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cp12stepA ZSK P-40 banks to patrol a remote island chain. The Coastal Patrol has widened its reach and is recruiting more.

The Coastal Patrol has been attracting more pilots, thanks to a new ad campaign in East River. The ad campaign called “Peast Criver” uses plays on letters and words to raise awareness of the Coastal Patrol and the role it is expanding.

“We’re seeing new areas to help people,” said the new spokesman for the group, “and that includes combat areas like Tulagi and domestically challenged areas like East River.”

A former UNO helicopter is used to clear wreckage from Sailor’s Cove East – Nevis Island (link), where there are an unusual number of wrecks.

In an unusual move for a waning energy company, UNO has sold a number of its helicopters to the Coastal Patrol. The Coastal Patrol has been increasing its presence in coastal areas, even going so far as to demand sobriety of some its squadrons.

“Not all of us,” a CP pilot yelled out to us at the ERIA lounge. “Some of us still drink on the ground and in the air!”

“It’s true,” said the bartender seriously. “I have a row of sippie cups ready fro when they get the call.”


Wright Brothers Regional Airfield in Jadu (link) has tempted fate by adding a large target for bombers near their runway.

“They clearly have not seen us try to hit a target,” said a CP pilot behind one of the hangars at Wright.

“They clearly have not seen the CP try to hit a target,” said a Claw pilot holding out a beer for the CP pilot.

“We hope to never see the CP aiming at our target,” said the Wright Brothers Airfield guard that chased the two drunk pilots from behind the hangar.

A Claw B-17 prepares to drop Maple Bars on unsuspecting breakfast crowds at Tulagi

The Claw has been using Archerfield (SLAL) for its ongoing “Doughnuts Dat R Da Bomb” campaign and it’s got the Coastal Patrol up in arms.

“We can’t believe that they would be so willing to have them there,” said a CP pilot we found in a Tulagi bar.

“They pay their tie down fees,” retorted an Archerfield night manager. “That’s more than I can say for the Coastal Patrol.”