News, which immediately prepared it for print.

“It just turns out that Feral engineers are not very quick about developing weapons systems. They refuse to talk to anyone else about it, but it seems that they are genuinely afraid of how powerful the Lynx might be. Meanwhile the weapons development team is bogarting the prototype build and the Lynx is so expensive to build that we could only afford to build the prototype. I really could use a drink.”

A garbled voice that is likely the Fugitive Lawyer’s asks about prepaid contracts.

“The procurement process for weapons from the SL Navy is pending. Since Feral is not a military company. We have no deals in place with any weapons makers yet. My head of legal said that he is trying to work out a deal with someone.”

The Fugitive Lawyer says something about a transport plane, then Chia answers.

“We did the C-23 Sherpa design a long time ago. Our legal department did something right and they sold the rights to that to an aviation company. They’re back to working well, but we may put you on retainer.”