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The Picture of the Week came to us in a nondescript paper envelope, and shows a solitary Claw pilot wandering a red light district in what appears to be Vila Mimosa (link). No other info was included.

WIA took this picture of a Claw fighter flying over the Blake Sea and made the following comment:

“Since FI paints made it easy, everybody can cause a ruckus.”

FI Paints (link) sells paint schemes for the Claw, Coastal Patrol, and several other organizations.

In a closed session of the Waterbank Commons, the reclusive Mayor of Waterbank gave an epic and long speech of three and a half hours to promote the formation of a new international body, the United City-States. Representatives were so impressed by the speech that they voted 50 to 3 in favor.

“Waterbank has always been a leader in the world,” said one rep outside the Commons. “We need a new organization that brings the city-states together.”

Yet not everyone was happy with the proposal, including student groups opposed to Waterbank getting involved in global affairs. Protests broke out in several coffee shops and all over social media.

“This is the kind of *&$% that got us into the Undine Conflict,” said an undergrad at Waterbank University. “I mean like, what up?”

Formation of the organization began immediately after the approval, and a spokesperson for the WIA said they would be working with several city-states to develop a unified body. “We have our short list and long list,” they said, “and the Claw won’t be on them.”