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A heavy windstorm knocked down power lines in Danger Point today, cutting power to every building in the downtown for several hours. “It was serious,” said one resident, “none of the buildings had power and criminals started looting. The police couldn’t reach everywhere with the blocked roads and firemen were busy fighting lightning fires.”

DPambBodyA Waterbank Auxiliary EMT finds a body in a dumpster.

When the WAX ambulance driver saw the body he called DPPD, which were able to find clues leading to the suspects.

“We have reason to believe,” a Danger Point Police spokeswoman said, “that Koteka Mugogi and Daniel Uramechi are key suspects in this murder and the Casino theater robbery. Clothing fibers found at both scenes match, and we have an informant who places them at the scene of the robbery.”

Koteka Mugoki, AKA punkster.falconer and Daniel Uramechi, AKA naruto13.ruby are considered armed and dangerous. Citizens that have information about these wanted men should not attempt capture on their own, but call DPPD.

Jen82CasJennifer82 poses at her workplace.

Recently opened Casino Theater in Danger Point has seen more than customers – it’s been the site of two robberies and theater employee Jennifer82 has lived through them both.

In the first robbery Jennifer82 was downstairs, and only found out when the thieves were gone. “I have no idea why they would steal seats, but they did.”

The second robbery was more serious, and left the brave woman shaken. “Two men came in with guns – a tall man and a short man with blonde hair and a pointy nose. They were wearing glasses or some kind of mask or something.” They demanded access to the safe, and seeing that Jennifer82 didn’t know about it, forced her to the bar where they robbed the register.

The police report also said that the assailants abused the victim and were wearing military style clothes and masks. “One of them carried a rifle with a large magazine that looked like an AK-47,” said a DPPD spokesperson. “It is possible that we are dealing with a criminal element from the DP Borderlands.”

Police have asked that anyone with knowledge of the crime contact the Danger Point Police or Waterbank News.

RoadblockDP Danger Point Defense Forces set up roadblocks along highways.

Responding to pressure from Rox Oil and local business interests, Mayor Jayce Anthony called for roadblocks to be set up on DP 247 to stop oil shipment hijacking.

It is a rare instance of military force in a city that prides itself on civilian leadership. No comment was available from the Mayor’s office, but DPPD says that no hijackings have been reported since the response.

GasCostsSoarA local grimaces at the pump cost in Danger Point.

Oil prices have been rising in Danger Point after several fuel heists of Rox Oil tankers have driven up demand. “They (the fuel thieves) come roaring down the DP247 and take the tanker trucks at speed. It’s coordinated, and downright tactical,” explained the gas station owner on Mutual Trust Way. “Until they’re caught, I don’t think we can do anything.”

DPPD has allocated additional patrols for the highway, but have said that they are stretched thin.

DPwpdRaidToretto’s Garage at Spring and Mutual Trust Way.

Following an anonymous tip that the weapon for the Forgier assassination was stashed in Toretto’s Garage, Danger Point and Waterbank Police conducted a raid on the garage.

The coordinated raid was the first of its kind since relations soured between the two departments. “It’s time we work together,” said the DPPD spokesperson, “and get more done.”

The raid netted several illegal weapons and car parts, but nothing linked to the assassination. Owner of the garage, Redstar, was strangely absent for the raid and not charged with any crimes. Among the weapons found was a vintage style .38 that matches the style of weapon used in the killing below Deputy Chief of Police Wei’s apartment.


Ben’s Beignets, the food truck that has been known to cause riots in some places, serves its delicious fried wares to this lunch crowd at the Mutual Trust Corporate Park. In the long lines that formed around the truck were employees from Follower Bank, DPPD, tourists from Prototype, a couple of sanitation workers, and a Quality Control Inspector from Waterbank Seafood.

“These things,” his mouth full of hot steaming beignet, “make my life bearable. You can’t imagine what it’s like inspecting fish. I look forward to moments like this!”