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The armored car service SetGol was seen delivering something to ERIA last week, and airport personnel are still talking about it.

“We never get deliveries like that,” said one baggage handler. “Unless there’s something really big. I think it’s like some super-secret weapon design from Feral.”

“He always thinks that,” said his coworker. “It’s probably just some big diamond.”

“Why don’t you get me some big diamond,” the woman next to the coworker said. “We’ve been going out for fifteen years and the last thing you got me was a soda!”


Businesses are flocking to Glenbrook, and Prototype insiders are saying it has a lot to do with the “Northbridge Crew,” a subgroup in the NTBI corporation.

“Glenbrook would be nothing without Northbridge,” a Hakuso Investment manager told us. “If you didn’t have heavy hitters like Will Szymborska or Nelson Jenkins in Northbridge laying down the infrastructure, Glenbrook’d be a logging town of 3.”

Businesses like Tunisian Coffee, Sunnydale Sauces, and Grace Construction are the latest to rent out space in the Prototype metro, and the WBA thinks it’s just the beginning.

“It’s just the beginning,” they told us.

Visitors and businesses can follow the Big Seven links at right to see Northbridge or Glenbrook. —–>

An admitted sand and catnip smuggler came into the Archerfield Waterbank News office (link) with a candid account of his dealings and a new business announcement. Smuggler X (his real name is a different letter) told us that he was responsible for several beaches worth of sand in the Blake Sea and even more “dangerous vices” in East River. He said that an aggressive ERPA has chased him into new markets and he is looking at the Greater Tulagi Area.

“I can’t think of a better place for a new business than Tulagi. It has plenty of airfields and the combat here means that everyone here needs something.”

The smuggler also said that he would announce something soon, right at Archerfield. “I’ve logged in enough hours in ZSK planes to think of it like home.”

GentekTelecomA Gentek Telecom technician responds to a call that a NBS tech normally would in Prototype.

In a week where prices of NBS stock rise and fall faster than the market can reflect it, rumors are circulating that Gentek Telecom may be making a play for dominance. The two companies have had a fruitful partnership, but leaders of the two companies are fighting over boardroom space, according to insiders.


GEMC, the vehicle maker that is sometimes called the “ZSK of autos,” has opened a new store at FlyinTails Airfield (link). The company which has set a standard for mass transit livery has recently contributed to the Lusch Motors release, Retro, and is working on several impressive new projects.

“We’ve been using their trawler for years,” said the Waterbank Fish Company President, “it’s the workhorse of our fleet.”

Visitors to the showroom will be treated to three floors of expansive showrooms in a coastal setting that is sure to please. Visitors can search the Marketplace or go to the above link.