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The odd spectral form of Snow Man has been seen in East River – in front of several witnesses. The ghost of “Snow Man” has not been seen in some time, and the ghost is associated with Danger Point, not Pippen.

“I believe that he is looking for a new place to haunt,” said a noted spectralologist. “and Pippen has a nice view.”

Readers interested in the story behind Snow Man should click the Snow Man tag at the end of this post for earlier stories.

Waterbank Police Department signed a well known officer to its ranks yesterday, bringing the WPD closer to the “full number and purpose” mentioned in Mayor Countley’s inaugural speech.

Officer Carrol (1johnblake1), a decorated officer from Danger Point Police, was responsible for the capture of several key members of the Morning Star Syndicate, as well as saving the Metropolitan Trust Building in Danger Point from an Undine Union heist involving explosives.

“Among cops, he’s a celebrity. It’s going to be great to have him aboard,” said one of the patrolmen we talked to. We also asked the WPD to comment.

“We welcome his expertise and commitment to solid police work,” said the spokesperson. “We are looking to remove the blemish of bad police work and faulty evidence handling, and Officer Carrol will help us with that. He’ll be an example of police in the field, and enter in as a Lieutenant. We’ve even given him his own paint job to help him stand out, and expect we’ll be seeing results soon.”


Ever wonder what happened to all those vehicles used in Danger Point? many of them were sold off and repurposed as this one here, seen as a tarmac guide vehicle for Second Norway Airport (link at right). “We got a great deal,” grinned the driver, who had just guided a 707 off the runway, “so why not save a little more and keep the same license plate?”

The real reason behind the closure of downtown Danger Point has been exposed by a team of intrepid Waterbank News reporters, who braved military roadblocks and forced evacuation.

The reporters crept into the city center expecting to find signs of the radiological crisis that was the official reason for the evacuation only to find that Danger Monkey was again at the center of the crisis.

“I wet myself when I felt the earth shake,” explained a terrified reporter on the team, “and then I wet myself again when I saw that hideous face.”


Confronted by photos from the team and undeniable evidence, Danger Point Deputy Chief of Police Debbie Wei told the team that the Danger Point simian had apparently drank some of the liquid in the Anthony Park Distribution Center, and grown in size.

Wei went on to say that evacuation was the only thing left to do. “We’ll never get a banana that size,” she lamented.

“Everybody thought there was something strange in that vat. I mean, really, a friggin’ plane crashed into it and it never broke!” (original story here) Said another member of the team.

LastDP The DP City Surveyor openly cries in the middle of Spring Street. City employees who had survived the violence, layoffs, and poaching by criminal groups are small in number and have a strong attachment to the city.

Danger Point has called for a mass evacuation of the city center by weekend’s end after a radiological incident has made the city unsafe. Details of the event have not been released, yet citizens have already begun to depart the city, leaving it more like a ghost town.

OOC: The Danger Point sim will be repurposed and rebuilt into smaller lots, most likely losing its role as a combat and roleplay center. We will miss the city which WN called home and gave us weeks of fun. You can catch one last look at the city this weekend and use the category link at right to see views of the city and its changes.


How far will Waterbank News go for a new story?

Too far according to Danger Point Fire Department, which had to put out a blaze set by a bored news staff. Seen here in a series of witness photographs, the Waterbank News office on Spring Street was on fire, setting smoke high into the air.

“Slow news days are the worst,” said the WN Bureau Chief of Danger Point, “so we helped things along a bit.”

Danger Point Police were dispatched to arrest the news staff who had already fled the city to Waterbank, where the bureau chief said “no coppers can get us.”


Fire crews responded to a major fire in the Anthony Distribution Center in Danger Point yesterday, attacking the 20 foot flames with several fire engines. “There were fire hoses everywhere,” said Mayor Jayce Anthony, who visited the site.

The fire was put out after a long hour, with acting Fire Battalion Chief KaiLantern leading the operation. “The doorways were on fire too, blocking our access to the source of the fire. Once we got in it wasn’t hard to put it out.”

DPforgierMap One image from the three hundred page report detailing the investigation behind the assassination of Mayor Simon Forgier.

Waterbank Intelligence Agency, one of the few funded departments of Waterbank, released a detailed report of the Forgier assassination today.

The report covers in depth several theories surrounding the incident on January 25th where Mayor Forgier was assassinated by a professional hit team. (Original story here)

Though the report covers all of the theories, it pins blame on conditions of Waterbank at the time, which was riddled with “mixed agendas and conflicting interests.” It goes on to say that the theory that Mayor Forgier faked his death is without merit. “The body of Mayor Forgier and other victims were investigated fully.”

Of the theories, more space was given to the theory that Undine separatists, in collusion with the Claw organized the attack. According to the report, “the longstanding conflict between Waterbank and the some Undine elements would have been easy to exploit by the Claw, the enemy of Waterbank.

No direct conclusions have been made by the report which is available for viewing for anyone with access to WIA’s database.