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Rumors that a property in Whitlow (link) is actually a Claw Base, has led the Coastal Patrol to ask military or SAS factions to raid the property.

“We think the Claw has been using the property to shell shipping in the Tulagi region,” said the CP spokesperson, “and that they may be bringing ordinance in for their subs too.”

The owner of the property says that whoever the tenant really is, they always pay on time, but “if ya gotta raid, raid ‘em!” He also said that the property, a Tulagi combat area adjacent lot of 512 is also up for sale.

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The conflict in Tulagi continues as torpedo bombers have been terrorizing shipping, according to Anomaly Travel, an adventure travel company.

“Somebody, hint, hint, should come out here and show these rascals what’s what,” a rep said.

Tulagi can be easily accessed through Archerfield Airfield, Fletcher Airfield, and Tulagi island (links at right).

Key figures behind Windhill City have expanded in a big way to new sims, though the sheets have yet to be pulled off the masterpiece. Dubbed Mopire City, Eripom Moonwall and Catty Hammerer have been working overtime to create an entirely new district with the same immaculate attention to detail that makes Windhill so impressive.

Visitors can sneak in to the cafe (above –> link) to grab a cuppa before investigating, and we are sure that the minds behind SSOC (Marketplace link) will impress you.

For those who are not familiar, Windhill City is one of the best urban combat destinations around, but has been under construction with a number of new improvements.

More on CME, the group that is working on Mopire:
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The VICE / MCE World War 2 combat destination of Ardennes (link) is drawing surprising crowds as anomaly travelers seek to beat the heat.

“I’ve been burning up for months,” said one traveler, “and to get some snowy combat is just what I need!”

“I bought a baguette and cheese and just sat outside in the snow,” another told us.

“Bienvenue,” an Ardennes local told us, “just don’t forget that we are in the middle of a war, here.”

The expansive destination of Antiquity is a late 18th century world that has been only partly civilized. There are royal courts and scenic parks, yet travelers looking to take part in royal intrigues or skirmishes on the sea still have to brave bandits and suspicious locals. There is something for everyone, all with SPD combat (optional) and a money HUD.

Travelers seeking to role play in this exciting destination may want to bring their own vessel for excitement on the seas (Furia – Blackstone Rose Shipyards link), or take a horse to speed along land journeys (Waterhorse link)

First time visitors are encouraged to acquaint themselves with the greeting room first, then can take a guided tour (which you can hop off when you like) to see this brave new world.

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