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The Coastal Patrol is stepping up patrols in the Greater Tulagi Area, responding to increased Claw activities and a “nasty rumor.”

“I hear they’re trying to sink all the rum boats,” cried one CP pilot at Archerfield.

“It’s simply not true,” said a rep from the Claw. “The rum boats are ours.”

Both Claw and CP paints for the above Fairey Swordfish can be found here (link).


A mechanic at Xilted repairs a Coastal Patrol Swordfish at Xilted (link to airfield), one of the tens of repairpeople helping LANCE and VICE planes get back into the fight.

“Yeah, I’m pretty cool,” he told us, “but I don’t let it go to my head or nothin.”

The Coastal Patrol paint seen here is available at FI paints (link).

The new Astral Tek Fairey Swordfish in a Blake Sea Camo by FI Paints (link)

The team at Astral Tek has created another brilliant recreation, this time the iconic biplane of the second world war, the Fairey Swordfish. With three versions of craft included in the price (VICE, LANCE, and mod), this plane has already been seeing use in the first hours of its release.

“I absolutely love it,” said one pilot who landed at Archerfield Airfield. “You’ve got torpedos, bombs, and depth charges to work with, and I’ve already taken down three freighters!”

The aircraft is the latest to take advantage of the LANCE Combat System, a combat system that allows ships, subs, and aircraft to conduct combat operations in the massive Tulagi Area. In addition to the many participants in the area, “automated” freighters and aircraft act as targets.

“It’s the best combat area for an immersive experience,” said Anomaly Travels. “The LANCE System is huge, and if you like, there’s VICE too.”

The Astral Tek Fairey Swordfish can be found online (link) or at vendors in Tulagi, and FI Industries has already produced a paint set that includes Claw, Coastal Patrol, Archerfield Free Post, Blake Sea Camo, Civil Defense, and retired WSDF paints (link).

Rumors are circulating around the Feral Dockyards that an early prototype of the Tempest may have been “taken.” The craft which was under development by Feral Marine to be a long range patrol vessel was rumored to have been snatched by the Claw.

“I saw ’em!” Exclaimed one inebriated Coastal Patrol member as they staggered from Pippen Hot. “They were in all black – no purple – an’ covered in red clothes. Them Claw’ers are bad news!”

Another Coastal Patrol pilot confirmed that the craft was missing from the dock, and that she saw it “steamin’ away.”

Feral Marine has refused to comment on the story or that the CP have been using the airfield after time in the airport lounges.