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This week’s photo comes from AFP, showing Smuggler X using the desk inside ZSK’s B-17 (yes the light works!) at ERIA. He is writing an apology letter to the Linden Chalet after they accidentally dropped two hundred pounds of cheese on the island. The Chalet has had a mouse problem and the cheese is likely to have worsened it.


A visitor to ERPA’s headquarters in East River snapped this photo that started a scandal – with an entire box of doughnuts.

Doughnuts have been in short supply in East River following a surge of construction and a fire in a local Mowry bakery has elevated the sugary rings to new prices.

“Crawlers are going for 250 L’s,” said a man with a bulging trenchcoat near ERIA, “and you can’t afford an Old Fashioned.”

East River residents, who are usually ambivalent toward doughnuts suddenly want them more than ever, and the sight of so much casually laid out for ERPA employees sent citizens into a rage.

“It’s a Claw conspiracy!” One man yelled at Pippen Hot, and his wife agreed.

“Only the Claw has that many, so like, you know, if they do, it’s gotta be the Claw.”

flight-2131 A map of radar coverage from local airports, shows the last contact point of the flight. (Map derived from Shergood Aviation)

Flight 2131 bound for East River Intercontinental Airport went missing today, and is now presumed to be lost in the East River area. The flight consisted of a ZSK P-40 modified to carry light cargo and was said to have “critical medical specimens” on its manifest.

There is currently a search across the region underway, and East River Airport Police have asked other civil administrations to assist in the hunt.

“It’s a small craft, so we’ll really need a lot of eyes on this one,” said a spokesperson for ERIA PD.