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Harbormasters are applauding a new tug and service craft from Bandit Boats, and the new craft has been impressing some ports so much they are talking about getting rid of previous tugs.

“She’s a pudgy workhorse,” said one person trying a demo. “I love her.”

Dutch Harbor has topped the WBA destinations list for the third week running after recent renovations has made the already popular destination irresistible.

“There’s a new bistro overlooking the bay, nightclubs, and smoky jazz spots,” said Sketch Sun, “and a romantic promenade overlooking some of the finest boats in the world. It’s a sailor’s dream come true. There’s so much to see and do, there ought to be a hotel for people.”

Other people polled at Dutch Harbor felt the same way. “It’s like Disneyland if Jacque Cousteau designed it,” said one person admiring the sleek new Bandit 55.

Dutch Harbor is accessible by sea, link at right, or all finer travel agencies.

Dutch Harbor, the home to Bandit Boats, Boss Craft, Mesh Shop, and several other elite brands will see another boat settle into the water. The soon to be released craft is a sailing classic, a refresh on one of Bandit Boats’ first blockbuster crafts.

“You really can’t gush enough for Analyse (Dean) and her crew,” said WBA President Sketch Sun. “Her products are so beautiful that you just want them all, and she’s an architect too. A bird told me that there’s more coming too, with an entire lineup of boats in drydock and new restaurants for the visitors. Can’t say enough good things, really.”

The docks in Pippen are believed to be the escape route for the napkin thieves.

The damning cocktail napkins that sent three reporters to prison have been stolen in a midnight heist at ERIA Police Station.

“At first we thought the evidence locker guy might have used them,” said ERIA PD. “Then we saw the broken windows.”

The thieves are believed to have used a the dockyard at Pippen to escape with the evidence, and police are following up with a new napkin found at the docks.

“It’s the number of a bartender at a Dutch Harbor club,” ERIA PD told us, “who apparently thought the guy was cute. We have put out an APB on an individual with ‘dreamy eyes, a captivating smile, and a cute butt.'”

Hidden gem, the Lil Bandit Jazz Club (link) is the latest of additions to Dutch Harbor and getting kudos from night sailing groups.

“It’s big with everyone,” said the barista at Pippen Hot. “Sweet sounds, sweet people, and no cover.”

Located on GTFO Island, the club is surrounded by docks, making it a perfect destination for sailors and boaters.

“Woot, woot,” a Dutch Harbor rep told us.